Tuesday, May 6

A bit of a long day for Logan (and mom). Kelly got to the hospital on time to do the IV bag switch. It has to be switched at the same time everyday give or take just minutes. The problem occurred when the nurse that was supposed to make the switch showed up late and not prepared w/ what she needed. They ended up switching the medicine 30 minutes late. Kelly left the hospital worried because of the emphasis they put on changing it on time. She received a call later in the day letting her know they will document everything (since experimental) and that the time of the medicine should not be a problem. Although frustrating, I guess we can expect some small hiccups since it has been awhile since the last experimental treatment was given at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Logan has been feeling great and has not shown any side affects from the medicine. Tonight he was outside playing in the yard w/ Chloe. They were Power Rangers looking for the magic golden tree while being chased by bad guys. Smile everyone and thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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