Saturday, September 26

Hello all! Interesting week this week as Logan's little brother, Peyton, acquired Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease.....then gave it to Logan. Sounds a lot worse than the name. Both boys had (Logan still does) sores in their mouths that make it hard to eat. And in Peyton's case hard to sleep (all night parties for him). This disease is most commonly found in Toddlers and is very contagious. Since Logan's immune system is that of about a two year old due to his stem cell transplant, we were anticipating him acquiring it.
Other than that things have been going great. Logan loves second grade. All of Logan's tests are scheduled for October 7th, 8th, & 9th. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, September 8

Most people know that I am a season ticket holder for the Seattle Seahawks....with that being said I am unable to attend the first game of the season this Sunday. While I was listening to my favorite local sports station, 710 ESPN Seattle, today it was mentioned that one of the hosts that is new to area was not going to be going. After taking a lot of "ribbing" from local fans about not going to see/witness the loudest crowd in sports I decided to call and offer my tickets on the air. My only request in return is that the host make a donation of his choice to Seattle Children's Hospital (100% of proceeds). He agreed as well as called out his fellow host to match and his station to match! Click on the link to read more about these gentlemen as well as the station they work for. Thank you Mike & Brock! The 20,000 plus people that have viewed Logan's website since this last November also thank you. We all want to find a cure for childhood cancer!
Logan James Lewis 1st Day of School...Big second grader!
Sorry it has been so long since last update. Things have going great. Logan had a very busy & healthy summer. He did a basketball camp, went to Disneyland, Legoland, Sea World, Animal Kingdom, 2 Padres Games, Camping 2 different places including seeing Grandma & Grandpa in Eastern Washington. He rarely was inside all summer. Whenever he was home he was outside playing with Chloe and or his little brother Peyton (who turned 2 at the end of July).
Logan's next round of scans/tests at Seattle Children's Hospital are scheduled for mid October. These ones will be extensive including hearing & heart test as well as all the regulars.
Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers!