Sunday, October 21

Finally we get a good night to sleep and Dad gets really sick. I was up all last night very sick to my stomach. I think it was food poisoning. Logan told me this morning that he did not even here me all night. We also talked how much it hurts your nose and throat when you get sick. The good news is I am feeling better and Logan had a great day. He just finished doing his homework and went to bed. He gets to go to school all week this week. We went over to our friend's the Fahnlander's for a get together this afternoon. Logan loved seeing his friends and played real hard for about two hours.

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Anonymous said...

Jason, you've got to go easy on those hot wings while watching football! In all seriousness, sorry to hear you were sick on one of your "days off" from other sickness. Good (needed) win for the Hawks today. Logan must have been cheering exhuberantly! Jeff