Tuesday, January 27

Wanted to give everyone an update....no news is good news. Logan has been doing great. We spent this last Saturday evening at the Seattle Mariner's Fanfest. It was awesome. Logan & played catch in right field for about 30 minutes. We were also able to hit balls in center field. We took some pictures...once I get some time I will download them for everyone.
Our only obstacle of late is Logan is experiencing a little anxiety. He has been asking more questions about cancer. Lately he will get random tummy aches. At first it would scare us but as soon as he is distracted by cartoons he is fine. We checked with the doctors and this is very common with childhood cancer survivors. We are working with him on just thinking of other thoughts, counting to 100, things that would distract him.

Monday, January 19

No school today so Logan has a full day planned out to celebrate his birthday. He started his day going to Peyton's toddler gym class at the YMCA and is currently at cousin Sydney's house... I am sure playing Power Rangers. Tonight we have a family birthday party for Logan and Grandpa Ron ( grandpa's birthday was Sat ). 7 years of pure joy ..... Happy Birthday Logan!!! We love you.

Saturday, January 10

Today we were blessed to be apart of an amazing tribute/memorial for Ben Towne. Thousands gathered to remember what an amazing boy Ben was. Nurse Shauna, Aunt Kristen, Uncle Brian spoke and reminded/shared with everyone in attendance the impact Ben made on their lives as well as many others. They did amazing. Then Ben's Mom, Carin, spoke.....WOW. The courage and strength she displayed was awesome. She let everyone in attendance into her heart.....Thank you Carin. Thank you for the last 18+ months for letting us in, for letting us get to know your amazing son. The hardest part for Kelly & I was getting to see Jeff & Carin afterwards....we have not spoken with them since Ben's cancer returned...it has been very hard on Kelly & I. When it was our turn to offer our condolences we all just looked at each other......a lot of emotion spilt out. We have been through this journey together until Ben's cancer came back....over the last 2 months Kelly & wanted to reach out but knew to keep our distance. Today was a little closure. Jeff, Carin, & family we have met under the worst of terms....but me looking at the glass half full we are so glad we are blessed to meet a family as amazing as yours. Thank you and know that everyday you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love the Lewis Family.
Today is the memorial service in Ben's honor. Please keep the Townes in your thoughts & prayers.

Benjamin Ward Towne
July 17, 2005 - December 30, 2008

Friday, January 9

The above picture was taken today as Logan was getting his MIBG scans. We are finally finishing scans that we started about 3 weeks ago. They were postponed due to weather & holidays. Click here if you want to read more about what an MIBG scan is. Today Logan also received the bone marrow aspiration as well. Results for the MIBG were negative....as expected! We should get bone marrow results next week but are not expecting anything. Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Sunday, January 4


We had a great time in Packwood! While we were there it snowed over 18 inches...that is on top of the 2 feet that were already there! The snow was great for making things so we all made a snow fort that had tunnels and a roof! Logan continues to do great. He is excited to get back to school tomorrow and see all of his friends. Just as Christmas gifts are over we start thinking about gifts for Logan's birthday. He will be 7 on January 19th! He has been counting down the days.