Thursday, November 27

A year ago Logan was recovering from getting his tumor removed. Today he is a very healthy, happy first grader. Thank you to Jenny Wohrle Photography for the family picture above.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Today we are thankful to be spending time with our families. We are thankful to have such a huge support group. We are thankful to have been blessed by the amazing courage and strength of Ben Towne & Jenna Westerholm. Today Ben & Jenna's families are in our thoughts & prayers.

Friday, November 21

Today mom & Logan went up to Seattle Children's Hospital for a routine check-up. Logan is growing like a weed. His is also maintaining his weight which is great news. Our next appointment is early January to complete all of his scans.
Logan continues to do great in school. On today's spelling test he received a 100%. They also gave him 8 extra credit words...pretty hard ones for a first grader. He got 6 of 8 correct!
Right now as I type this Logan is at movie night at his school. Kids bring a pillow and blanket & watch a movie on a big screen in the gym. Logan was so excited to go.
A continued thanks to everyone that keeps checking Logan's blog. I recently put a counter at the just 11 days we have received over 2000 visitors. I look at that as 2000 people praying for Logan & our family, that is 2000 people praying and hoping for a cure against Neuroblastoma. Thank You!

Tuesday, November 18

Today Logan started Karate classes at the YMCA!

Monday, November 17

Logan continues to do great. He is loving being a big brother. He is realizing that whatever he does his little brother is soon to follow/copy. This past week both boys had runny noses. Logan, like most kids, has an issue with wiping his nose onto his sleeve (a.k.a. snail trails). Well guess who now is copying his big brother.....yep Peyton. Logan thought that was pretty neat.
A close friend of our family, Sarah (Edlund) Costanza, will be running a 1/2 marathon in June 2009 to help raise money for Logan as well as finding a cure for Neuroblastoma. Check out her website/blog she has done. We will also place a link to this website below to the right to access anytime and view her updates. Thank You Sarah!

Thursday, November 13

Don't Mess With Logan!

Tuesday, November 11

Wanted to update everyone on our friend, Ben Towne.....WOW what a fighter. We had the privilege to spend many nights with the Towne family at Seattle Children's Hospital over the last year. I have never seen a 3 year old with more strength than Ben. I nicknamed him "The Incredible Hulk" because one second he was being kind and sweet and the next pain would set in and he would go on a rage not knowing at his young age what was going on. The amazing nurses & doctors would combat his pain with different mixes of drugs. Some of them that if taken by you & I would put us to sleep in a second....not Ben! He would fight through, go on walk after walk, play cars, watch movies etc. Today Ben continues his stay alive and bless everyone with his amazing strength & presence.
This has been one of the hardest past weeks for Kelly & I. Our friends Jeff & Carin are going through what no parents should ever have to. We have been there during this fight for each other because only we knew what each family was dealing with. Now Jeff & Carin are going down a road different than we are. I spoke briefly with Carin's sister last week when the they found out the tumors were growing so rapidly....I was at a loss for words. Every day, every hour, every minute we think of the Townes and how blessed we are to know them.
Please once again keep the Towne family in your thoughts & prayers. Reach out to them via their blog and share your support. I know this last 15+ months when we would get comments they really went a long way in making us feel a little better knowing that we had such an amazing support group. Click here to go to Ben's blog.

Monday, November 10

As I type this Logan & Mom are at the movies together enjoying the new Madagascar 2 movie. Everyone in the family is starting to feel better....just runny noses now. Logan is doing awesome in first grade. I think he has three Friday's with perfect 100% spelling tests! Yesterday Logan asked if we could put up our Christmas tree! He is a little excited. We told him we will wait until after Thanksgiving. Have a great day and thank you everyone for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Saturday, November 8

We are all starting to feel started with Peyton and ended with dad. A virus that made us weak & sick. Logan missed almost 3 days of school. This morning he is feeling better. As I type this he is reading a book to Peyton on the couch. Today will be a day of just relaxing and getting our strength back.

Please continue to keep Ben & family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

Thursday, November 6

Mom & her boys!

Monday, November 3

I do not know what to say.....I will just copy the news from Ben's site.....please send your thoughts & prayers to his family. Tonight Kelly & I are without words as to why.....

Monday, November 3rd
Once again, we are at a loss for words.
Yesterday evening, Ben was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital. A CT scan last night and another one this morning confirmed one of the tumors in his brain has continued to grow aggressively over the last few days and even through the hours of the night.
Because of the rapid growth, the doctors confirmed that further treatment would not be effective. The decision was made to stop the radiation treatments and return home. We are continuing to monitor his pain levels and are giving him medications to keep him comfortable. Many times last night Ben told Carin not to worry and that he loves her.
Ben is now resting with his mom and dad, and is surrounded by all of his family. At this point, there is no way to determine how much time we have left with Ben…but we know that it isn’t long.
Please continue to respect the family’s privacy and refrain from visiting. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, November 1

Logan had a great Halloween. Pictured above Chloe, Sydney, & Logan "powering up" and protecting the world from bad guys!