Wednesday, May 28

Well I am home....w/ out the family. I flew back a week earlier because I need to return to work. Kelly, Logan, Peyton, & Aunt Kim will be flying back next Wednesday. Of course I have only been away 9 hours and am already having withdrawals. Logan promised me he would call me everyday.

Logan is having a great time in NY. Today after they dropped me off at the airport Logan and the cousins went to the Syracuse Zoo. Everyday Logan has stayed busy. Over the weekend while Kelly & I were away at Kelly's friends wedding Logan & Papa went to Lowe's (where Uncle Joe works) and did a building project. Logan has built a small wood basketball hoop, 911 emergency frame to place by the phone, & a picture frame. Uncle Joe & Aunt Amber got him his own tool kit & case. He has been carrying it around non-stop.

Kelly's friend Becky was married over the weekend (the wedding was amazing)....the reason I mention this on Logan's blog is because it was so amazing to be across the country and have strangers coming up to Kelly & I and hugging us and giving us support. Kelly's Mom & Dad have really been sharing Logan's story around Norwich, NY. They do it to generate awareness for Logan's cancer but also, like us, it is a sense of relief for them to to have friends around town know what is going on. We went to lunch yesterday downtown to a place called The Ontario. Logan's picture and story were above the register. It was really neat to see and Logan thought it was awesome. Thank you Larry (Papa), Bonnie (Nana), Joe (Uncle), Amber (Aunt) for all you have done for Kelly & I. Words can not explain our appreciation. THANK YOU!

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