Sunday, January 27

This sucks! Logan is feeling horrible. It is not the nausea part but the pain. They are going to increase his dose of morphine this morning. He hurts everywhere...mainly his ears and tummy. As long as he is sleeping or not moving he feels o.k. But unfortunately the nurses are always needing to do vitals, hook a tube up, etc. Thank God we have the best nurses in the world. Currently as I am typing this Logan is cuddled up w/ his Superman blanket watching Mickey Mouse. Last night Logan's temperature hovered around 103 degrees! They said this is common at this stage until we see counts start to rise. This will hopefully start to happen late this week.

It is so hard to see your kid in pain. I would give the world to change places w/ him.


Sonia said...

aww that video is really cute!:)

Sydney said...

Hi Logan I love you you are the best i cant wait to play with you soon i hope to visit you when your feeling better.

Love cousin Sydney

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday Logan... Love, Karin

Stella said...

Our hearts and our prayers are always with you. We parents always would gladly exchange places with our kids (we felt the same way when our daughter went through her pituitary tumor surgery) but maybe our place is to help our little superheroes in their fight and share their joy when they triumph (and they do!!)

Anonymous said...

Logan....get better so that we can go out and play some golf...I love you Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Logan, I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly. You still look adorable in your video, though, although Grandpa and I could not get the audio to work. At least we got to see your smiling face.


Anonymous said...

Hi Logan,

I'm thinking about you and hope you feel better soon. Your video is very adorable. :)