Wednesday, December 31

We are up in Packwood, WA at our friends the Caufield's cabin. There is two feet of snow up here and it continues to snow. Today we went up to White Pass to do a little sledding but it was very windy and snowing very hard.
Tonight we will bring in a new year.....Kelly & I are devastated by the loss of Ben Towne yesterday. I know he is watching over us all now. He is constantly playing tennis, driving the real Lighting McQueen car, going for rides in Monster Trucks, and telling everyone how amazing his family is. We are very blessed to have shared some very personal time with Ben & his family.
This year has been a roller coaster year to say the least. We got the news that Logan was in remission. This was by far the highlight. Logan & family have somewhat returned to normal life...if there is such a thing with a child in remission & that has received all those nasty drugs. This year I lost my Grandmother. Three of my closest friends also lost their Grandmothers. Then as mentioned above we lost Ben. As most of you know I try to look at the glass 1/2 full....I think my Grandmother as well as my friends three amazing grandmothers were there to greet Ben.
Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Thursday, December 25

Logan & family are having an amazing Christmas. With all the snow I have not been working much so we have had a lot of time together. Let's just say my body is a little sore from all of the sledding we have been doing.
Logan said he got all the presents he wanted....good job Santa! He has been playing a new game he got for his Wii for the last 2 hours while his little brother Peyton keeps harassing him. This morning Mom & Dad were up first, we then woke up Peyton, who then went in and woke up Logan. Logan jumped out of bed smiling and hugged everyone and said Merry Christmas. He then went down to make sure that Santa came as well as ate all the cookies Logan put out....he did;)

Friday, December 19

First I want to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wife Kelly! We had a pretty good snow storm hit us yesterday afternoon. The sledding video above was taken before the storm. We received another 6-8 inches! We were sledding until about 9pm last night! I (dad) did not do to well on the sled....I hit a bump wrong (minus sled) and hurt my tail bone area pretty good;) This morning there is a bruise there the size of an apple but the color of a plum....ouch! As you can tell by the video Logan is feeling awesome. He is officially on winter break from school and does not return until early January.

Friday, December 12

Great news!!!! Logan scans were all clear! They think he just has a small virus that is not making him feel well. The limp in his leg may just be a pulled muscle. The nurse did a series of tests w/ his legs and he did great. Next week we will finish the testing with the MIBG scan as well as a bone marrow aspiration. They are not expecting anything from these. The big news was the CT scan today that showed NED (no evidence of disease). Thank you all for our thoughts & prayers.

Thursday, December 11

Today Logan has been showing signs that have concerned us....we spoke w/ Dr. Fong at Seattle Children's Hospital and he has ordered some emergency scans just to verify all is o.k. Tomorrow we go in for all his scans that were scheduled for mid January. It sounds like they will rush the scans stat so hopefully we will be able to update everyone w/ good news tomorrow evening. Please keep Logan in your thought and prayers.....the next 24 hours will be long & hard but knowing we have such a huge support group helps....Thank You!

Wednesday, December 10

The joys of living w/ a child in remission of Nueroblastoma......(insert sarcasm here). Today I walked in from work w/ my wife Kelly almost in tears because Logan was limping. He said he was having pain in his right thigh. Remember all this started w/ a limp. Logan's appetite has also been a little light and energy down. Although this is probably nothing....a little cold. It still is very stressful. It weighs very heavy on us. As I am typing this Logan came running across the living room with no limp??? I just asked him about his leg and he said it is better now. Of course over the next five years....better yet the rest of his life we will be looking at every pain, action, whatever through a microscope.

Sunday, December 7

Logan continues to do great. He posted another 100% on his spelling test at school this last Friday. He also received his very first report card. He received all Satisfactory ratings "S" as well as about 5 Outstanding ratings "O". As his teacher Mrs. Olson said "This early in the year she rarely gives out "O's". We are very proud of how Logan his been doing in school especially since he missed almost all of Kindergarten.

Today Logan & Mom are making a paper chain. They will tear off one link a day until Christmas.

Thank you everyone for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Monday, December 1

We had a nice relaxing four day weekend with family & friends. We spent Thanksgiving at the cousins house. Then we went to Packwood over the weekend and stayed with the Caufield's at their cabin. Logan & friend Alexa went in the hot tub about 5 times! On Saturday we cruised up the road to White Pass ski area and we all had a small snowball fight.....Logan blindsided dad in the face on one shot.

Thursday, November 27

A year ago Logan was recovering from getting his tumor removed. Today he is a very healthy, happy first grader. Thank you to Jenny Wohrle Photography for the family picture above.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Today we are thankful to be spending time with our families. We are thankful to have such a huge support group. We are thankful to have been blessed by the amazing courage and strength of Ben Towne & Jenna Westerholm. Today Ben & Jenna's families are in our thoughts & prayers.

Friday, November 21

Today mom & Logan went up to Seattle Children's Hospital for a routine check-up. Logan is growing like a weed. His is also maintaining his weight which is great news. Our next appointment is early January to complete all of his scans.
Logan continues to do great in school. On today's spelling test he received a 100%. They also gave him 8 extra credit words...pretty hard ones for a first grader. He got 6 of 8 correct!
Right now as I type this Logan is at movie night at his school. Kids bring a pillow and blanket & watch a movie on a big screen in the gym. Logan was so excited to go.
A continued thanks to everyone that keeps checking Logan's blog. I recently put a counter at the just 11 days we have received over 2000 visitors. I look at that as 2000 people praying for Logan & our family, that is 2000 people praying and hoping for a cure against Neuroblastoma. Thank You!

Tuesday, November 18

Today Logan started Karate classes at the YMCA!

Monday, November 17

Logan continues to do great. He is loving being a big brother. He is realizing that whatever he does his little brother is soon to follow/copy. This past week both boys had runny noses. Logan, like most kids, has an issue with wiping his nose onto his sleeve (a.k.a. snail trails). Well guess who now is copying his big brother.....yep Peyton. Logan thought that was pretty neat.
A close friend of our family, Sarah (Edlund) Costanza, will be running a 1/2 marathon in June 2009 to help raise money for Logan as well as finding a cure for Neuroblastoma. Check out her website/blog she has done. We will also place a link to this website below to the right to access anytime and view her updates. Thank You Sarah!

Thursday, November 13

Don't Mess With Logan!

Tuesday, November 11

Wanted to update everyone on our friend, Ben Towne.....WOW what a fighter. We had the privilege to spend many nights with the Towne family at Seattle Children's Hospital over the last year. I have never seen a 3 year old with more strength than Ben. I nicknamed him "The Incredible Hulk" because one second he was being kind and sweet and the next pain would set in and he would go on a rage not knowing at his young age what was going on. The amazing nurses & doctors would combat his pain with different mixes of drugs. Some of them that if taken by you & I would put us to sleep in a second....not Ben! He would fight through, go on walk after walk, play cars, watch movies etc. Today Ben continues his stay alive and bless everyone with his amazing strength & presence.
This has been one of the hardest past weeks for Kelly & I. Our friends Jeff & Carin are going through what no parents should ever have to. We have been there during this fight for each other because only we knew what each family was dealing with. Now Jeff & Carin are going down a road different than we are. I spoke briefly with Carin's sister last week when the they found out the tumors were growing so rapidly....I was at a loss for words. Every day, every hour, every minute we think of the Townes and how blessed we are to know them.
Please once again keep the Towne family in your thoughts & prayers. Reach out to them via their blog and share your support. I know this last 15+ months when we would get comments they really went a long way in making us feel a little better knowing that we had such an amazing support group. Click here to go to Ben's blog.

Monday, November 10

As I type this Logan & Mom are at the movies together enjoying the new Madagascar 2 movie. Everyone in the family is starting to feel better....just runny noses now. Logan is doing awesome in first grade. I think he has three Friday's with perfect 100% spelling tests! Yesterday Logan asked if we could put up our Christmas tree! He is a little excited. We told him we will wait until after Thanksgiving. Have a great day and thank you everyone for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Saturday, November 8

We are all starting to feel started with Peyton and ended with dad. A virus that made us weak & sick. Logan missed almost 3 days of school. This morning he is feeling better. As I type this he is reading a book to Peyton on the couch. Today will be a day of just relaxing and getting our strength back.

Please continue to keep Ben & family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

Thursday, November 6

Mom & her boys!

Monday, November 3

I do not know what to say.....I will just copy the news from Ben's site.....please send your thoughts & prayers to his family. Tonight Kelly & I are without words as to why.....

Monday, November 3rd
Once again, we are at a loss for words.
Yesterday evening, Ben was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital. A CT scan last night and another one this morning confirmed one of the tumors in his brain has continued to grow aggressively over the last few days and even through the hours of the night.
Because of the rapid growth, the doctors confirmed that further treatment would not be effective. The decision was made to stop the radiation treatments and return home. We are continuing to monitor his pain levels and are giving him medications to keep him comfortable. Many times last night Ben told Carin not to worry and that he loves her.
Ben is now resting with his mom and dad, and is surrounded by all of his family. At this point, there is no way to determine how much time we have left with Ben…but we know that it isn’t long.
Please continue to respect the family’s privacy and refrain from visiting. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, November 1

Logan had a great Halloween. Pictured above Chloe, Sydney, & Logan "powering up" and protecting the world from bad guys!

Friday, October 17

Logan continues to do amazing. He is loving being in first grade. We stopped by Seattle Children's Hospital to get our flu shots on Wednesday. While we were there we stopped by to see all of our amazing nurses.....Logan loved it! To top off our visit Logan asked if he could stay the night at the hospital because he missed it. That's how amazing they are the past he was always so sick but yet they created an environment for Logan (and all kids) that made them forget what was going on and just be a kid.

Thursday, October 9

Calling anyone that knows of a book publisher.....we are interested in getting bids on taking this entire blog we have done and putting it into a hardback book. I looked online but it is all so confusing. If you know of any companies if you could e-mail me at it would be much appreciated.

Logan continues to do great. Today & Friday he does not have school because of teacher planning. So last night his Sydney & Chloe stayed the night. I am not sure who is more tired...Kelly & I or Logan from staying up late watching movies;)

Monday, October 6

I want to be sure to give credit where it is due....we had such an amazing time on Saturday night & we met so many amazing people. I just wanted to correct who the amazing two gentlemen w/ Logan above are. Rob Smith is the President of Exigere Corporation, and friend Rich Radcliff. They along with their wives are the ones that donated the Disney trip & tickets to Logan.
Thank you so much!

Sunday, October 5

Wow what a night! Logan was amazing. Last night Logan & family were honored guests at the Miracle House Guilds 8th annual auction to raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital. It took place at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

The special night all started with Logan, tux & all, being picked up in in a stretch limo donated by Bryan & Jennifer Groves of A American Limo. Thank you to both of you for helping make his night so special. Logan is also pictured above with a painting he and artist Jordan Swain sold for $1700 (to Logan's grandpa)!
The President & CEO of Plum Creek Lumber surprised Logan with a wagon full of games that Logan was eyeing the whole night.....and two business partners from Exigere out bid everyone for a trip to Disneyland and then surprised our family by giving it to us!
It was such an incredible night. We met so many special people that gave so generously to Children's Hospital. THANK YOU TO ALL!

Thursday, October 2

Great News......Logan scans were all clear! Tonight we breathe a huge sigh of relief, we celebrate as a family, we enjoy no hospital until January 2009! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to check back often as I will always update everyone how Logan is doing.

Wednesday, October 1

Logan continues to do awesome. This week he has already made two trips to Children's Hospital for bone marrow aspiration and injection of dye to get ready for tomorrows scans. We spend most the day there tomorrow for CT Scans and well as MIBG scans. The doctors are supposed to call us Friday with results of tests. Logan continues to do great in first grade. Despite missing most of last year he has adapted well.

Sunday, September 28

Sorry it's been a couple days....Logan is doing great. He had a blast scooping ice cream at Cold Stone on Thursday night. Thank you to the owner Kellie for inviting us. This week Logan has all his scans again so it will of course be a stressful week for the family. We hopefully will have results by the following Monday. Please keep Logan in your thoughts and prayers that the cancer continues to stay away....forever. Thank You!

Wednesday, September 24

Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Logan will be an honorary scooper this Thursday night at the Cold Stone Creamery in Puyallup's South Hill. Proceeds benefit Make A Wish Foundation! Come have Logan scoop up your choice of ice cream. He will be there serving from about 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Monday, September 22

Enjoy the above picture! Logan is getting fitted for his tuxedo that he is going to wear October 4th where he is the guest of honor for Where Miracles Take Flight.

Friday, September 19

Hard week for all of us.....on Wednesday night Logan's Great Grandmother passed away (my mother's mom). Although it was expected it is still hard. We spoke w/ Logan about it and he chose for Dad to tell her good-bye for him. We told him that she will go to heaven to be with her husband who passed 35 years ago as well as her animals (in particular her dog Bridget).
On Thursday morning when Kelly & I spoke w/ Logan and let him know she died in her sleep his response was "Is she with her dog now?" We said yes and that they are probably playing:)

On a happier note Logan continues to do amazing. He is loving first grade. At the end of this month Logan will be going through all of his scans again. It will take about three days and then we will get results the following week. Please keep Logan in your thoughts and prayers and continue to wish him good health. Thank You!

Sunday, September 14

Logan continues to do awesome. Today Dad & Logan went to the Seahawks game....besides the final outcome we still had a great time. Tomorrow Logan goes up to Children's Hospital for a check-up & blood draw to make sure all counts are good.

Thursday, September 11

Notice anything missing? Log got his NG Tube out today! He feels so good!

Wednesday, September 10

More picture from Saturday's game! Logan, Dad, & Cheerleaders! Logan and Captains!

Tuesday, September 9

Sorry we have not updated in awhile.....very busy:) Logan did amazing at the UW game! Above is just one of many pictures. Once we get the others online I will add to portfolio below on right. The coolest thing is when he was on the huge screen for all fans to view he raised his arms up to "pump up" the crowd. It worked! He had the crowd going crazy! Thank you to Donna at Make-A-Wish as well as Amy w/ the UW for making his day so special!

Thursday, September 4

First Day Of School, First Day Of School!
Logan had an awesome first day of first grade. Mom dropped him off and without hesitation he was off and playing. He even asked his mom not to follow him into the classroom he said he was all right going with his friends.....he's growing up!

Monday, September 1

Well we made it back from our 7 days at Walt Disney World! Logan & family had an amazing time. He went non-stop everyday from about 9:30am until about 11pm at night. He went on just about every ride in all 4 parks and saw just about every show. His favorite part of the whole vacation was meeting the Power Rangers. There was hundreds of kids waiting to see them and Logan was the only one selected out of everyone to stand w/ them in their Power Ranger Car. He was on cloud nine. He went swimming at our hotel almost everyday. We had a water slide there that he loved. We also spent the day in Daytona Beach and Logan learned to Boogie Board. He also drove dad around on a quad up and down the beach. Later that day at Daytona we had drinks w/ Kelly's Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Art at Bubba Gumps restaurant. Logan was so exhausted he fell asleep on the bench for about 30 minutes. There is lots of pictures of our trip posted below on the right. Thank you Aunt Traci & Uncle Pat for watching Peyton while we were gone.

Logan does not get much time to rest. On Wednesday he starts first grade! He is so excited. Then on Saturday is the Husky game where he will get to help with the coin toss before the game with the captains.

Ben Towne goes in for his last antibody treatment tomorrow. Be sure to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, August 26

Just wanted to update everyone down here in Disney World. We are having a blast! Logan is having so much fun. He has been going on every ride, eating really well, and enjoying swimming. When we get back we will update the blog with all our pictures.

Thursday, August 21

As I type this Logan, his brother Josh, & Chloe are playing Rock Band on the Wii. Logan is on Guitar and rocking out. He ends every song w/ a high leg kick. Josh is on drums and Chloe is vocals. They actually sound really good. They all average about 80% of their notes hit. Logan continues to do great. He is getting so excited for Disney World. We leave at 6am Sunday morning.
Make-A-Wish called and asked if Logan would participate in the Washington Huskies home opener against BYU as a "little dawg". He gets a tour of the locker room, special treatment on the field, and the thing he is most excited about is he gets to run onto the field with the players!

Monday, August 18

Logan continues to do great. Tonight Chloe & him built a fort in the family room and are watching a movie in it and going to have a sleepover in it. Logan loves not having his Hickman line in. He feels a sense of freedom not having those tubes constantly hanging down all the time. He is starting to get really excited about going to Disney World. We leave early Sunday morning and are there seven days. Logan is also staring to get excited about starting first grade. He already has his school clothes and backpack ready to go.

Friday, August 15

Moving story about two kids in Australia battling Neuroblastoma...
Logan's minor surgery went perfect yesterday. What a brave boy! He was "put under" for only about 15 minutes & the procedure took less than 5 minutes. It was ironic that the Dr. that performed the procedure, Dr. Hawkins, was the same Dr. that was with us the day Logan was diagnosed. Everything has come full circle. Logan will be able to go swimming within 7 days! He is so excited because it is just in time for Disney World. Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers!

Wednesday, August 13

Logan is doing amazing. Everyday is spent playing in his new fort w/ Chloe, going on walks, & playing w/ little brother Peyton. Tomorrow morning Logan & I have to be at Seattle Children's Hospital at 6:15am for a minor out patient surgery. Logan is getting his Hickman line removed! He has had this line sine July 27, 2007. We have to flush & clean it everyday, do painful patch changes at least once a week, and w/ every shower have to put a special plastic patch over the area to keep it dry. Logan then has to remove that patch & it is like ripping off a big band aid. He is so excited to be able to go swimming and not worry about it.

Saturday, August 9

Wow! What an amazing day yesterday. Logan's wish was granted. Above are just some pictures. Scroll down & look right to see many more. Logan arrived home from the hospital around 10am to see his dream fort being constructed. Usually after his treatments Logan is very tired and relaxes on the couch. Not yesterday. He was so excited about his fort he played w/ friends for about two hours. He then asked to have a chair put by his fort so he could rest and watch it be constructed. Local news media covered Logan's wish both on T.V. and newspaper.

Thank you to all that helped, you have impacted our lives forever being apart of this special day. A company....a owner with an amazing heart....Chad Taylor & Coast Cabins THANK YOU! Chad you & your team are first class. Thank you so much for what you have done for my son. This morning when he woke-up and saw the finished product for the first time he was smiling ear to ear with excitement.

Tuesday, August 5

Thank God for family! As Kelly & I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary at home very sick w/ nasty colds, Logan's aunt Kristi has put her life on hold to help out. Thank you Kristi for staying with Logan as we are at home trying to recover. Logan has been doing great. Last night while I was laying on the hospital floor very sick he was watching 1am. This morning we went out for a long walk to get fresh air and Logan told me he would take care of me. Logan did spike a fever this afternoon but other than that has been playing Guitar Hero on the Wii w/ Kristi.
Volunteers needed....We are looking for a couple of strong arms this Friday morning to help unload Logan's fort and carry the pieces to the building site. Lunch is provided! E-mail me at Thank You!

Monday, August 4

Well here we are back in the hospital for our last anti body treatment. I have a cold & Logan a runny nose so because of that they have put us in isolation. What this means is we get our own room but we cannot leave the room. Logan already has a little "cabin fever". As I type this Logan is sleeping. He has had a little tummy pain off and on most the day.

Things have been great. This last weekend we went to Packwood, WA and stayed at Chloe's grandparents cabin. Logan & Chloe went non-stop up there. They threw rocks in the river, watched the many elk, played horseshoes, roasted marsh mellows, & many other fun things.

Friday we are scheduled to go home. Awaiting Logan will be the start of his Make-A-Wish cabin! He is so excited. I am awaiting the video from Logan's T.V. debut. When I get that I will try to post on the blog.

Thoughts & prayers have been working for Ben Towne! Below is a small snip-it from what his mom Carin wrote on his blog:
Today we find ourselves where we need to be for the first time in almost a year. Ben’s scans came back clear and his bone marrow biopsy negative.

Thank you to all for your Thoughts & Prayers for both Logan & Ben.

Wednesday, July 30


Big brother Logan and Peyton at Peyton's birthday party. Logan made Peyton the amazing crown.

Saturday, July 26

One year ago today our lives changed forever. Logan was diagnosed on July 26, 2007 at about 4pm. I remember spending most the day at Children's hospital w/ Kelly & my sister-in-law Traci. Logan went through a series of tests to see why he was limping. He felt good though. I remember the doctors having him run up and down the hallway to watch his motion. Logan would tell me he felt great and how fast he was. We were meeting w/ doctors for possible signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The last tests they had Logan do was a CT scan of his chest & abdomen. They would not have the results back for about an hour so we all went and waited in the cafeteria and had a small snack....we were not that hungry. "Paging the family of Logan Lewis please come to floor 6 purple zone, will the family of Logan Lewis please come to the floor 6 purple zone." We all went up and gathered into a small room. Dr. Wallace (arthritis doctor) came into the room and without any hesitation told us our pride & joy had cancer. Of course the emotions overwhelmed us....Kelly was 9 months+ pregnant so the doctors all showed concern there. We then had to wait and meet w/ an Oncology doctor. He said he wanted to admit us that night and start treatment. We pleaded to go home as a family and absorb what we could of the news. They let us leave and we were admitted the next day to start treatment to kill the nasty disease that was in our son.
Our lives changed for the better....some would think for the worst but I am one that looks at the glass 1/2 full. We have met some amazing people this last year. People who had never met Logan & family but reached out to help. I have grown closer to my family than I ever have been...they have been their to support us every minute. I also am fortunate to have Kelly's parents, they are just as much my mom and dad as Kelly's and I thank them. I could write a book on all the amazing people that have touched our lives. Thank you to the nurses at Children's hospital, you will forever be apart of my family. Your caring and passion for my son is amazing....thank you, thank you, thank you. We have also met many strong, amazing families that are dealing with their child going through cancer. Thank you to those families for your guidance and support. Most of all to the Townes....I wish we could of met under different circumstances but this is what was put upon us. Carin, Jeff you are an amazing couple. Thank you for venting with us, crying with us, laughing with us. I hope we will forever be friends and be sitting in the family section together when Ben & Logan make their Mariner's debut.

To everyone that reads this Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, July 25

Today we pray....Ben Towne has all of his scans today. We pray that there is no more cancer. Please keep Ben and his family in your thoughts. They will get results mid next week.

Thursday, July 24

Well yesterday our family was blessed once again.....we were surprised on the N.W. Afternoon show by a local family from Redmond, WA that paid $5000 for Logan's Make-A-Wish to come true. Thank you so much Osborne family, you have impacted Logan and us for life. Kelly & I, while driving home from the show, shared the same feeling that someday we can do the same for another family. It meant that much to us. Logan's T.V. debut went great. The staff at KOMO was amazing and really made us all feel very at comfortable. We also got to meet an amazing little girl who has had her wish fulfilled. She was 6 years old as well. Her name is Cassidy Huff. Make-A-Wish fulfilled her dream to sing on stage w/ country band Rascal Flatts. She sang to a standing ovation of a sold out crown in the Tacoma Dome. For those of you fortunate enough to see this Monday's show of Northwest Afternoon you will get a snapshot of her amazing voice. Thank as well to Morton's Steakhouse that is supporting Make-A-Wish w/ partial proceeds of their 30 year anniversary burger going to Make-A-Wish. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Monday, July 21

Hello's been awhile. Logan continues to do great. He is back up to full strength and playing hard everyday. He stayed the night at cousin Sydney's last night and had a blast. On Saturday night he went w/ Mom & friends to a local park to watch an outdoor movie. Half way through the movie everyone was surprised when the sprinkler system turned on...oops!

On Saturday we also were very fortunate to attend Ben Townes 3rd birthday party at Ben's house. What an amazing family and support system Carin & Jeff have. This week Ben will have all of his scans again....please think and pray for Ben that his cancer is gone....forever.

Logan is going to be a T.V. star! This Wednesday morning N.W. Afternoon is taping a segment on Make-A-Wish foundation. They will be interviewing Logan about his upcoming wish August 13th. The actual show will air this next Monday, July 28th, on KOMO at 3pm. KOMO is then looking at coming to the house on the day Logan's fort is built and filming the process. We will keep you all informed on this.

This last Friday Kelly's parents also represented Logan in a local Relay for Life walk in their town in Norwich, N.Y. The picture is Kelly's dad representing Team Logan!

Wednesday, July 16

Logan continues to do great. Today he helped Peyton get a haircut (Peyton's hair was out of control w/ the hot weather).

Sunday, July 13

Logan is a bit weak but doing good. He is so tough. Most of us would be in bed or on the couch and not move all day. Logan plays w/ Chloe & Peyton. Although he stops often for rests he still his a superhero! The next three weeks a relatively quite....Logan has a clinic appointment tomorrow but after that not much until his last treatment the first week of August. Thank you all for your kind words....they help all of us and bring a smiles to our faces.

Friday, July 11

We are home...Logan is doing awesome! He has been a little tired but other than that been feeling great. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers this week...they worked!

Thursday, July 10

Logan continues to do amazing! He has made friends on the floor so is always asking to go see them. Today him and another boy played video games and rode bikes for about 4 hours. He is exhausted as the day comes to an end. It is about 6:30 and he is fighting to stay awake to watch cartoons. This morning had a surprise guest here at the hospital....his best friend Chloe and her family. Logan loved it. He gave them a tour of the oncology floor and showed them where everything is. Thank you Aunt Kristi for staying w/ Logan last night. We get discharged tomorrow morning and after this only have one treatment lest!

Tuesday, July 8

I found out yesterday from Logan's doctor that they had not completed the Bone Marrow tests yet from the bone aspiration he had last Wednesday.....the results we got back last Thursday were for a clear MIBG scan. Well we got his bone marrow results back minutes ago and....ALL CLEAN! No traces of any cancer! They even ran a couple of other tests as well and those came clean to! We could not be happier.
Logan is doing wonderful. As I type this he is in another room playing Lego Star Wars with another little boy. His pain has been well managed. He had one bout of sickness yesterday but besides that has been pretty close to normal. Unfortunately we are not rooming w/ the Townes this turn is nice still having them right down the hallway. Logan is always asking to see Ben. As you can imagine Ben, who is almost three, handles the pain associated with this antibody different than Logan. Logan can express his pain in words and understands the process and when he gets to go home where as Ben does not comprehend all of this and gets frustrated by it. Ben is one of the most amazing kids I have ever met and to see him in pain & frustrated is hard. Please send all your thoughts and prayers to the Towne family. They are amazing people.

A funny thought to leave you all with. I bought Logan a rubber snake today at the hospital gift store and he scared one of his nurses pretty good. We placed it on the floor and he pushed the call button. When she came in she walked right over it not seeing it...Logan pointed to it and she jumped pretty high:)

Sunday, July 6

Tomorrow morning we are off for our fourth of five treatments. Logan continues to do you can see by the picture above he even helps get his daily shots ready. Today we spent most of the day up at the hospital getting blood. As usual we will keep everyone informed on how our week progresses. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, July 3

"Everything is exactly what I expected. I am very pleased with the results." - Dr. Julie Park on Logan's results! As you can expect a huge sigh of relief on our part. Logan continues in remission. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers....they are being answered.

Wednesday, July 2

Logan & Chloe enjoying Sunday's sun at the lake!

What a long day.....Logan did awesome though. We got to the hospital around 8am and did tests all day. We then sat in traffic for an hour and a half and finally got home just shy of 6pm. Logan was not able to eat all day because they had to give him anesthesia (sleepy milk) to do his bone aspiration (stick long needle into hip bones and draw out bone marrow). We will hopefully have results by tomorrow.

We look back a year ago to this week. Logan had just enjoyed cousin Sydney's birthday party at the YMCA. The next day after the party he started limping. He said he twisted it in the foam pit.....fevers followed....and our lives as well as many others were changed forever. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, July 1

It's my Birthday......36 and counting! Of course all I want for my birthday is the health of my kids. Logan has called me on my cell phone at work about 5 times so far today to tell my Happy Birthday.

Yesterday Logan lost his first tooth! The tooth fairy came last night and as Logan said waived her wand to get his tooth without waking him up and left $5 for him! She also left him a lipstick kiss on paper.

Monday, June 30

As usual no news is good news....with that being said tomorrow we start our hospital visits again. This week Logan has to go through all the tests again to make sure he is still cancer free. As you can imagine Kelly, I and family are just a little uptight. We will get results back Thursday and of course post them as soon as we have them. We are then scheduled to start treatment number 4 of 5 on Monday.

Logan has been playing hard non-stop. Yesterday we went out to Chloe's uncles house. He lives on a lake. Logan (and family) had a great time. we took Logan out in a paddle boat, he went swimming, and his favorite he rode quads. Logan usually gets up around 7am every morning and keeps looking out his bedroom window until he see that Chloe is up. They then play non-stop until about 8pm every night. As I type this Chloe, Logan's big brother Josh, & Logan are out playing baseball in the backyard.

Thursday, June 26

Logan (as well as family & friends) participated in the Puyallup Relay For Life last weekend. It was amazing to participate in the Survivors Lap w/ Logan.

Logan continues to do amazing. Today he went to the zoo w/ Chloe & Sydney. He had a blast!
We also added more pictures on slide show at right.

Sunday, June 22

Wanted to update everyone. As you all know, if you haven't heard from us ..... Logan is well in most cases. We were allowed to go to Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma on Thursday for a basic blood draw. We only had to have this done to fit into the guidelines for the experimental treatment. On Friday.... Logan played with Chloe ALL day long and then we went to Emerald Ridge High School for the RELAY FOR LIFE. Logan was able to participate in the opening walk with other survivors, it was a great experience. Saturday.... Logan again played with Chloe ALL day, attended a Birthday Party ( which he had alot of fun at ) and then continued to play with his friend until his eyes could take no more. Sunday.... got his second haircut since it as grown back ( he wants to keep it long ) and played with Chloe all day. ( Chloe went with us for a haircut also ) We will post some pictures of Logan at the RELAY FOR LIFe tomorrow. Just a recap, Logan goes all day long playing outside and finally stops to go to bed. He is doing great, and having alot of fun.

We don't head back to the Children's Hospital until July 1st!!! July 1st and 2nd Logan goes through "re-staging". All tests are done on Logan. They are doing their 3 month check up to make sure Logan is in remission still. Our doctor, Dr. Park,will call us on July 3rd with the results. Until then.... Logan will PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!!!

Tuesday, June 17

Well good news....I think. Logan's counts are back above 13,000. There was a mistake in the lab yesterday when doing Logan's labs. We are all human and all make mistakes so all is forgiven...the last 24 hours though have been filled w/ a little stress, confusion, worrying etc.

Logan is doing awesome! He played w/ Chloe this morning before going up to the hospital.

Wanted to take this public forum and congratulate all 9th graders at Kalles Jr. High and wish them all well as they venture off into High School. What you all have done for Logan & family this past school year was amazing. Also good luck to all 6th graders at Logan's school, Fruitland Elementary, as they venture into Jr. High. Thank you to Logan's kindergarten class for thinking about Logan everyday he was not there and when he came to visit making him apart of your daily activities.....Most importantly a big thanks to Logan's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Pesature who continued to teach Logan, on her own time, to make sure Logan is ready for first grade. You are amazing...THANK YOU!

Monday, June 16

Logan continues to get better day by day. Today he went to hospital for check-up and to check his blood counts. This time his counts were all "out of whack". The doctor has never seen anything like much so that she had his blood re-checked and the numbers did not change. His ANC count which should be super high because we have been giving him boost shoots was below where it can fight infection. 250 range. It was 12,000+ on Friday. They were not concerned to keep Logan (admit). They will have him come back tomorrow to be re-checked. Dr. Park did say that the bone marrow could be producing so much it has "taken a break" and hopefully should rebound. Logan was so worried he came home from the hospital and played Power Rangers w/ Chloe;)

Sunday, June 15

Father, Dad, Daddy, Old Man, Papa, Pops.....Hero. Happy Father's day to all the Dad's....especially my dad (Ron), my step-dad (David), Kelly's dad (Larry). You all mean the world to me. This last year people have told me that I am an amazing dad....I have done what any other father would do. Thank you to all. Your support and kind words help us get through everyday.

Saturday, June 14

A bunch of new pictures added below on right!

Friday, June 13

We are home! Logan is feeling o.k. Today has been the roughest day of the week. As I type this though he just took a bath w/ his brother and is playing w/ him and feeling much better. Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers this week.

Thursday, June 12

Wow what a day! I am not sure who had more fun Logan or Dad. Today from 3pm-5pm they had a Father's Day party on the SCCA floor. The theme was sports. The big surprise is Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks Quarterback, Deon Branch, Seahawks Wide Receiver, Chris Spencer, Seahawks Center, Nate Robinson, player for NBA NY Knicks, Brandon Roy, NBA Portland Trailblazers, Jamal Crawford, NY Knicks, & Will Conroy, LA Clippers showed up and signed autographs.

The best part of the day and a memory that will last a life time for both Logan & I is when Logan gave Matt Hasselbeck a Kalles Cookbook autographed by Logan....Matt immediately took off his personal Seahawks hat he was wearing, autographed it for Logan, and put it on his head. Logan wore the hat the next two hours and kept telling everyone that Matt and him have the same size head because the hat fit so well;) Matt also threw a pass to Logan w/ a Nerf football in which Logan made a great catch.

The nurses kept teasing me because I was having as much fun as the kids....I was! Thank you Shauna (nurse who organized the event) was awesome!

Logan continues to feel great...we get to go home early tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, June 11

Logan continues to do great. Today was another great day fulfilled w/ Wii playing, bike riding, playing w/ Ben, and watching movies. Kelly and I were thinking the reason there is no signs of pain is that the antibodies don't know what to do because there is no cancer to attack.

Rooming w/the Townes has been a blessing. I know we can look across the room for a smile, a laugh, a relaxing look. Yes we have found someone that knows exactly our thoughts but more important is Logan has found another great friend in Ben and Kelly and I have found two great people in Carin and Jeff....soon Peyton & Ryan will get to meet as well....

Tuesday, June 10

1/2 way done w/ the antibody! We are 10 treatments down w/ 10 to go! GREAT JOB LOGAN!

Logan is doing amazing....we were asking Dr. Park if they are even giving him the antibody this time. He woke up this morning joking around. We took a bath and then rode bikes. He also has been singing on the Wii karaoke machine. The nurses are going to come in this afternoon and do a concert for Logan & Ben.

Monday, June 9

Logan has had an awesome day! This kid is amazingly strong. He has been playing the Wii most the day as well as playing w/ Lego's. He also invited his roommate, Ben Towne, over to watch a movie w/ him. We are about 15 minutes from finishing treatment 9 of 20. Yes...we are very fortunate to have the Towne's as roommate's again. Ben is doing I type this he is out riding in one of the cars that Logan bought at Toy's r Us. Logan is sleeping very peacefully right now. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, June 8

Well here we are the night before we head up for yet another week at the hospital. Tonight we had a BBQ at our house w/ some friends and family. Logan had a blast and played real hard. At 8:00 when I went to put Logan to bed I was yelling for him and could not find him....I finally heard him yelling to me upstairs. He was so tired, he put himself to bed.

We want to send a very special THANK YOU to our extended family at Logan's school Fruitland Elementary. Earlier in the year they had a carnival on Logan's behalf. From the proceeds they bought games, Lego's, and 4 Wii's to donate to Seattle Children's hospital. They actually bought 2 and Nintendo matched their donation w/ 2 more! Logan will deliver all the games tomorrow....he is so excited. Fruitland also gave us $500 in Shell gas cards...that will help so much w/ our daily trips to Seattle...THANK YOU, THANK YOU! On Friday Logan stopped by his school and brought his class doughnuts. They were all so excited to see Logan and he was so excited to be there. One of his classmates, Hannah, saved one of her prizes from field day to share w/ Logan....THANK YOU HANNAH!

Well I will keep everyone updated on our week in the hospital. Please pray for an uneventful week this week. This last three weeks we have had our Logan back...playing real hard until he can barely walk because he is so tired. We have met some amazing people through this fight, a lot of them....I just wish it was all a dream. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and send Logan to school...I would go to work....I still would want to know all the amazing people we have met though, Thank you for every one's thoughts and prayers.

Friday, June 6


A Taste of Kalles....faculty & their families have put together an amazing cookbook w/ all proceeds going to Logan's fight. Cost is $15 plus shipping ($3). If you want one just send payment via pay pal (on right of Logan's website) as well as e-mail to w/ who it is going to as well as address. If you want a personal message from Logan please specify.


Thursday, June 5

Logan's appointment went well today. The only real surprise is that he has lost 3 pounds. He has been eating so well so that really surprised us. All that boxing on the Wii is burning a lot of calories. Kelly & I have also made the decision to continue w/ the experimental treatment. The reason we have is because they are not going to give Logan the IL2 medicine anymore that made him so sick in round 2. The next three treatments will now just be the antibody he got in round 1 that he seemed to tolerate o.k.
Attached is a great article written by Executive Editor, Jason Hickman, of CBS Max Preps, Inc. about Logan Fest basketball tournament this last weekend.

Wednesday, June 4

Logan, Peyton, & Kelly are home....they brought aunt Kim back w/ them! Back to the hospital tomorrow. Logan has a normal "check-up" appointment tomorrow. We are also scheduled to be admitted on Monday to start round three of the experimental. As I was driving down the driveway Logan saw Chloe in her garage....he made me stop the car, he ran out yelling her name. They stopped, both hugged each other, and continued to play for the next hour. There are a lot of pictures from Logan's vacation. I will try to get them onto the blog (sideshow) by this weekend.

Sunday, June 1

It's Sunday night....I miss Logan, Peyton, & Kelly a lot! They will be home on Wednesday afternoon. Logan is having g a great time in New York. The pictures at left are him playing on the playground at Kelly's old elementary school.

On Saturday I got to take place in yet another amazing fundraising event put on by Kalles Jr. High, their staff, as well as other great people. Logan Fest 2008 basketball tournament. It was amazing. 22 teams participated in the event. It was awesome. I wish Logan could have been there, he would have loved it. His best friend Chloe was there and she was serving Hot Dogs and helping out. She kept asking when Logan is going to be home. She cannot wait to see him to play Power Rangers. Mario, Kalles, and others that participated in Logan Fest....a huge heart felt THANK YOU! One thing that really "hit home" w/ me that day is when a teacher told me that Logan (and family) have taught the students at Kalles way more than they could ever learn in the classroom. Everyone at Kalles has embraced our family. I am proud to call our family Tyees for life!

Friday, May 30

FISH ON!!! Logan went fishing w/ Uncle Joe & Papa and caught 8 fish! I asked him how big the biggest was and he thought and said "It was as big as a hat!" Papa confirmed that is was about 8 inches!

Wednesday, May 28

Well I am home....w/ out the family. I flew back a week earlier because I need to return to work. Kelly, Logan, Peyton, & Aunt Kim will be flying back next Wednesday. Of course I have only been away 9 hours and am already having withdrawals. Logan promised me he would call me everyday.

Logan is having a great time in NY. Today after they dropped me off at the airport Logan and the cousins went to the Syracuse Zoo. Everyday Logan has stayed busy. Over the weekend while Kelly & I were away at Kelly's friends wedding Logan & Papa went to Lowe's (where Uncle Joe works) and did a building project. Logan has built a small wood basketball hoop, 911 emergency frame to place by the phone, & a picture frame. Uncle Joe & Aunt Amber got him his own tool kit & case. He has been carrying it around non-stop.

Kelly's friend Becky was married over the weekend (the wedding was amazing)....the reason I mention this on Logan's blog is because it was so amazing to be across the country and have strangers coming up to Kelly & I and hugging us and giving us support. Kelly's Mom & Dad have really been sharing Logan's story around Norwich, NY. They do it to generate awareness for Logan's cancer but also, like us, it is a sense of relief for them to to have friends around town know what is going on. We went to lunch yesterday downtown to a place called The Ontario. Logan's picture and story were above the register. It was really neat to see and Logan thought it was awesome. Thank you Larry (Papa), Bonnie (Nana), Joe (Uncle), Amber (Aunt) for all you have done for Kelly & I. Words can not explain our appreciation. THANK YOU!

Monday, May 26

As you can see Logan is feeling better....the attached video is Logan boxing on the Wii at Nana & Papa's.......he won!

Bowling Champion of Norwich, NY.....Logan James Lewis!

Thursday, May 22

We made it to New York! What a travel day....Logan did awesome helping out with his little brothers first flight.

Logan is feeling a lot better. Still not much of an appetite but getting better. Today we stopped by uncle Joe's work at Lowe's and Logan was put to work (note the apron in the picture above). We then stopped by Papa & Nana's work and Logan worked the forklift w/ Papa. He had a perma grin on the whole time.