Sunday, September 28

Sorry it's been a couple days....Logan is doing great. He had a blast scooping ice cream at Cold Stone on Thursday night. Thank you to the owner Kellie for inviting us. This week Logan has all his scans again so it will of course be a stressful week for the family. We hopefully will have results by the following Monday. Please keep Logan in your thoughts and prayers that the cancer continues to stay away....forever. Thank You!

Wednesday, September 24

Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Logan will be an honorary scooper this Thursday night at the Cold Stone Creamery in Puyallup's South Hill. Proceeds benefit Make A Wish Foundation! Come have Logan scoop up your choice of ice cream. He will be there serving from about 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Monday, September 22

Enjoy the above picture! Logan is getting fitted for his tuxedo that he is going to wear October 4th where he is the guest of honor for Where Miracles Take Flight.

Friday, September 19

Hard week for all of us.....on Wednesday night Logan's Great Grandmother passed away (my mother's mom). Although it was expected it is still hard. We spoke w/ Logan about it and he chose for Dad to tell her good-bye for him. We told him that she will go to heaven to be with her husband who passed 35 years ago as well as her animals (in particular her dog Bridget).
On Thursday morning when Kelly & I spoke w/ Logan and let him know she died in her sleep his response was "Is she with her dog now?" We said yes and that they are probably playing:)

On a happier note Logan continues to do amazing. He is loving first grade. At the end of this month Logan will be going through all of his scans again. It will take about three days and then we will get results the following week. Please keep Logan in your thoughts and prayers and continue to wish him good health. Thank You!

Sunday, September 14

Logan continues to do awesome. Today Dad & Logan went to the Seahawks game....besides the final outcome we still had a great time. Tomorrow Logan goes up to Children's Hospital for a check-up & blood draw to make sure all counts are good.

Thursday, September 11

Notice anything missing? Log got his NG Tube out today! He feels so good!

Wednesday, September 10

More picture from Saturday's game! Logan, Dad, & Cheerleaders! Logan and Captains!

Tuesday, September 9

Sorry we have not updated in awhile.....very busy:) Logan did amazing at the UW game! Above is just one of many pictures. Once we get the others online I will add to portfolio below on right. The coolest thing is when he was on the huge screen for all fans to view he raised his arms up to "pump up" the crowd. It worked! He had the crowd going crazy! Thank you to Donna at Make-A-Wish as well as Amy w/ the UW for making his day so special!

Thursday, September 4

First Day Of School, First Day Of School!
Logan had an awesome first day of first grade. Mom dropped him off and without hesitation he was off and playing. He even asked his mom not to follow him into the classroom he said he was all right going with his friends.....he's growing up!

Monday, September 1

Well we made it back from our 7 days at Walt Disney World! Logan & family had an amazing time. He went non-stop everyday from about 9:30am until about 11pm at night. He went on just about every ride in all 4 parks and saw just about every show. His favorite part of the whole vacation was meeting the Power Rangers. There was hundreds of kids waiting to see them and Logan was the only one selected out of everyone to stand w/ them in their Power Ranger Car. He was on cloud nine. He went swimming at our hotel almost everyday. We had a water slide there that he loved. We also spent the day in Daytona Beach and Logan learned to Boogie Board. He also drove dad around on a quad up and down the beach. Later that day at Daytona we had drinks w/ Kelly's Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Art at Bubba Gumps restaurant. Logan was so exhausted he fell asleep on the bench for about 30 minutes. There is lots of pictures of our trip posted below on the right. Thank you Aunt Traci & Uncle Pat for watching Peyton while we were gone.

Logan does not get much time to rest. On Wednesday he starts first grade! He is so excited. Then on Saturday is the Husky game where he will get to help with the coin toss before the game with the captains.

Ben Towne goes in for his last antibody treatment tomorrow. Be sure to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.