Friday, July 31

Happy Friday Everyone....
Logan, Mom, & Nana are already on their way home from Seattle.  Logan needed a quick x-ray to check the air around the lungs and no news is good news.

Logan is doing fairly well.  The doctors said he would/should be on crutches for 2 weeks.  Of course we are just over 1 week out and he refuses to use them....amazingly tough!
His lower back is really hurting him   Not sure if it because of the way he is walking (limping) or if the cancer is causing this. 

Monday Logan starts his experimental chemo treatment.  Mom & Logan will be going to Seattle Children's Hospital almost daily for 9 weeks for about 7 hours a day.  He will be getting a chemo that requires they flush his kidneys 2 hours before & 2 hours after.  He will be getting the chemo 2 hours in between.  He will be losing his hair again in approximately week 2...Logan's response to this is hopefully when my hair grows back I won't have this callac.

Thank you everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, July 29

So the issue with the air around the lungs is possibly caused by the port they placed last Thursday in surgery.  They are hoping his body takes care of surgery avoided for now....  He is getting a baseline x-ray now and then will go back Friday for another one to see if the air is gone.

Video above was taken last night.  A co-worker and great friend of the family, Jeff , brought over his car because Logan loves sports cars.  Watch at very end of video the amazing smile....and yes that is his little brother in the passenger seat.

Nothing is going as planned.....
Kelly, Logan's Papa, & Logan headed up to Seattle Children's at 5:30 this morning for CT scan and meeting.  We thought it would be an easy/quick day up there but that is never the case.  Person that called to set-up meetings never told us he was not supposed to eat/drink so they delayed CT until 10.  They met with Dr. Julie Park and went over experimental treatment schedule.  Going to be spending a lot of time up there.  Basically starting this Monday 9 weeks of outpatient chemo treatment everyday for approximately 5 hours in clinic per day.  They expect Logan to lose his hair again week number 2.

CT took place at 10 and they are concerned about air around Logan's lungs.  Kelly is awaiting more information from doctors but he may need to go into surgery today or tomorrow to relieve this and find out what is causing it.  Insert bad word here.

Logan is currently in getting an EKG as I type this (electrocardiogram to test heart).

I will update everyone once we find out more....

Tuesday, July 28

Taylor Swift....
Thank you Comcast and VP Matt Fassnacht for getting us four tickets to Taylor Swift concert August 8th in Seattle.  They also come with backstage passes to meet Taylor!!!
This will be a great distraction for for the family....
Order of most excitement:
1. Kelly (screamed when I told her)
2. Peyton (knows almost every song)
3. Logan (very excited but is a teenage boy so will not admit it)
4. Me (stuck in the 80's)

I told Logan to send me a selfie at work and this is what I got:).  

Logan & Kelly head up to Seattle Children's Hospital tomorrow morning.  He will have a CT scan at 7:15 am then they meet with Dr. Julie Park to discuss that scan as well as next steps in treatment.  For those that don't know we live about one hour south of the hospital and traffic never is that good.  Kelly and Logan will be leaving the house around 5 am.  Kelly is usually up anyway so she is good with that.  

Monday, July 27

Kelly & I are at a complete loss for words, THANK YOU!

Logan is having a great day....currently he is over at a friends house getting some good x-box time in.  His hip was feeling a little better this morning and he was able to lift his left leg slightly.  Last night he had a little fever of just under 100.  A little Advil and good nights rest cured that.

We are awaiting a call from Seattle Children's Hospital on what's next....initially when we met with his doctor last week she was going to call us give us our schedule once they had results back from the biopsy's they performed.  Kelly & I are planners but as anticipated our schedules right now will be determined by the amazing doctors at Seattle Children's and faith.

Sunday, July 26

8 years ago today Logan was diagnosed with cancer at age 5...days later his little brother Peyton was born.  Ironically almost to the day Logan begins his fight again.  Having his baby brother around after surgeries or feeling sick was a blessing.  It always made Logan smile and feel better.  Now Peyton almost 8 years old is helping once again.  He has designated himself "crutch-man".  Whenever Logan needs his crutches Peyton is there to retrieve them.  
Brotherly love.....

Saturday, July 25

Great day for Logan.... Nana and Papa are here from NY and he is getting spoiled with love.  His hip is giving him the most issues...very sore.  He did walk up the driveway and back with his crutches to exercise today.  Logan is amazing!

Friday, July 24

Logan has inspired so many people.  His strength, his will, his fight, his love, his smile.  As I type this tears run down my cheek.  I am so proud of my son.  It is so hard to watch him suffer.  
We have a huge obstacle in front of us but I am confident we can beat this. 

The support our family has received has been a great way.  Kelly and I want to reach out to everyone of you and say thank you....your kind words, prayers, pictures mean so much to our family.  Thank you.

Above is a great picture I took earlier this summer while on a camping trip with the boys.  Logan is an amazing big brother.  Peyton has been well distracted these past couple days playing with friends. About 2 hours ago I was working with Logan on getting up and walking.  Logan was really struggling with the pain.  I looked over at Peyton and he was staring just worried for his big brother.  Later Logan needed help getting up and Peyton ran over to help.  It was awesome.  

One day at a time....

Logan is in a lot of pain but otherwise in great spirits.  We are trying to control pain as much as possible to make him comfortable.  The area that hurts the most is where they placed the port.  As you can see by the above picture they made small incision and placed under his skin about 1 inch below.  Once the skin scars/heals around it it should feel better.  The purpose of the port is when they do need to give him medicine, draw blood in the future they will access that vs. sticking him with needled all the time.
He was up a lot last night as he can only really sleep on his back.  He has the 2 incisions on his hip bones where they did bone biopsy's as well as incision in his left hip where they actually went in and took some bone out to send to labs for testing.  I went and kissed his forehead before I left for work this morning and kneed him in this area...he let me know about it:(.

He is an amazing young man and a hero to many!

Thursday, July 23

We are home!  What a long day.  Logan as expected did awesome and still has his arm;)!  This weekend will be spent just laying around and watching a lot of movies.  His Papa & Nana are coming from upstate NY on Saturday.  Logan is very excited to see them.

We learned today that we do have somewhat direction of what we will be doing next.  Kelly is going to take leave from her job.  Unfortunately I  have been at mine less than 12 months so I do not qualify for certain leave benefits.  However my co-workers/boss/friends have been amazing supporting us.

Thank you!
Jason, Kelly, Logan, & Peyton

Logan is in surgery as I type this.  He is doing amazing!  The kid is so strong.  He has been joking around this morning.  He was a little nervous when I said goodbye to him as he walked in the the OR room but laughed when I yelled "hope they don't cut off your arm!"  
We met with Dr. Julie Park this morning.  She is his Neuroblastoma doctor who has overseen his treatment from day 1.  We discussed different treatment options with her.  Logan was in the room and was included in all conversation.  We really liked how much she involved him in the decision making.
So what's sounds like he will start some sort of chemo treatment the week of August 3rd...It will be an early 15 year anniversary celebration of our August 5th wedding anniversary;).  The early goal of all treatment is to knockdown/slowdown the progression of his cancer.  Once he responds to this then phase 2 is to rid him of cancer.
We are are being asked a lot where is his cancer.  It is basically all's not something they can surgically remove.  The surgery today is to get a piece of his femur bone to send to a lab to see what chemo he needs.  They will also be doing a bone marrow biopsy on both hips and placing a port in his chest.  The purpose of the port is so when he gets medicine at a later date they do not need to constantly stick him with needles.  They just access the port.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers....the power of our friends & family has really helped us.  One day at a time!

Jason & Kelly
Late last night we got the news we did not want to hear.  Logan has relapsed.  This morning we are heading up to Seattle Children's hospital to meet with his doctor to discuss options.

We are heartbroken.

Wednesday, July 22

Above is a picture of the Logan's left hip area that is of concern.  You can see the inflammation and difference between the bone in the right hip.

Tuesday, July 21

Long Day for Logan & Mom

Kelly & Logan ventured north to Seattle about 11:30 am and did not get home until 6 pm.  They only had 2 appointments.  First appointment was at 2 pm and was a quick injection of some nuclear substance into Logan.  Yes it is literally a radioactive substance called a tracer and when they do the MIBG tomorrow it will light any Nueroblastoma cancer like a Christmas tree.  The nurse unfortunately was having trouble starting the IV and blood was going everywhere.  Logan was not to happy about that. The next appointment was supposed to be at 3:40 pm but doctor was finishing casting another child so did not get to them until about 4:30 pm.  
We found a little more about Thursday's surgery.  It actually will be an out patient surgery which we were VERY glad to hear.  The doctor described the area around his left hip and femur as not a mass but more of liquid in the bones.  So what she will be doing is drilling a hole into his bone to drain liquid as well as test marrow.  He will be on crutches for 2 weeks because bone will be weak and a fall could break it.  Logan is actually excited to be on crutches....thinks it's cool.
So tomorrow Logan, little brother Peyton, and I go up for a 2:30 pm MIBG scan hopefully that will show NO Nueroblastoma.

(picture above is them staying busy between appointments)
Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, July 19

Time to fire back up the Blog.....

First of all thank you to all of our family and friends for your support and kind words this past 10+ days.  We are thankful and overwhelmed with support.  We feel starting up the blog again will help keep everyone updated with Logan's symptoms.  
About 3 weeks ago Logan started limping.  He said his groin/hip hurt.  Kelly and I initially thought he had hurt it running and/or on a friends trampoline.  As a precaution Kelly took him to his local pediatrician and they did some blood work and agreed that he most likely had a groin pull and gave him some exercises to work on.  We also notified his survivor nurse at Seattle Children's Hospital. She asked if the local pediatrician ordered additional blood work to show any unusual triggers for tumors.  They had not.  I took Logan in to get more blood drawn.  The results would not be back for 10 days.  His survivor nurse also recommended an x-ray of his hip/knee.  We finally got what we thought was great news....the x-ray showed possible groin tear (most parents would not celebrate this news;)).  We enjoyed our weekend with family and friends.  On Monday his survivor nurse called me and said she had an additional doctor look at the x-ray and just to be safe wanted to do an MRI as well.  That Tuesday July 7th he had his MRI at 2 pm.  Just before 5 that night I received a call from his Neuroblastoma doctor, Julie Park, who I had not spoken with in many years.  My heart sank.  She said they were very concerned about a mass on Logan's hip area and wanted to schedule surgery to do a biopsy as well as more testing to see if he had possibly relapsed with Neuroblastoma.  We spoke with Logan that night and of course he was very concerned and had a bit of anxiety (as we all did).  He was supposed to leave the next day on a 7 day east coast trip to Boston, NY, and DC.  Kelly, Peyton, & I  were heading to Lake Chelan with friends.  After talking with Logan he decided not to go back east but to come to Lake Chelan with us (Kelly & I were so thankful).  
Lake Chelan was a great distraction...sort of.  While there we received more troubling news regarding his blood work regarding tumors.  It was unusually high.  
So that takes us to today/this upcoming week.  Logan will be up at Seattle Children s Hospital Tuesday/Wednesday for an MIBG test (this test will show if Neuroblastoma is present).  On Thursday he will undergo surgery to do a biopsy on the mass/tumor n his left hip area.
I will once again work on keeping everyone updated via this blog.

This is another chapter in Logan's fight.  He is an amazingly strong teenager and we have no doubt that he will once again prevail and come out even stronger in the end of all this.

Thank you all so much for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Please hug your kids tonight....

Jason, Kelly, Logan, & Peyton