Saturday, March 29

Logan's Aunt Traci's family from St Louis sent Logan a Albert Pujols jersey. As you can see by the picture he loves it. THANK YOU!

Logan is all done with Radiation! Yesterday his amazing nurse Tana & staff surprised Logan with some balloons as well as a Husky dog and Logan's favorite of all a Webkinz Elephant. In case you do not know what a Webkinz is it is a stuffed animal you register online and you take care of it by feeding it, giving it baths, taking it to the veterinarian etc. The Webkinz Tana gave him is Logan's 17th one! He named it Banana (after Tana Banana). Thank you so much for the amazing job you did w/ Logan Tana. You truly impacted our family's life. THANK YOU!
The other picture above is Logan & Peyton. Peyton is modeling the crown his brother made him.

Thursday, March 27

ONE TREATMENT LEFT! Logan is doing excellent & having a great day. This morning when were up at UW Hospital we go to see Ben Townes parents. Ben was in getting fitted for his body mold so every radiation he is placed in the exact same spot. Logan was upset because he wanted to see Ben. Logan did however share w/ Ben's mom what to do everyday in the car when you pull into the driveway to signify you are done for the day. Logan & his mom do this every time they go to treatment together. You roll down all the windows, you turn the music up real loud, and you go down the driveway real fast and dance. Be safe Carin;)

Congratulations to Logan's friend Alexa who became a big sister today. Her parents Scott & Adrienne Caufield became proud parents of a baby boy named Curran Scott Caufield.

Wednesday, March 26

As I type this it is snowing outside! It is almost April! Logan loves it. We just went up and got the mail and Logan was catching snowflakes in his mouth. Only two days left of radiation. Yesterday was a really rough day for Logan. He was very sick to his tummy all day w/ a near 100 degree temp. We just had him lay around most the day. Today he woke up back to his normal self...harassing Peyton all day and beating everyone at the Wii.

Next week Logan goes through all the testing again including the bone marrow test where they stick a needle into both his hip bones...ouch! We will get the results of all the testing on Monday April 7th when we meet w/ the Neuroblastoma Dr. Julie Park. We then also find out what the next treatment will be for Logan. Of course we are all hoping there will be no signs of the cancer/tumor.....if there is......there won't be so we don't need to go there. Logan is our life and we breathe every breath for Logan to get better and live the life that we have been so fortunate to live.

Next Monday Logan will also be going w/ me to opening day of baseball for the Mariner's! He...and I are pumped. I asked him what he is looking forward to the most and he said "eating cotton candy!" The player he said is most excited to see is Big Richie Sexson & the Mariner Moose. Go Mariners!

Monday, March 24

Another great day for Logan. Only four treatments left! The rest of the week is pretty quiet. Next week Logan will go through all tests again to see if any signs of tumor/cancer left. They will also test major organs for damage. As you can see by the picture Logan is enjoying a walk w/ his little brother Peyton. Logan is an amazing big brother. He cannot keep his hands off Peyton...this is good most the time;) Peyton will let him know by screaming at him at the top of his lungs if he does not want Logan to touch him. Have a great day everyone and thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, March 23

Happy Easter to all! Logan and cousins have already completed their Easter egg hunt. Logan is doing great. He feels & looks wonderful. As you can see by the close-up picture he is starting to get hair and also once again has eyebrows.

For those of you that follow Ben Townes blog he is back in the hospital w/ an infection. Please send your thoughts and prayers his way.

Thursday, March 20

Only 6 days of radiation left! At radiation yesterday the doctors started the radiation "boost", this is the "extra" radiation that will focus on the 5mm piece of tissue that was left in Logan after his surgery to remove the tumor. This area is smaller than the previous radiation area. His radiation doctor, Dr. Douglas believes we will start seeing less nausea and diarrhea due to the field being smaller and not hitting his organs as much. We hope this is the case. We started to hydrate Logan at home every other night.... Logan hasn't had much interest in eating and drinking and with the radiation, sickness and diarrhea it is easy for him to dehydrate. As usual, Logan is being a trooper and has made friends at the University where he has the radiation.

We are also excited to tell you all.... Logan has hair! Bushy eyebrows and fuzz all over, it looks like he will no longer be blonde, it is coming in pretty dark. Either way is fine, I might just be his mom, but I thought he looked amazing bald anyway.

Papa & Nana left yesterday, we loved having them here. You are already greatly missed. Thank you Papa and Nana for a wonderful visit.

Monday, March 17


Sunday, March 16

We all went to Ocean Shores today....Logan wanted to fly kites and so we knew the only place w/ good wind was the ocean. As you can see by the video Logan was very happy although it was windy, rainy, and very cold....who cares though we were with family. Logan had a great weekend. Nana & Papa painted the boys rooms. Nana is an artist and painted airplanes in Peyton's room and Seahawks and Mariners logos in Logan's room. I will get pictures and put them on the picture viewer on the blog. Kelly wanted a stripe painted in Logan's room so that was Papa's job.

Back to radiation tomorrow.....the way we look at it is we are on the downhill w/ it coasting to the finish line. It will be a little more difficult the next two weeks because we will not have the help of Kelly's parents. Unfortunately they have to go back to New York...they have already been here almost two weeks! It has been great having them here to help out. Kelly's dad, Larry, has been helping me w/ my "honey to do" list...together we have gotten more tasks done than I did all last year! Logan loves having them is really hard to have them living across the nation. I know if they could they would be here in a second. Thank you Nana & Papa, you mean the world to us.

Friday, March 14

1/2 way done with radiation! Great job Logan. Today was a pretty good day. He did get an upset tummy though. Kelly called the on call nurse and they said this is common. We were told he will be sick later in the week of treatment (Thursday's & Friday's). When Monday rolls around his body should recover and then he starts over again.

LOGAN IS GETTING HAIR! His hair has started to come back. Our blonde angel looks to be growing brown hair. At least his eyebrows are coming back dark. He also is getting a lot of fuzz on his head. He still wants a mohawk when his hair grows back....Kelly & I told him he can do whatever he wants with his hair.

Thursday, March 13

Tomorrow Logan will be 1/2 way complete w/ his radiation. So far we have not seen any of the instant side effects. He has had some minor nausea but we think that was from the new NG tube they put in. Logan is taking the nausea medicine now though so we can stay ahead of any future nausea that might happen.
Currently as I type this Logan, Papa, & Dad are playing bowling on the Wii. Logan just bowled a strike and looked back at Papa and said "Strike....beat that!" Peyton is also watching us. It is boys time. Nana & Mom went to get their hair done.
Not much else to report at this news is good news;)

Tuesday, March 11

Logan is doing great! Today Papa, Logan, & Dad went up (boy's day) for radiation. We also had to stop by children's to get Logan's NG feeding tube replaced. They gave him "sleepy milk" which knocks him out for about 15 minutes. He wakes up a little delirious but other wise o.k. He did awesome. Logan has been having a great time w/ Nana & Papa. By days end we are all worn out. We have set up a golf course in the back yard for Papa & Logan....Logan claims he is the champion. I will get you a picture of the two aces up by weeks end.

Saturday, March 8

Happy Saturday! Logan's Nana & Papa made it to Puyallup safe....Logan was wired w/ excitement all day until they arrived. As I type this Logan is showing Papa how good he is at dodge ball on the Wii. Logan has already beaten everyone in bowling. It is nice to relax and just hang out w/ family. On Monday Logan has his normal 30 second of radiation and then has to go over to Children's for a check-up. Also on Monday he has to get his NG tube replaced because Mom was cutting some tape off of it and accidentally nicked it and cut a small hole into it (sound familiar Jeff). Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 7

As you can see by the picture Logan (and family) are doing great. Logan's shoulder is feeling a lot better. One week down w/ radiation and three to go! Tomorrow Kelly's parent's arrive from New York. It will be great having them here to help out. I hope everyone has a great weekend and as always thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, March 5

Logan is doing a lot better. Monday & Tuesday were a little rough. He was sick to his tummy a couple times. The doctor said that is common in kids when there is such a painful break in a bone. We have been combating the break w/ pain medicine and that seemed to work. Today he actually was in the yard golfing...mostly one handed. Boys will be boys.
Radiation is going smooth 3 days in. Logan has it down now what to do where he doesn't even have mom help. He goes in w/ the nurse and about two minutes later comes out w/ his amazing smile.
His Nana & Papa are coming from New York on Saturday to stay for a couple weeks. Logan is so excited.

Monday, March 3

Broken collar bone is the diagnosis.....great all we need. Today they felt an x-ray was needed and sure enough Logan broke his left collar bone. The good news is they do not think it will be to painful. It will take about 4-6 weeks to heal to move normal and about a year to be 100% healed. All we can do is put it in a sling to help w/ some pain. The most pain at this time is getting dressed, getting into the car etc. Also if this would of happened during chemo they would of have to delay the process. It will not affect anything during the radiation.

Logan's radiation went great. It takes just 30 seconds to do the procedure. He also did very well getting the tattoo marks. Was a little scared of the needles, but went quick and he was very brave!
Good Monday morning to all. Today we start the radiation phase. Today will be a little longer than most because Logan has to get "marked" w/ his tattoos. After radiation we have to go over to Children's Hospital for blood work and a check-up. We also may be stopping by the ER......yesterday, while swinging on his swing in the backyard, Logan was attempting to jump off and fell very hard on his shoulder. We were thinking of taking him to the Hospital yesterday but it got a little better as the day went on. He still does not have much movement w/ it this morning. I think it is a deep bruise but we want to be on the safe side. Kelly happened to be recording Logan on the swing at the time. I looked at the video and luckily his shoulder/arm did not bend in any abnormal ways. He did however land on his shoulder pretty hard.