Friday, January 25

Happy Friday to all! Logan's stem cell transplant went great. It only lasted 8 minutes.....Kelly described it as a quick blood transfusion. All the nurses on the floor came in and sang Happy Transplant Day to Logan and they made him a big sign. Kelly video taped it and I hope to get the video up soon. Logan's mouth is pretty sore but they are combating it w/ pain medicine. They anticipate this next week to be the hardest....w/ that being said Logan continues to amaze us all w/ his attitude and strength. When I called Kelly to check on him this morning they were racing each other on a video game.

Kelly stayed the night w/ Logan for the first time last night...and I stayed the night at home w/ Peyton for the first time. Although we both (Kelly & I) did not sleep much everything went great. Thank you family for all your help w/ the boys. It is great having Aunt Kristi here helping out. Logan loves having her around. Thank you Pat, Traci, & family for helping w/ Peyton. Thank You Mom & David as well for helping w/ Peyton & putting your lives on hold to help us. You both being here has been a blessing.

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