Thursday, January 31

Logan's army is getting larger! His ANC count is now 84 and rising! Last night was still an eventful night w/ low blood pressure and high temps but hopefully that is in the past as we continue to go forward. I am so proud of my little guy!
Something somewhat personal that a lot of people do not know about me...I have pretty bad anxiety. When I was married I awoke that morning not knowing if I could get through the day...when Logan was born I ended up being admitted into the hospital because it got so bad...for a whole week (thank God I have an amazing wife, family, & friends that helped w/ Logan & Kelly). When Logan was diagnosed w/ this nasty disease I had it but I knew I had to fight through it for him. He has taught me to a lot about the little things. I did have some attacks that first week and lost about 15 pounds but since then have been doing fine (thanks also to Lexapro). In the past the medication was a temporary fix...I think Logan has helped me overcome it mentally. I know he needs me here and I need him. Another small way Logan has affected someone...his dad, by being so brave & amazing during his fight. Thank You Logan I love you the most in the world...Daddy!

Wednesday, January 30

GOOD NEWS! Logan had to have an emergency blood draw because he was spitting up more blood than usual. It was what they thought....his platlet count was way down. Platlets help clot blood. He is going to get a platlet transfusion here very soon. The GOOD NEWS is that his report showed a trace of white blood cells for the first time. I hope we saw rock bottom last night/today and we will start seeing him get better. I explained it to Logan why I was so happy w/ the report. I told him his body has started building an army of good guys today and they are going to start attacking the yucky sores. His army will get very big and kick the sores butt and he will feel better soon. He smiled!

As the saying goes...."one step forward, two steps backward". Yesterday afternoon just as we started to see a very tiny glimpse of Logan making jokes it all turned worse last night. Logan's temperature went to 104 degrees and his blood pressure dropped. I was awoken at one point and there were 5 nurses in the room hovering over Logan. They are worried fluids in his body are exiting into tissue and lungs and not going through bloodstream and out as pee/poop. They gave him a blood transfusion early this morning and that helps with keeping fluids in the right place. When the doctors checked him out they were satisfied w/ his color as well as his lung sounds but just want to keep a close eye on him. Also his oxygen intake is a little low. Perfect is 100% but since Logan is in pain he is breathing a little shallow and this has caused his oxygen to drop to low 90's. They now have oxygen over him that continuously is in Logan's environment. Since they introduced this his oxygen has risen to about 96-97...this is great.

Currently as I am typing this Logan, Mom, & Peyton are on my bed. Peyton keeps cuddling up to Logan. It is the only time we get smiles from Logan....He is an awesome big brother. This picture above was taken just minutes ago. You can see Logan's cheeks/mouth are very swollen. This is common w/ the infections in his mouth.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers...everyone start praying for Logan's counts to come up and start kicking butt on the infection!

Tuesday, January 29

Another day.....more pain. We have increased his constant dose of morphine. We are half way through the worst part. We hope his counts start coming up by the weekend in turn that will help fight the infections. His mouth has sores in it that cause him to spit up blood. With all the pain he is still amazing us all. He does his hourly mouthwash by himself. It is a saline solution that helps keep his mouth clean. With a little bribery he also takes his Tylenol when needed. He has a white board in his room and anytime he takes his medicine he gets a dollar sign on the board which in the end he wants to exchange for a video game(s). When Grandma stayed w/ him the other night he bartered w/ her on taking the medicine and it cost me $4.00 for one dose......thanks Mom;) Logan's temperature have been staying around 103-104 degrees which amazingly is common.

All of you that follow Ben Townes site as well your prayers are working! Ben's test results all game back good for Phase one...this is great news! He now will start the Phase two process and meet the SCCA team and hopefully start stem cell around 2/11. Great Job Ben!

Monday, January 28

Although Logan is feeling miserable he still has time to sing. The above video is him humming and then giving the camera a wink. He is feeling horrible still w/ a lot of pain. Nausea seems to be under control as well as pain. He is sleeping a lot which is o.k. He is on a continuous does of morphine and the when the pain gets worse they give him a little boost of more. Today we also go get our weekly x-ray to make sure no fluids in chest/lungs. We have not heard anything so no news is good news. I put pictures of him doing great at the x-ray as well as him lying in bed.

Sunday, January 27

This sucks! Logan is feeling horrible. It is not the nausea part but the pain. They are going to increase his dose of morphine this morning. He hurts everywhere...mainly his ears and tummy. As long as he is sleeping or not moving he feels o.k. But unfortunately the nurses are always needing to do vitals, hook a tube up, etc. Thank God we have the best nurses in the world. Currently as I am typing this Logan is cuddled up w/ his Superman blanket watching Mickey Mouse. Last night Logan's temperature hovered around 103 degrees! They said this is common at this stage until we see counts start to rise. This will hopefully start to happen late this week.

It is so hard to see your kid in pain. I would give the world to change places w/ him.

Saturday, January 26

Friday, January 25

Logan had another great day today. They moved us to a different room and it is twice the size of the other one. I wanted to post the video of the nurses singing but Kelly accidentally had the camera on the wrong switch to record....oops:) I did record some other stuff though so I will get that posted. Our super hero continues to amaze the staff. Today he was out riding bikes and the doctors just shook there heads and said most all kids at this stage are in bed all day and do not move much. Currently as I type this Logan is playing w/ the controls on his bed and moving it up & down and while he does it he dances.....he has his mom's moves unfortunately;)
Everyone that lives in the Puyallup School district you should be getting the monthly newspaper put out by the district called Connections. There is a great article about Logan in it and how students and staff have rallied around Logan & Family.
Happy Friday to all! Logan's stem cell transplant went great. It only lasted 8 minutes.....Kelly described it as a quick blood transfusion. All the nurses on the floor came in and sang Happy Transplant Day to Logan and they made him a big sign. Kelly video taped it and I hope to get the video up soon. Logan's mouth is pretty sore but they are combating it w/ pain medicine. They anticipate this next week to be the hardest....w/ that being said Logan continues to amaze us all w/ his attitude and strength. When I called Kelly to check on him this morning they were racing each other on a video game.

Kelly stayed the night w/ Logan for the first time last night...and I stayed the night at home w/ Peyton for the first time. Although we both (Kelly & I) did not sleep much everything went great. Thank you family for all your help w/ the boys. It is great having Aunt Kristi here helping out. Logan loves having her around. Thank you Pat, Traci, & family for helping w/ Peyton. Thank You Mom & David as well for helping w/ Peyton & putting your lives on hold to help us. You both being here has been a blessing.

Wednesday, January 23

Happy Wednesday to all. Logan has had an excellent day. This morning he rode around and served coffee to nurses & Doctors. He had a cup that said TIPS on it. Every time he would hand them their cup he then would point at the TIPS cup. Everyone loved it. His TIPS consisted of things like mini flashlight, alcohol wipes, band aids, stickers, etc.
Logan's mouth is starting to show the signs of the mucositis. It will get pretty bad the doctors are saying and will go from his mouth and follow his digestive track. They will give him morphine to control the pain. Tomorrow a new chapter in Logan's life begins....he gets his stem cell transplant! It will take place in the afternoon about 1:30pm. The nurses make a big deal about it and make him a big sign that says Happy Transplant Day and they also sing him a Happy Transplant Day song.

Tuesday, January 22

Logan is doing....o.k. He is doing 100 times better than I would ever do. Last night Aunt Kristi & Grandma stayed w/ Logan. He fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 7am. Today he had a chest x-ray to check for fluid in the lungs...there was none. He did great. He also wore his Starbucks apron and Grandma wheeled him around in a wheel chair and he made nurses Lattes. Today he also got a blood gave him great color. I came in the room after work today and it looked like Logan had been in a tanning bed.

I am not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier blog so forgive me if I am repeating myself. After Logan received his second chemo he had his own cells harvested (they will transfuse them back to him Thursday). They were hoping to get 10 million cells that day. Most kids give between 5 to 10 million. Super hero Logan gave them 80 million. So far all doctors that have come in this week to talk w/ us about the stem cell don't believe it. They have never seen anything like it. One doctor asked if his energy was down that night after harvesting the cells....nope wild as ever...she just shook her head. So when he gets his cells back they said 5 million is o.k. 10 million in great. They are going to give Logan back 40 million! They will keep the rest frozen. What's this mean...not much. They said he might get better quicker (counts up). I just wanted to reiterate the Super Hero part....doing karate kicks 3 days after having 6" incision in his abdomen, feeling horrible but still managing to tell jokes, smile, and harass the nurses, and the 80 million cells! This kid is amazing!

Sunday, January 20

Logan curled up in my arms at 4:30pm and fell fast asleep....he laid on my chest in the chair and felt so warm. I love to kiss his bald head because it is so soft. He is an amazing little boy. I just sit here across the room and look over all the time wondering am I in a dream? Everyday I walk in the room and see L. Lewis outside on a name tag and can't believe that is my L. Lewis. I love Logan so much and hate to see him in pain...I cannot wait until he beats this and is able to play T-ball again and brag in the car after the game how far he hit it...or play soccer again and brag how far he kicked it....or go golfing w/ Dad, Grandpa, and friends and every hole tell us his score is a birdie......I love you Logan! I am your dad and I am supposed to protect you....I am so proud to call you my son. I love you Logan so much.
The chemo is catching up w/ Logan. He has been off & on sick yesterday & today. The hospital staff put together a nice birthday gift for Logan. Yesterday he fell asleep around 4:30pm and besides waking up to go potty woke up at 5:30am. Today he has just been relaxing. We tried to go for a little walk but he got dizzy.

Tomorrow will be a little milestone for Logan. Hopefully it will be the last day in his life that he will receive chemo. They finish chemo around 11am and then they will let his body rest until Thursday then they will start stem cell. They anticipate him being pretty weak 10 days after stem cell and odd are he will probably get mucositis (soars in his mouth all the way down to his tummy).

Saturday, January 19


Friday, January 18

Happy Friday to all! Logan has had another wonderful day. No nausea yet....He has been beating up on his mom in the video game Mario Golf. Our nurses have been wonderful. They make our stay here so much easier.

For those of you that don't know I work for a company called Dex Media. I sell yellow page ads as well as Internet items to new & existing customers. Why am I telling you this....I wanted to say how amazing my company has been to me. Very caring and compassionate from my peers all the way up to senior management. Yesterday we had our annual awards banquet and I had the privilege of meeting w/ our SVP for Dex. He informed me about his brother's son beating cancer about 9 years ago....he had Neuroblastomo. It is nice to work for a company you know does not just look at you as a number but as a person. With this being said everyone be sure to check and make sure you only have a Dex phone book in your house;) The other books are great for firewood, recylcing etc. If you need a book let me know:)

Thursday, January 17

Well we have officially started Phase 2. Logan is doing amazing. He has been joking around and playing games all day. They are giving him three different kinds of chemo. One they give him every morning for four days in the morning. The other two they will give continuously 24/7 for four days. They also are giving him lots of liquids to make sure kidneys stay functioning correctly. He will be peeing approximately every hour for the next 4 days.
Thank you all for keeping Logan in your thoughts & prayers.

Wednesday, January 16

Well today is our last day/night at home for awhile. It feels like we are moving out packing two cars w/ toys, pillows, clothes....all the things that will make Logan feel at home.

Today Kelly overheard Logan talking w/ Peyton about the hospital. The conversation went like this:

Logan: "Peyton I will be at the hospital a long time."

Peyton: "Ahhhh, Shhhhh, Eh, Eh!" (interpreter...You are the best big brother ever, I love You!)

Logan: "I am going to throw-up a lot, but when I sleep and play video games it makes me feel better"

Peyton: "Eeeee, Ooooo, Uhhh!" (interpreter...I will make you feel better by giving you hugs & kisses, I can't wait until you teach me to play baseball!)

We are the luckiest parents in the world!

Tuesday, January 15

Logan had another great day today. Mom & Logan went up to the SCCA today for final appointments before being admitted for stem cell on Thursday. Logan's results came back today to see if he has any colds/sickness etc. The good news is nothing. If he had something they would of delayed transplant.
Logan will be admitted Thursday morning at 8am. He will get the strongest chemo because his kidney's are very strong. He will get chemo Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. They will let his body rest/recover Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. They then will start stem cell transplant. The doctors anticipate Logan being in the hospital 4 to 5 weeks. Many people have asked about visiting Logan. We just ask that you call us first and make sure you are very, very healthy and have not had any signs of sickness.

Monday, January 14

Thank You to the students & staff at Kalles Jr. High in Puyallup! Your amazing principal, Mr, Casello, just dropped off another check to us. To date you have donated close to $3000.00 to help w/ the cost of Logan's hospital bills as well as help with research in finding a cure for Neuroblastoma. Your show of caring & love for a little boy fighting a tough battle also has received recognition from a local radio station, KMPS. They mentioned your efforts many times this past week of all you have done for Logan. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
You are truly LEADING FOR LOGAN!

Sunday, January 13

Happy Sunday to all. Logan & Dad went golfing today w/ Grandpa & some of his friends. Logan said he birdied every hole. Logan had his own golf bag & the pro at the golf course got Logan a pull cart to put his bag on. He pulled his own clubs around for almost the complete nine holes. His best club today was his driver....he was hitting the ball nice & straight (unlike his father). Papa would have been proud of Logan's drives.

This next week we have appointments all week. The plan is for Logan to be admitted on Thursday. They will give him the strong chemo the first four days then let his body rest for three then transplant the stem cells on the seventh day. We will be in the hospital for four to five weeks.

Saturday, January 12

Well the Seahawks season is over.....nice effort! Mario, Greig, Scott came over for the game and watch the Seahawks get pushed around.

Why am I putting it on the blog....well afterwards we played the Wii. Logan played each of us one by one in tennis...first Scott....loss, then Mario....loss, Greig....not a chance....Mom who is pretty good Logan beat her three sets to zero....then Dad who has never lost....yeah....he beat me three sets to zero. He was in the zone.

Logan's birthday party was a blast. He had a great time. We rented out a facility that has party rooms w/ all kinds of bouncy things...slides, basketball, boxing, mazes, etc. By the end of the party everyone was exhausted including the parents. The picture above was just one of many. The others are posted to the right.

Yesterday was a busy day. Kelly and I met w/ the doctors that will oversee the transplant. The meetings went very well. We were at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance from about 8am-11am. Logan went to school and celebrated his birthday w/ all his classmates. He wore a crown all morning at school and thought it was awesome. We then went to Aunt Traci's school, she teaches at Bonney Lake High School, and the faculty presented us w/ a check in the amount of $910.00! The staff members from both Bonney Lake HS and Sumner HS play a charity flag football game every year and donate the proceeds to a local worthy cause. This year, Aunt Traci, made them all aware of Logan's battle w/ Neuroblastoma. They were inspired by his story and toughness and donated all the funds to Logan! We went to the school and the student body was gathered in the gym for an assembly. Logan (and family) were introduced and presented the check. Then the students surprised Logan w/ a big birthday cake and they all sang happy birthday to him. It was amazing. THANK YOU Aunt Traci and staff!

Thursday, January 10

Logan's appointments went great today. Basically the staff did a quick exam on Logan and then spent most the time asking me questions about Logan's past health as well as Kelly's and my family history. Logan found a portable video game believe it or not and had it wheeled into his room. Tonight he is staying the night at cousin Sydney's and bringing Krispy Creme donuts for his class tomorrow to celebrate his birthday at school. Kelly, Peyton, & I will go up to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance again to meet w/ the main doctor to go over what to expect during stem cell....again.

Wednesday, January 9

Happy Day to all! Logan James Lewis w/ another great day today. He went to school this morning and got to bring his own lunch which he thought was really cool. Tomorrow the whole family gets to go up for an all day appointment at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Thank you to all who read this blog everyday to check on Logan's progress. Your thoughts and prayers mean the world to us. Logan will beat this because he is strong willed, he has parents that know he can do it, he has family that knows he can beat it and he has friends as well as strangers that know he can beat it.

Everyone out there that has said a prayer, thought of Logan, contributed money to help w/ bills, hugged Logan, said hi to Logan......THANK YOU! You have made a difference in a little boys life as well as a difference on his family.

Tuesday, January 8

Logan had a great day today. He went to school for the first time in a long while and did great. There was not even a shy period. It was like he was there all along. After school he rode the bus home w/ cousin Sydney and played over there for a couple hours. He is feeling great and doing fine. Starting later this week and into next week we start back w/ appointments almost every day. Since the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance will be overseeing Logan's stem cell transplant and they are technically a different organization than Children's hospital Logan needs to go in and meet a whole bunch of new doctors. They will all want to do exams on him as well. We still will be staying at Children's for the transplant and the SCCA doctors come there daily and check-up on Logan.
Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Monday, January 7

We'll take any good news and make the most of it. Today Kelly, Logan, & Peyton had a short meeting at the University of Washington Medical Center with the head Doctor overseeing Logan's radiation therapy (to begin 6 weeks after stem cell is complete). He said that compared with what Logan has gone through (pain & sickness) up until now, this part of his treatment will be a lot less eventful. The treatment will be focused on Logan's spine, and could effect his growth (height) later in life by up to 1" (there goes his NBA career). They don't anticipate damage to his kidneys. They did say however the organs that could see radiation are around the liver, and fortunately this is the organ that tolerates it best. The radiation treatment will take four weeks (20 sessions), Monday through Friday, up at UW in Seattle.

Logan's weekdays will consist of school in the morning, and then an hour plus drive, approximately ten minutes of treatment, then drive the hour plus trip home.

All said, Logan is doing awesome! He stopped in to see his friends at Puyallup Playcare Center after his appointment. He was so excited to see all of them, and still talking about it tonight.

Saturday, January 5

Go Seahawks! Logan got to experience his first Seahawk game today. He cheered very loud the whole game. We rode the train to the game and had a blast. Everyone sitting around us was giving Logan high fives. He ate a whole bag of cotton candy, large popcorn, & french fries. He is now an official fan!

Thank you Jason

This is Logan's mom, my 2nd post ever, as Jason is so good at informing all of you. Since you guys don't here from me often and Jason and Logan are at the Seahawks game I thought I would take this time to say how grateful I am for my husband. There is not a second in the day that Jason is not positive about Logan's recovery, without Jason I might cry my days away and forget how wonderful my life is right now to have Logan and my family. The simple tasks of informing Logan about what is going on.... well not so simple for me. Again, Jason has that wonderful way of letting Logan know exactly what he can expect without it being scary to him. We have had so much support that I am so grateful for... thank you all so much.... it is my husband that talks to me at night when I can't sleep. So thank you Jason for being a wonderful husband, father and support.

Friday, January 4

We had a bit of a set back today. The results of Logan's bone marrow test showed evidence of cancerous tumors still in the marrow. They were expecting no sign of it. All the team of doctors were surprised. What was said is "This is concerning at this time." They were anticipating going into stem cell transplant w/ zero signs.
I just look at it as Logan has just a little bit of a steeper hill to climb but he will get there. The next chemo medicine he gets for the stem cell will be the strongest and that could wipe out the remaining little bit....keep praying.

Logan is doing awesome. His cousin Sydney stayed overnight last night and they had a blast. Kelly walked into Logan's room last night about 10pm because she heard noise and Logan was up on the top bunk of his bunk beds and they were smelling each others feet. Whatever works..... Logan has been a ball of energy. He is eating really well also.

Today is just a small hurdle in a long race. LOGAN WILL BEAT THIS!

Wednesday, January 2

Happy New Year! We went over to Uncle Pat & Aunt Traci's for New Years Eve. Logan had a blast. They had the Wii there and Logan showed everyone his expertise in bowling.