Friday, May 30

FISH ON!!! Logan went fishing w/ Uncle Joe & Papa and caught 8 fish! I asked him how big the biggest was and he thought and said "It was as big as a hat!" Papa confirmed that is was about 8 inches!

Wednesday, May 28

Well I am home....w/ out the family. I flew back a week earlier because I need to return to work. Kelly, Logan, Peyton, & Aunt Kim will be flying back next Wednesday. Of course I have only been away 9 hours and am already having withdrawals. Logan promised me he would call me everyday.

Logan is having a great time in NY. Today after they dropped me off at the airport Logan and the cousins went to the Syracuse Zoo. Everyday Logan has stayed busy. Over the weekend while Kelly & I were away at Kelly's friends wedding Logan & Papa went to Lowe's (where Uncle Joe works) and did a building project. Logan has built a small wood basketball hoop, 911 emergency frame to place by the phone, & a picture frame. Uncle Joe & Aunt Amber got him his own tool kit & case. He has been carrying it around non-stop.

Kelly's friend Becky was married over the weekend (the wedding was amazing)....the reason I mention this on Logan's blog is because it was so amazing to be across the country and have strangers coming up to Kelly & I and hugging us and giving us support. Kelly's Mom & Dad have really been sharing Logan's story around Norwich, NY. They do it to generate awareness for Logan's cancer but also, like us, it is a sense of relief for them to to have friends around town know what is going on. We went to lunch yesterday downtown to a place called The Ontario. Logan's picture and story were above the register. It was really neat to see and Logan thought it was awesome. Thank you Larry (Papa), Bonnie (Nana), Joe (Uncle), Amber (Aunt) for all you have done for Kelly & I. Words can not explain our appreciation. THANK YOU!

Monday, May 26

As you can see Logan is feeling better....the attached video is Logan boxing on the Wii at Nana & Papa's.......he won!

Bowling Champion of Norwich, NY.....Logan James Lewis!

Thursday, May 22

We made it to New York! What a travel day....Logan did awesome helping out with his little brothers first flight.

Logan is feeling a lot better. Still not much of an appetite but getting better. Today we stopped by uncle Joe's work at Lowe's and Logan was put to work (note the apron in the picture above). We then stopped by Papa & Nana's work and Logan worked the forklift w/ Papa. He had a perma grin on the whole time.

Tuesday, May 20

Logan is doing better and better hour by hour. Yesterday he needed some fluids at Children's because he was a little dehydrated. We have also been giving him Pedialyte through his NG tube as well. Last night he boxed against mom & dad on the WII and dominated us.

Tomorrow we all fly out to upstate New York to see Logan's Nana & Papa as well as Uncle Joe & Aunt Amber as well as the cousins. Logan is so excited. He cannot wait to go fishing w/ Papa & Uncle Joe. We have all the traveling medical records if Logan were to need any medical attention there. We are so excited just to get away from appointments and just relax and be a family. We will be taking many pictures that we will be sure to share w/ his extended family....all of you. Thank You for your thoughts & prayers.

Sunday, May 18

Well... we are not quite rested, but so relieved to be home and have Logan mentally recovered that is just doesn't matter if we sleep or not. Logan is well, mentally he has fully recovered, physically he is improving. We battled stomach pain and diarrhea yesterday and last night. He spent most of the day on the couch and went to bed really early. Today... Logan got better every hour, near the end of the day Logan was playing baseball and running the bases. At 4:30 p.m he was done and asked to go inside, took a bath and was in bed asleep by 5:15 p.m. We are expecting Logan to even be better tomorrow.

Although Logan is recovered Jason and I are still very devastated to say the least. We have not been that scared since Logan was initially diagnosed with cancer. Logan was mentally gone for multiple days and Jason and I just fell apart. It was horrible. We are traveling to Children's tomorrow to do labs and have a clinic appt. and then off to New York on Weds. Jason and I are going to take some time to decide whether we will continue the treatment or not.

During these times we have great support. As Jason and I both needed to be with Logan during this time we had great help with Peyton. We really appreciated being allowed to focus on Logan and know Peyton was in great hands. Thank you Aunt Traci, Uncle Pat, Aunt Kristi and Wendy Casello. You made a horrific week alittle easier. Thank you Townes..... we truly miss spending our days with you. Thank you to my parents... you have a wonderful gift of understanding me when I am hysterical.....

We will say we are happy, so happy that Logan is strong and he is recovering, happy that we are a family, happy that we can leave this behind and go on vacation.

Saturday, May 17

We are home....Logan is better....we are tired. Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers during this being the hardest week in our lives.

Friday, May 16

I should be sleeping figuring I did not sleep last night.....but I find writing this blog a sense of relief. Thank you all that check it and leave comments. They help Kelly & I get through these tough minutes, hours, days. Logan is slowly getting better. He finally fell asleep and took about a 2 hour nap from 5pm to 7pm (he had been awake since 12:30am). He woke up and watched a movie and ate about 6 strawberries. We also called mom at home and he told mommy hello nice and clear which is great since he has not been speaking clearly. He also told me his foot hurt so he needed a drink of water....well that is all for now....I think.

Progress.....slow, but progress. Logan is coming around (of course way to slow for Kelly & I). As I type this he is watching cartoons. He still is reaching for things that are not there. He is communicating a little better. We went on a walk and enjoyed the sun & the 90 degree weather. Thank you all who have left comments as well of those who continue to pray for Logan's quick recovery. Thank you to Uncle Pat, Aunt Traci, & Aunt Kristi for helping out w/ Peyton. Last night Peyton stayed at Pat & Traci's and was an angel and slept through the night.
We are at an all time low.....Logan is still hallucinating and having trouble responding. Kelly and I both stayed last night and we did no sleep at all. Logan will just stare and make noises and reach for things that are not there. We want this so bad to be over....we hate this. We are awaiting the Neuroblastoma doctor to come down. Sorry we do not have good news.....

Thursday, May 15

105 temp....incoherent. The doctors stopped Logan's IL-2 medication this morning 24 hours early because of his condition. He got so bad that he could not open his eyes and/or communicate. He was also hallucinating and reaching for things that were not there. As parents we are scared, very scared. Since they stopped the medication this morning about 11am he has opened his eyes. He still is hallucinating. His temp has also gone down to about 103. They do still have him on a lot of morphine because he is still getting the antibody until about 6pm tonight. It's hard to believe that just Sunday he was running around the yard out of control playing w/ Chloe. I did ask him to smile minutes ago.....he did. It was awesome. It has been a relief having the Townes room w/ us. Through our scariest times we know we have relief just a curtain pull away. They are an amazing family.

Wednesday, May 14

Logan is miserable:( He is holding steady at a 104 degree temperature. Last night he was so weak he got sick all over himself in bed. He also was throwing up so hard that he threw-up his NG tube. We chose not to put it back in until later in the week. His IV's will keep him hydrated. We continue to put ice cold wash towels on his head to try to cool him. His sodium level was also lower than it should be so he is also getting an extra boost of sodium through IV.

Tuesday, May 13

104 degrees plus.....Logan has been running a very high fever. They were anticipating a fever just not this high. He is being watched closely. We also have a bucket of ice and are continuously switching out cold wash towels for his forehead. It is so scary to see Logan in this state. Just 2 days ago he was playing non-stop w/ Chloe. He has been sleeping most the time. He did get out for a short bike ride earlier this morning....he is awesome.
It has been great sharing the room w/ the Townes. Sharing stories about our amazing boys and watching these two superheros battle cancer. There is a lot of emotion in this room...laughing, fear, tears, very proud parents...... We are also blessed to have the amazing nurses as well. Thank you Amber & have positively affected our lives forever.

Monday, May 12


Here we are.......embarked on another journey of experimental medicine. Logan is almost 4 hours into the 5 hour treatment. This will be treatment number 5 of 20 of the antibody. This treatment they also give him a higher dose of the medicine he was on last week. That combined w/ antibody we will probably see nausea as well as the pain. Currently he is sleeping peacefully as I type this. We do have a roommate this round....the good news is it is the Townes. Ben started his experimental treatment today. He is an amazing little trooper. If anyone has any connections to get him Lighting McQueen's autograph he is a huge fan. Please continue to keep both Logan & Ben in your thoughts and prayers this week.......these kids are amazing!

Sunday, May 11

Grateful....... Grateful for my kids.
Happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 10

4 days since we posted, so you know we are doing o.k. The 24 hour IV was disconnected from Logan at 2:10 on Friday and he was extremely excited. It was a long week being connected 24 hours a day, driving to Seattle every day, waiting at Children's for the pump alarm to go off to indicate the transfusion was completed..... just a long week for Logan to endure. But he did it and that can be checked off the list. Yeah Logan! No side effects at all. He played with Chloe every day with full energy. On Friday night after some time on the Wii, Logan and Chloe set up a garage sale in the living room until 10:30 p.m. He has really been enjoying himself and eating really well still.

Tomorrow, Logan and Dad head to Children's to get an 8 a.m blood transfusion. This is to make sure his levels are where they should be for treatment on Monday. Then we start with a blood draw on Monday at 7:45 a.m, followed by a clinic visit ( they just check him over, breathing o.k?... check, feeling o.k?..... check, pain?..... check ) then we are off to be admitted on the cancer floor for at least 5 days. They are anticipating a later discharge ( Sat or Sun instead of Fri ) due to the IL-2 drug (24 hour infusion ) that was given to him. We will see the same pain, but this time partnered with more "flu like" symptoms, nausea, diarrhea... etc. Our highlights: being done with the 1st treatment and the 24 hour IV. Being able to share our time with the Towne Family, as they will be admitted at the same time.

Tuesday, May 6

A bit of a long day for Logan (and mom). Kelly got to the hospital on time to do the IV bag switch. It has to be switched at the same time everyday give or take just minutes. The problem occurred when the nurse that was supposed to make the switch showed up late and not prepared w/ what she needed. They ended up switching the medicine 30 minutes late. Kelly left the hospital worried because of the emphasis they put on changing it on time. She received a call later in the day letting her know they will document everything (since experimental) and that the time of the medicine should not be a problem. Although frustrating, I guess we can expect some small hiccups since it has been awhile since the last experimental treatment was given at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Logan has been feeling great and has not shown any side affects from the medicine. Tonight he was outside playing in the yard w/ Chloe. They were Power Rangers looking for the magic golden tree while being chased by bad guys. Smile everyone and thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Monday, May 5

Logan is on the IV and doing great. We were told different things of what to expect. One nurse told us to expect flu like symptoms while another three told us he should be fine. We will go with the odds. We have found that, while frustrating, this is sometimes common. Every kid reacts different. When he got home he was out playing and swinging on his swing set. The IV bag sits in a back back along w/ the food he gets through his NG tube. The good thing is he has been eating so well he only needs to be on the NG tube at night. Everyday this week is a trip to Seattle w/ a day off on Saturday back Sunday for a blood transfusion and then admit on Monday. Logan wanted to tell everyone I love you and to smile.

Sunday, May 4

Good Sunday to all. Logan is doing awesome....cancer? What cancer? Logan was up yesterday at 7am and went strong all day until 10pm! He usually goes to bed at 8pm but his older brother Josh stayed the night and they played video games until late. Logan surprised Josh w/ a new video game (from his shopping spree).....they were both back up this morning at 6:30 wanting to play. Tomorrow starts a busy week w/ daily trips to the hospital. He gets hooked up to the IV that he will have to wear 24/7.

Thursday, May 1

We have had an eventful week. On Tuesday night, Logan went to Toys R Us for a shopping spree. I know... how lucky is he!!! A senior at Bonney Lake High School (where Aunt Traci works) contacted us about including Logan in her senior project. Amy raised just over a $1000.00 and presented Logan with Toys R Us gift cards to go shopping! Amy and her mom joined us for the exciting spending. Logan did great, a little overwhelmed..... but a smile never left his face. He decided that he wanted to spend some of his money on his friends and family, we were proud he wanted to share with others. After the 1 hour there Logan was ready to stop as he was so tired from the excitement. The next day Logan finished his shopping and spent the rest of the money on the Children's Hospital. Logan stated "he was done shopping and wanted to start shopping for the Children's Hospital". Logan's focus was on buying bikes for the cancer floor. (When we are there you can ride bikes on the floor, Logan loves doing this. The last time he was riding bikes some were broken, the one he was riding the pedal was broke, he was upset about that) So Logan and I sent out to pick out the perfect bikes. We decided that we needed to get a new bike for each age group with helmets of course (we cannot ride bikes at children's without helmets) He was pretty proud about buying for others, we are so proud that he is a very caring child. Thank you to Amy once again, without your thoughtfulness we would not have been able to do any of this. You are an amazing person.

Exciting for Jason , Logan and I...... Logan is eating. He is eating 3 meals a day with snacks, we have not seen this since he was diagnosed. Just seeing him sit at the table with a plate of food gives me butterflies in my stomach. Mothers feed their children and I am excited to do that again, even if it is short lived. We start an IV at home on Monday that will give him "Flu like symptoms" and then the following week we are admitted again.

Logan is riding his bike, playing baseball in the yard, loving his brother and playing with his new toys. He is doing well. Jason and Logan even saw some "love handles" on him tonight.