Wednesday, July 30


Big brother Logan and Peyton at Peyton's birthday party. Logan made Peyton the amazing crown.

Saturday, July 26

One year ago today our lives changed forever. Logan was diagnosed on July 26, 2007 at about 4pm. I remember spending most the day at Children's hospital w/ Kelly & my sister-in-law Traci. Logan went through a series of tests to see why he was limping. He felt good though. I remember the doctors having him run up and down the hallway to watch his motion. Logan would tell me he felt great and how fast he was. We were meeting w/ doctors for possible signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The last tests they had Logan do was a CT scan of his chest & abdomen. They would not have the results back for about an hour so we all went and waited in the cafeteria and had a small snack....we were not that hungry. "Paging the family of Logan Lewis please come to floor 6 purple zone, will the family of Logan Lewis please come to the floor 6 purple zone." We all went up and gathered into a small room. Dr. Wallace (arthritis doctor) came into the room and without any hesitation told us our pride & joy had cancer. Of course the emotions overwhelmed us....Kelly was 9 months+ pregnant so the doctors all showed concern there. We then had to wait and meet w/ an Oncology doctor. He said he wanted to admit us that night and start treatment. We pleaded to go home as a family and absorb what we could of the news. They let us leave and we were admitted the next day to start treatment to kill the nasty disease that was in our son.
Our lives changed for the better....some would think for the worst but I am one that looks at the glass 1/2 full. We have met some amazing people this last year. People who had never met Logan & family but reached out to help. I have grown closer to my family than I ever have been...they have been their to support us every minute. I also am fortunate to have Kelly's parents, they are just as much my mom and dad as Kelly's and I thank them. I could write a book on all the amazing people that have touched our lives. Thank you to the nurses at Children's hospital, you will forever be apart of my family. Your caring and passion for my son is amazing....thank you, thank you, thank you. We have also met many strong, amazing families that are dealing with their child going through cancer. Thank you to those families for your guidance and support. Most of all to the Townes....I wish we could of met under different circumstances but this is what was put upon us. Carin, Jeff you are an amazing couple. Thank you for venting with us, crying with us, laughing with us. I hope we will forever be friends and be sitting in the family section together when Ben & Logan make their Mariner's debut.

To everyone that reads this Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, July 25

Today we pray....Ben Towne has all of his scans today. We pray that there is no more cancer. Please keep Ben and his family in your thoughts. They will get results mid next week.

Thursday, July 24

Well yesterday our family was blessed once again.....we were surprised on the N.W. Afternoon show by a local family from Redmond, WA that paid $5000 for Logan's Make-A-Wish to come true. Thank you so much Osborne family, you have impacted Logan and us for life. Kelly & I, while driving home from the show, shared the same feeling that someday we can do the same for another family. It meant that much to us. Logan's T.V. debut went great. The staff at KOMO was amazing and really made us all feel very at comfortable. We also got to meet an amazing little girl who has had her wish fulfilled. She was 6 years old as well. Her name is Cassidy Huff. Make-A-Wish fulfilled her dream to sing on stage w/ country band Rascal Flatts. She sang to a standing ovation of a sold out crown in the Tacoma Dome. For those of you fortunate enough to see this Monday's show of Northwest Afternoon you will get a snapshot of her amazing voice. Thank as well to Morton's Steakhouse that is supporting Make-A-Wish w/ partial proceeds of their 30 year anniversary burger going to Make-A-Wish. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Monday, July 21

Hello's been awhile. Logan continues to do great. He is back up to full strength and playing hard everyday. He stayed the night at cousin Sydney's last night and had a blast. On Saturday night he went w/ Mom & friends to a local park to watch an outdoor movie. Half way through the movie everyone was surprised when the sprinkler system turned on...oops!

On Saturday we also were very fortunate to attend Ben Townes 3rd birthday party at Ben's house. What an amazing family and support system Carin & Jeff have. This week Ben will have all of his scans again....please think and pray for Ben that his cancer is gone....forever.

Logan is going to be a T.V. star! This Wednesday morning N.W. Afternoon is taping a segment on Make-A-Wish foundation. They will be interviewing Logan about his upcoming wish August 13th. The actual show will air this next Monday, July 28th, on KOMO at 3pm. KOMO is then looking at coming to the house on the day Logan's fort is built and filming the process. We will keep you all informed on this.

This last Friday Kelly's parents also represented Logan in a local Relay for Life walk in their town in Norwich, N.Y. The picture is Kelly's dad representing Team Logan!

Wednesday, July 16

Logan continues to do great. Today he helped Peyton get a haircut (Peyton's hair was out of control w/ the hot weather).

Sunday, July 13

Logan is a bit weak but doing good. He is so tough. Most of us would be in bed or on the couch and not move all day. Logan plays w/ Chloe & Peyton. Although he stops often for rests he still his a superhero! The next three weeks a relatively quite....Logan has a clinic appointment tomorrow but after that not much until his last treatment the first week of August. Thank you all for your kind words....they help all of us and bring a smiles to our faces.

Friday, July 11

We are home...Logan is doing awesome! He has been a little tired but other than that been feeling great. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers this week...they worked!

Thursday, July 10

Logan continues to do amazing! He has made friends on the floor so is always asking to go see them. Today him and another boy played video games and rode bikes for about 4 hours. He is exhausted as the day comes to an end. It is about 6:30 and he is fighting to stay awake to watch cartoons. This morning had a surprise guest here at the hospital....his best friend Chloe and her family. Logan loved it. He gave them a tour of the oncology floor and showed them where everything is. Thank you Aunt Kristi for staying w/ Logan last night. We get discharged tomorrow morning and after this only have one treatment lest!

Tuesday, July 8

I found out yesterday from Logan's doctor that they had not completed the Bone Marrow tests yet from the bone aspiration he had last Wednesday.....the results we got back last Thursday were for a clear MIBG scan. Well we got his bone marrow results back minutes ago and....ALL CLEAN! No traces of any cancer! They even ran a couple of other tests as well and those came clean to! We could not be happier.
Logan is doing wonderful. As I type this he is in another room playing Lego Star Wars with another little boy. His pain has been well managed. He had one bout of sickness yesterday but besides that has been pretty close to normal. Unfortunately we are not rooming w/ the Townes this turn is nice still having them right down the hallway. Logan is always asking to see Ben. As you can imagine Ben, who is almost three, handles the pain associated with this antibody different than Logan. Logan can express his pain in words and understands the process and when he gets to go home where as Ben does not comprehend all of this and gets frustrated by it. Ben is one of the most amazing kids I have ever met and to see him in pain & frustrated is hard. Please send all your thoughts and prayers to the Towne family. They are amazing people.

A funny thought to leave you all with. I bought Logan a rubber snake today at the hospital gift store and he scared one of his nurses pretty good. We placed it on the floor and he pushed the call button. When she came in she walked right over it not seeing it...Logan pointed to it and she jumped pretty high:)

Sunday, July 6

Tomorrow morning we are off for our fourth of five treatments. Logan continues to do you can see by the picture above he even helps get his daily shots ready. Today we spent most of the day up at the hospital getting blood. As usual we will keep everyone informed on how our week progresses. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, July 3

"Everything is exactly what I expected. I am very pleased with the results." - Dr. Julie Park on Logan's results! As you can expect a huge sigh of relief on our part. Logan continues in remission. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers....they are being answered.

Wednesday, July 2

Logan & Chloe enjoying Sunday's sun at the lake!

What a long day.....Logan did awesome though. We got to the hospital around 8am and did tests all day. We then sat in traffic for an hour and a half and finally got home just shy of 6pm. Logan was not able to eat all day because they had to give him anesthesia (sleepy milk) to do his bone aspiration (stick long needle into hip bones and draw out bone marrow). We will hopefully have results by tomorrow.

We look back a year ago to this week. Logan had just enjoyed cousin Sydney's birthday party at the YMCA. The next day after the party he started limping. He said he twisted it in the foam pit.....fevers followed....and our lives as well as many others were changed forever. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, July 1

It's my Birthday......36 and counting! Of course all I want for my birthday is the health of my kids. Logan has called me on my cell phone at work about 5 times so far today to tell my Happy Birthday.

Yesterday Logan lost his first tooth! The tooth fairy came last night and as Logan said waived her wand to get his tooth without waking him up and left $5 for him! She also left him a lipstick kiss on paper.