Tuesday, July 8

Logan is doing wonderful. As I type this he is in another room playing Lego Star Wars with another little boy. His pain has been well managed. He had one bout of sickness yesterday but besides that has been pretty close to normal. Unfortunately we are not rooming w/ the Townes this turn around....it is nice still having them right down the hallway. Logan is always asking to see Ben. As you can imagine Ben, who is almost three, handles the pain associated with this antibody different than Logan. Logan can express his pain in words and understands the process and when he gets to go home where as Ben does not comprehend all of this and gets frustrated by it. Ben is one of the most amazing kids I have ever met and to see him in pain & frustrated is hard. Please send all your thoughts and prayers to the Towne family. They are amazing people.

A funny thought to leave you all with. I bought Logan a rubber snake today at the hospital gift store and he scared one of his nurses pretty good. We placed it on the floor and he pushed the call button. When she came in she walked right over it not seeing it...Logan pointed to it and she jumped pretty high:)

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