Friday, April 24

Logan had his hearing test on Weds. Results: Logan's hearing has not changed in the last year. We are relieved as it was a possibility that we could have seen a decline from his last test. The chemo Logan was treated with has signs of causing hearing loss up to 1 year after chemo. With the hearing test he took last year we found out that Logan lost his (highest pitch). No hearing devices needed for that, the women only said that Logan will have some difficulty in crowds. So it is best that Logan sits at the front of the class in school to make sure he can hear. Great news!!!!!

Thanks for following Logan's progress!

Saturday, April 11

Logan doing some riding on his new quad!

Wednesday, April 8

Logan's scans came back clear.... still in REMISSION. Logan has now been cancer free for 1 year!! We are VERY thankful....

Thank you all for your support...... we know you wait as we do when Logan gets his scans.

Tuesday, April 7

Today starts Logan's 3 month testing..... we will be at the hospital Tues and Weds this week. Most results back Weds afternoon, we will have to wait until Fri for bone marrow. We will keep you informed as results come back....... remission.....remission....remission....!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1

Logan & I went to the Baseball Hall Of Fame today in Cooperstown.....It was awesome. Logan had to do a scavenger hunt so he got very involved and asked a lot of questions. He asked "how come there is a lot of Yankee stuff here dad?" I had to be honest...."Logan, they buy all this just like they do their championships." :) He followed it up with "We really hate the Yankees!" ......that's my boy;)