Thursday, July 23

Logan is in surgery as I type this.  He is doing amazing!  The kid is so strong.  He has been joking around this morning.  He was a little nervous when I said goodbye to him as he walked in the the OR room but laughed when I yelled "hope they don't cut off your arm!"  
We met with Dr. Julie Park this morning.  She is his Neuroblastoma doctor who has overseen his treatment from day 1.  We discussed different treatment options with her.  Logan was in the room and was included in all conversation.  We really liked how much she involved him in the decision making.
So what's sounds like he will start some sort of chemo treatment the week of August 3rd...It will be an early 15 year anniversary celebration of our August 5th wedding anniversary;).  The early goal of all treatment is to knockdown/slowdown the progression of his cancer.  Once he responds to this then phase 2 is to rid him of cancer.
We are are being asked a lot where is his cancer.  It is basically all's not something they can surgically remove.  The surgery today is to get a piece of his femur bone to send to a lab to see what chemo he needs.  They will also be doing a bone marrow biopsy on both hips and placing a port in his chest.  The purpose of the port is so when he gets medicine at a later date they do not need to constantly stick him with needles.  They just access the port.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers....the power of our friends & family has really helped us.  One day at a time!

Jason & Kelly

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Jacoby said...

I'll be praying....stay strong Logan. I know you're a fighter!