Tuesday, October 2

Logan got to ride the school bus today! He went home w/ cousin Sydney after school. Aunt Traci was there to greet the two of them when they got off and she said Logan had a grin ear to ear. This was is first school bus ride ever! He spent the afternoon playing w/ Sydney. When Traci asked him if he wanted lunch Logan pointed to his backpack of food/formula and said "No thank you, I have been eating all morning." I thought that was hilarious!

Thank you everyone for your continuous thoughts, cards, & donations. If I were to list all correspondence I would crash your computer. It is amazing. When Logan beats cancer I hope that everyone comes to his Graduation from High School! THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Logan James-Wow a school bus ride!Now that had to be a very exciting adventure Mr Lewis. I keep up on your progress every day. If you need any special supplies for your magical tickets to give to other friends you meet along your journey, call me at work and let them know you need to talk to Ms.Keri.(puyallup playcare)Now Mom & Dad. Please give Logan a hug, ear tickle,nose squeeze(softly of course)and kisses. Logan is blessed to have you both for parents.(Peyton as well) LOVE Ms Keri

Scott said...

I was waiting at the main entrance of our buidling where Logan and Sydney leave so that I could say good-bye. Of course the Lewis duo were at the back of the line laughing as they headed for the big bus ride. As they passed me in the doorway (I'm not real sure they even knew I was there) I said, "Hey! Get back here and give me a hug!" They both stopped, turned, and ran back and gave me a hug with huge grins on their faces. They turned and zipped away and Logan yells, "I gotta get on the shtool bus!"