Thursday, September 4

First Day Of School, First Day Of School!
Logan had an awesome first day of first grade. Mom dropped him off and without hesitation he was off and playing. He even asked his mom not to follow him into the classroom he said he was all right going with his friends.....he's growing up!


Anonymous said...

It is great to see Logan looking so great -- healthy, hair, and he sure seems to be growing, despite all the treatments of the past year. I suspect maybe he is still doing the tail end of RetinA treatments, and he still has his ng tube, so I guess maybe you are not entirely done with treatments -- but I am hoping (and praying) for a really normal "school year" for Logan. He (and you) sure deserve it!

The Breeder said...

Oh I bet that broke Mom's heart! So glad you guys had a great vacation and great first day.