Sunday, January 20

The chemo is catching up w/ Logan. He has been off & on sick yesterday & today. The hospital staff put together a nice birthday gift for Logan. Yesterday he fell asleep around 4:30pm and besides waking up to go potty woke up at 5:30am. Today he has just been relaxing. We tried to go for a little walk but he got dizzy.

Tomorrow will be a little milestone for Logan. Hopefully it will be the last day in his life that he will receive chemo. They finish chemo around 11am and then they will let his body rest until Thursday then they will start stem cell. They anticipate him being pretty weak 10 days after stem cell and odd are he will probably get mucositis (soars in his mouth all the way down to his tummy).


Anonymous said...

hi Logan,

You don't know me, but I have been following your dad's blog of your very brave fight with cancer. Thanks to your dad for sharing. I have been praying for you, along with Ben and his cousin, Jordan, every day. You have the most amazing smile - and I hope your days and nights become better - soon. My son in law also smiled like you as he waged his battle against those bad cells - and I am sure you will win! Little people like you make all of us big people think a lot about what really is important in life. You are so young, and yet your story is like a brave tale that is filled with amazing feats. Keep up your strong will and beautiful smile. and hug your mom, dad and baby brother a lot!

Anners said...

Hang in there Logan! You are doing great! We are all thinking about you!!

~Ann Edlund