Thursday, May 15

105 temp....incoherent. The doctors stopped Logan's IL-2 medication this morning 24 hours early because of his condition. He got so bad that he could not open his eyes and/or communicate. He was also hallucinating and reaching for things that were not there. As parents we are scared, very scared. Since they stopped the medication this morning about 11am he has opened his eyes. He still is hallucinating. His temp has also gone down to about 103. They do still have him on a lot of morphine because he is still getting the antibody until about 6pm tonight. It's hard to believe that just Sunday he was running around the yard out of control playing w/ Chloe. I did ask him to smile minutes ago.....he did. It was awesome. It has been a relief having the Townes room w/ us. Through our scariest times we know we have relief just a curtain pull away. They are an amazing family.


The Breeder said...

Shoot! Keeping Logan in our prayers. I wish there was more I could do.

Anonymous said...

God holds Logan in His Arms and His Love endures forever. I am praying today and everyday for you. Lord, lift Logan out of this valley and give him healing. Shower your peace Lord upon the Lewis family today and deliver them from this dark hour.

A praying mom in Bellevue