Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (a.k.a Logan Lewis) is ready to go trick-or-treating. We will get pictures to post on the blog. Logan had an appointment yesterday at Seattle Children's and it went well. He is almost 43 pounds! This is the most he has ever weighed. We go in tomorrow to start chemo #5. We hope to be out Sunday. This is the same one he got on round #3 that made him very sick. As a parent I am just dreading having to bring him back. Our next 8 weeks will be crazy. Around Thanksgiving he will have a very serious surgery to try to remove the tumor. Once he recovers from that they will start the stem cell transplant and chemo #6. He will be in isolation (his own room) during the stem cell transplant and they estimate we will be in the hospital for 4 weeks....yes that is pretty much all of December including Christmas. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, October 30


Monday, October 29

Logan & Peyton's First Bath Together!
What a great weekend! We are really dreading having to go back into the hospital on Thursday because we know what it brings. Last night we went to Uncle Pat & Aunt Traci's house and carved pumpkins (I will try to get pictures to post). Logan had a blast. Logan has his energy, he is gaining weight.....he looks amazing.


Saturday, October 27

No news is good news.....Logan has been enjoying life as a normal 5 y/o. Kelly even made the comment this week that everything feels normal again. Last night Logan, Dad, Mario, & Chloe (neighbors) went to the local High School football game. Logan and Chloe had a blast and were great the whole game. The good team also won (Rogers, my old school, beat Puyallup, Mario's old school). Later today Logan's older brother Josh is coming over and Logan cannot stop talking about it. He is so excited.

Thursday, October 25

Wow what a night at the BLT! The owner Gary was amazing. Thank you to all those that showed up (and even those that did not show up but sent donations). $6000.00 was raised! Gary also put a car he owns up for auction w/ the proceeds going to Logan's medical care (I will try to get the picture). It is a 1979 refurbished El Camino w/ a brand new engine that has 4,000 miles. Sounds like it is in mint condition. Gary does not care for it much because of the color....maroon like the Washington State Cougars. He is a die hard Husky Fan. From what I heard is someone opened up the bidding last night at $4000.00. WOW!

Logan had another great day yesterday. He got some superman pajama's (w/ a cape) from my dad's friend Valerie. He wore them and flew around the house at a high rate of speed all night. He loves to dress up! He went to cousin Sydney's house and played while we were at the BLT. Thank you to Aunt Traci's parents Terry & Fran for watching the boys.

Tuesday, October 23

This picture is of Logan, Peyton, & Dad riding the John Deere Tractor together. Logan drove it up to the mail box and Peyton and I were along for the wild ride. Logan had a great day today. He rode the school bus home w/ cousin Sydney and played at her house for awhile. Currently he is building a train set w/ his neighbor friend Chloe. They are in the other room just laughing and having fun.

See everyone tomorrow at the Bonney Lake Tavern! Time is from 6-8pm. Address is 18212 State Route 410 Bonney Lake, WA 98391. Phone number is 253-863-9904. If you have never been there it is right at the top of the hill on the left.

Monday, October 22

Logan had an awesome day today. Kindergarten was great (it was like he never missed a day). His counts are up so he did not need a transfusion today. He (we) do not need to be back to the hospital until Tuesday the 30th! Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, October 21

Finally we get a good night to sleep and Dad gets really sick. I was up all last night very sick to my stomach. I think it was food poisoning. Logan told me this morning that he did not even here me all night. We also talked how much it hurts your nose and throat when you get sick. The good news is I am feeling better and Logan had a great day. He just finished doing his homework and went to bed. He gets to go to school all week this week. We went over to our friend's the Fahnlander's for a get together this afternoon. Logan loved seeing his friends and played real hard for about two hours.

Saturday, October 20

Logan (and family) had a good day today. Logan & Mom went up to hospital to get a platelet transfusion but he did not need one. He was just above the limits to transfuse. It was a 4 hour chunk of Logan's & Kelly's day that could of been spent doing something else;) The rest of the day was just spent relaxing. We went out to dinner tonight w/ friends of ours, the Caufield's. Logan loves playing w/ their daughter Alexa. Tomorrow is another day of relaxing, in the afternoon we are going to an Oktoberfest party at our friends the Fahnlander's.

Friday, October 19

Happy Friday! It has been a great Friday for Logan. He is feeling great. He even ate waffle's this morning! This is the first thing he has eaten in over a week. Logan also now has his own address to mail things to him. It is at the top of the website. Be sure to put my name (Jason Lewis) as well as Logan's. He has to go into the hospital Saturday morning for a quick platelet transfusion and then hopefully not back for awhile. The plan is he will be in school all week next week. Have a great weekend! Keep sending Logan pictures he loves them!

Thursday, October 18

Logan did it! His counts are up, he pooped again, and no fevers! We are going home this afternoon after he gets a blood transfusion. Enjoy the picture. This was when the laxatives were at work and dad was a little afraid to let him off the pot:)
Good Thursday morning to everyone. Logan made it thought the night. He woke up again about 5am w/ stomach cramps. They gave him pain medicine and he fell right back asleep until 8am. The good news is he did not have a fever all night. With that being said if is counts come up today we could be going home soon. Keep your fingers crossed. Logan and I are going to go on a treasure hunt this morning. It's a game I created to get him up and walking around. We have to collect things like paperclips, tape, stickers etc. It's fun because the nurses help him. The weather is starting to get nasty outside. We have a big window and will be able to watch the windstorm that is supposed to come this afternoon.
It is just past midnight (very early Thursday morning). Logan has been having a lot of stomach cramps. The good news is he did finally poop. The bad news is we have hit him w/ so many laxatives it is making him cramp pretty bad. He falls asleep and about every 15 minutes wakes up screaming w/ a cramp. The nurse just gave him some pain medicine so hopefully that helps. The poor little guy is so tired. I will report later this morning...hopefully much later.

Wednesday, October 17

Good Wednesday evening to everyone. Logan had a good day today. No being sick to tummy! The only thing that is keeping us here is his counts are still at zero. He has had a mild low grade fever off & on. Last but certainly not least he needs to POOP! It has been about a week. They are giving him medicine to loosen him up but so far the chemo medicine is winning. The picture to the right was just taken after he took a 30 minute shower. It took me just minutes to clean him but he enjoyed just standing in the hot water and just relaxing. Don't forget about the spaghetti feed a week from today at the Bonney Lake Tavern.

Tuesday, October 16

Tuesday night update.....I am home and Kelly has been up at the hospital w/ Logan since 1pm. She had enough milk in reserves for me to come home w/ Peyton and get some rest. Logan's Uncle Pat is going to relieve Kelly at 7pm for the night (Thank you Pat). Logan had an o.k. day. We found out from the doctors today that one of the side affects of the last chemo (Vincristine) is constipation. We were a little frustrated to find out this late in the game. If we would of known earlier we would have hit him w/ some laxatives earlier. His ear are still bugging him a little. They anticipate once his white blood cells come back up (hopefully tomorrow) we should see them take care of the ear ache.
Logan went on a walk earlier w/ Mom. When he saw one of the nurses he know he smiled and told her "I am trying to walk the poop out." Everyone got a laugh. Pray for Logan to heel so he can go to Kindergarten.

Good Tuesday morning to all. Logan had a pretty good night last night. He did get sick about 7:00pm. He stood up to go potty and got real dizzy. He slept really well last night! This was the first good nights rest he (we) have had in awhile. This morning when he woke up at 6am his tummy was hurting again and both his ears hurt. The nurse gave him some pain medicine and will have the doctors look at him at rounds. We think his tummy hurts because he is constipated. It has been four days since....yeah. We are giving him medicine to try to help the cause. The attached picture was just taking this morning. Enjoy!

Monday, October 15

We are back in the hospital. Logan was up all night w/ a tummy ache. When Kelly & him came up for his transfusion his white blood cell counts were at zero and he had a fever. He is getting some blood right now....this is good because this morning he looked like a ghost. We will be here at least 48 hours until his counts come up and he does not have a fever. He is also having issues w/ his left ear. They said this is common w/ an NG tube. I did not get any sleep last night so hopefully here in the hospital things will get better so he and I can catch up on our sleep. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.
My friend Dylan who set-up this website (Thank You Dylan) has also made it easier for you to e-mail your photo's to Logan. Just look down below his picture on the right and you will see where you can view photo's as well as e-mail them to me.

Sunday, October 14

Good Sunday morning. Logan does not have much energy today. He kept us up most the night w/ an upset tummy. The good thing is there was no fever. The nights are hard for him. Kelly and I think he gets a little anxiety at night probably from being poked and prodded all night when he is in the hospital. He is also pretty pale today. Tomorrow they are planning on a transfusion so that should bring back some color as well as energy.

Jeff Logan's answer to "Who let the Dawgs out?" is "Nobody". I guess that is appropriate after they got beat last night. Somebody forgot to let them out! I hope things are going well w/ Ben. The Seahawks game will be a good distraction for you and him:) Go Seahawks!

Remember everyone to send Logan your pictures to!

Friday, October 12

Logan's weekly clinic appointment went good. He gained weight and is at 41lbs! They want him to get to 43lbs. He was having ear aches today but they went away later in the day. The doctor said it is nothing to do w/ and chemo it might be a cold coming on. He got a little sick to his tummy on the way home in the car but has been feeling well since. The great thing is we have a weekend at home and no appointments until Monday.
We stopped and saw Ben Towne who is going through Chemo #3 (Cisplatin). This is the one that made Logan very sick. Ben (and parents) were doing good. Logan brought Ben a gift of some small airplanes to make him smile.
Congratulation's to Logan's Uncle Joe & Aunt Amber who had a beautiful baby boy (during the ultra sound they were told it was a girl so they were very surprised). At press time there is still no name and he still has a pink room. Baby weighed 9lbs 12oz and 23 1/2 inches long!!!

Good Friday morning. Logan was still sleeping when I left for work this morning. The reason for my early entry is:

  1. Jeff (Ben's dad) asked Logan in Comment's "who let the Dawgs out?" well Jeff when I get home I will ask Logan. So I am prepared.....Who?
  2. Also flu season is fast approaching and you have probably noticed that flu shots are being advertised. Anyone who has consistent contact w/ Logan PLEASE get a flu shot. Thank You!

Thursday, October 11

Logan had a great day today! No upset tummy all day.
He is standing right here as I type this holding his light saber. He is pretending it is a bat and he is Ichiro and Big Richie. I asked him if he wanted to say anything and he responded "I like Mariner's and I like this bat right here (pointing at a small S.F. Giants bat his Grandma bought him)." He also just said to say "That he went to a S.F. Giants game"

Now he has a joke "Who let the cows out?"................"Nobody!"

Hope Logan's Joke makes everyone smile!

Wednesday, October 10

This is a video I thought everyone would enjoy. It was filmed just before Logan turned 4 in December 2005. His love for baseball!

Just tucked Logan into bed. He is watching a movie about a kid liking the Yankees (poor kid). He had a little bit of a rough afternoon. He got sick three times. Tomorrow he has no appointments so Mom, Logan, & Peyton can just lay around all day! Remember to send me pictures for Logan to!
Hello everyone! Logan is doing very well today. He slept through the night last night. I called home to check how his day was going today and he was doing a puppet show for his little brother Peyton. Today he has to go up to the hospital this afternoon for a quick shot (helps get his white blood cells back quicker).
Another cool example of someone reaching out....a local tavern in Bonney Lake (Bonney Lake Tavern) who has never met Logan is having a Spaghetti Feed to benefit him. For all you locals that read this it is October 24th from 6pm-8pm (no kids because it is a tavern). Address is 18212 State Route 410. Anyone who wants to call the owner and say THANK YOU the number is 253-863-9904. Cost is $10.00 per person.

Tuesday, October 9

Send Logan your pictures! Send them to me at and I will post them for everyone to see. All photos can be viewed by clicking Photos below Logan's picture on front page of blog. With photos please send description of who, where, when etc. Thank You!
Good Tuesday morning. Logan had a pretty good night last night. No throwing-up which is great. His tummy was upset a couple times but we battled it w/ medicine. As with the night before we were up approximately every 45 minutes going potty. The reason is because they are hydrating w/ normal fluids, he is still getting his liquid food, and one of the chemo medicines he is getting is a 24/7 liquid medicine. It looks like we should be discharged about noon once the doctors make their rounds and he finishes w/ the liquid chemo. Have a great day!

Monday, October 8

Logan had a good day today. Last night was the same as the night before. He was sick twice. Grandma stayed up here w/ him and she did not get much sleep because Logan was going potty about every 45 minutes. Thank you mom (and David) for adjusting your life's to help us. You mean the world to Kelly & I. Also the impact you have made on Logan is incredible. THANK YOU!
Logan played most the day and did some art work in the playroom. The plan is for us to go home tomorrow at around 11am if Logan is feeling o.k. Currently he is sleeping.

As for those awaiting for me to post Logan's P.O. Box we are on a waiting list and should have one in the next week or so. Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, October 7

Good Sunday to all. Logan had an upset tummy last night twice. The good thing he is feeling great this morning and joking around. He wants to go down to the playroom and play air hockey.
Everyday I get asked how am I doing...I am fine but there is not an hour that goes by that I don't go through a lot of emotions. I look at Logan all the time and still cannot believe he has cancer. I won't lie either...I also think the worst. He is such a strong kid though and I know the right thing to tell people is he will beat this. I really truly do believe Logan will beat this. He is so strong and at age 5 seems to have the right attitude about everything. When I talk w/ Logan about teaching Peyton to play baseball, ride a bike, play football etc. he always smiles and cannot wait. I know I can speak for my amazing wife as well. I fortunately have work as a little of a distraction where as Kelly she is home & hospital most the time. Thank god for our amazing support group. My family has been awesome. I try to take positives out of the negatives and I have never been closer to my family. Kelly's family has also been amazing. They live in upstate New York and really struggle every minute not being here. They used all of there vacation this year to be here when we first started treatment. They also plan on coming out in early January (when they get two more weeks vacation) and being here to celebrate Logan's 6th birthday. I am so lucky to have in-laws like them. Thank you to everyone we know & do not know for your amazing thoughts and prayers!

Saturday, October 6

We finally just got into a room. They are over booked and over crowded. We sat in a play room since 7:30 this morning. They did however start Logan's chemo in there. They do not anticipate Logan getting sick from this chemo but also did state that every kid is different. He is in good spirits watching scooby doo right now. As you probably guessed we do have a roommate. It is an older teenage boy. The other bad thing is we do not have a window either so it feels like we are in a dungeon. Logan and I will be out taking a lot of walks!

Friday, October 5

Happy Friday! Logan had a great day! The Puyallup Fire Department surprised Logan at his school today and he was grinning ear to ear non-stop.

Thank you Grandma for the great pictures! Thank you Dr. Cecil Snodgrass for arranging the surprise for Logan.

Logan had a great appointment today. He gained 3lbs and the nutritionist was very pleased. He/we will be admitted tomorrow and is scheduled to released Tuesday.

Thursday, October 4

Another good day! Logan went to school this morning. He was a little skeptical though when he entered his classroom because he had a substitute teacher. After some convincing from mom though he was alright. Right now his older brother Josh is over and they are having a blast. Logan really looks up to him. Tomorrow is the big day w/ the firetruck. Hopefully we will get lots of good pictures to put on the blog. Logan also has an appointment in the afternoon to check his weight and counts to make sure he is o.k. to start chemo #4 on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 3

Logan had another great day! He did not have school today so Logan, Mom, & Peyton went to the pumpkin patch. As you can see from the pictures Logan had his boots on in the mud. He picked out lots of great pumpkins. He also got his Halloween costume today. He is going to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

My Dr. in Puyallup Dr. Cecil Snodgrass works closely w/ the Puyallup Fire Department. He has set up a surprise visit at Logan's school this Friday. The ladder truck is going to come there and surprise him and his class and Logan is going to be the guest firemen. Kelly will be there to get lots of pictures. Thank You Doc!

Tuesday, October 2

Logan got to ride the school bus today! He went home w/ cousin Sydney after school. Aunt Traci was there to greet the two of them when they got off and she said Logan had a grin ear to ear. This was is first school bus ride ever! He spent the afternoon playing w/ Sydney. When Traci asked him if he wanted lunch Logan pointed to his backpack of food/formula and said "No thank you, I have been eating all morning." I thought that was hilarious!

Thank you everyone for your continuous thoughts, cards, & donations. If I were to list all correspondence I would crash your computer. It is amazing. When Logan beats cancer I hope that everyone comes to his Graduation from High School! THANK YOU!

Monday, October 1

Good day today (even for a Monday). Logan had a great day at school. He also has his appetite back. After school he asked for McDonald's. He ate a whole hamburger happy meal. He is still also getting the food via the NG tube as well. Our next appointment is not until Friday. They want to check his blood counts before admitting us for Chemo #4 on Saturday. Smile everyone because Logan is!