Saturday, December 5

Below is link for Logan's 2008 book - Part I (January-June 2008).
If by chance you need a password:
Order Number: S2919768
Password: 2838829

Monday, November 30

Below is a link to a book that I had made to document Logan's fight. It is basically his blog in hardback book form. This book is 2007. I am working on Part I of 2008. I am going to divide 2008 into 2 books because there were a lot of posts. Click on link to view and purchase one if you would like. We bought one and it is amazing!
If by chance you need password:
Order number: S2902362
Password: 2830198

Wednesday, November 25

2 years ago today Logan had his tumor removed in a major surgery. He recovered amazingly quick! We are very thankful for our family, our friends, & those that have included our family in their thoughts & prayers. THANK YOU!

Friday, November 13

If not one brother then another;) Yesterday afternoon Peyton thought it would be a good idea to jump off the couch with a hard plastic straw in his mouth. Yep...he did not have a successful jump and the straw cut the pallet in his mouth deep all the way to the bone. We brought him into the ER and they called in a Mouth/Throat specialist. He decided the cut was to deep to heal on its own. With that being said Peyton was prepped for surgery and had 8 stitches put in the roof of his mouth. The doctor was glad he went that route. Once he could get better look when Peyton was under he realized how deep the cut was. Dad & Peyton got home late and for obvious reasons we all had a long night. He is resting on the couch now watching his 30th+ episode of Mickey Mouse (thank god for DVR).

The best part through the whole ordeal is Peyton kept saying just like Lo Lo. When they gave him his iv, put the gown on, etc. He did amazing through everything. I guess it help growing up in a hospital....

Friday, November 6

Logan is now battling the swine flu. He was diagnosed on Monday and been out of school all week. He has had fever for 3 days of about 103 but today is doing much better. He will be back in school on Monday. Although the flu is nothing for what he has been through;) He is amazing!

Saturday, October 17

Hello all! Things in the household are getting back to normal if there is such a thing. Logan's tests are all clear (including bone marrow in which we just found out late this week). Logan is gearing up for Halloween. This by far is his favorite holiday. He is going to be a boxer (see above). His costume arrived Thursday in the mail and he has not taken it off since....seriously.

Save this date! March 6th 2010 Kelly & I are going to host a St. Baldrick's event to help raise money to fight childhood cancer. It will be at the Ram in Puyallup's South Hill. Our goal is $10,000! Send out invites to all, tell everyone. We will have professional barbers there shaving heads (nor required). Time of the event will follow soon. Also if you know someone "famous" (besides these amazing kids that fight everyday) please contact them and invite them. I am going to contact local radio to "push" event. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Friday, October 9

All news is great news! All of Logan's tests came back w/ great results. Hearing...stable, heart...stable, kidney's...stable, CT scan...stable, MIBG...stable! We are thrilled! Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!

Tuesday, October 6

Logan's 3 mth testing

Hello All ......

We are getting ready for Logan's 3 mth testing. We had a hearing test last week.... Logan's hearing did not change at all. This was great news. As for this week, he has a full day of kidney testing to check the quality of his kidneys tomorrow. Thursday we are at Children's Hospital at 8am with an EKG, Heart, Ct scan and MIBG injection. Friday.... again 8am, blood work, meeting with his doctors, bone marrow biopsy.... finishing the day with a 1:15pm MIBG scan. We usually get results in between 4p - 6p on Friday for all tests except bone marrow, these results come in next week. Logan is doing very well, enjoying school... getting ready to start swimming lessons.

We will post results as soon as we get them in...... Thank you for all your support!

Saturday, September 26

Hello all! Interesting week this week as Logan's little brother, Peyton, acquired Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease.....then gave it to Logan. Sounds a lot worse than the name. Both boys had (Logan still does) sores in their mouths that make it hard to eat. And in Peyton's case hard to sleep (all night parties for him). This disease is most commonly found in Toddlers and is very contagious. Since Logan's immune system is that of about a two year old due to his stem cell transplant, we were anticipating him acquiring it.
Other than that things have been going great. Logan loves second grade. All of Logan's tests are scheduled for October 7th, 8th, & 9th. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, September 8

Most people know that I am a season ticket holder for the Seattle Seahawks....with that being said I am unable to attend the first game of the season this Sunday. While I was listening to my favorite local sports station, 710 ESPN Seattle, today it was mentioned that one of the hosts that is new to area was not going to be going. After taking a lot of "ribbing" from local fans about not going to see/witness the loudest crowd in sports I decided to call and offer my tickets on the air. My only request in return is that the host make a donation of his choice to Seattle Children's Hospital (100% of proceeds). He agreed as well as called out his fellow host to match and his station to match! Click on the link to read more about these gentlemen as well as the station they work for. Thank you Mike & Brock! The 20,000 plus people that have viewed Logan's website since this last November also thank you. We all want to find a cure for childhood cancer!
Logan James Lewis 1st Day of School...Big second grader!
Sorry it has been so long since last update. Things have going great. Logan had a very busy & healthy summer. He did a basketball camp, went to Disneyland, Legoland, Sea World, Animal Kingdom, 2 Padres Games, Camping 2 different places including seeing Grandma & Grandpa in Eastern Washington. He rarely was inside all summer. Whenever he was home he was outside playing with Chloe and or his little brother Peyton (who turned 2 at the end of July).
Logan's next round of scans/tests at Seattle Children's Hospital are scheduled for mid October. These ones will be extensive including hearing & heart test as well as all the regulars.
Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers!

Sunday, July 26

It's already been two years! Logan was diagnosed two years ago time has flown by. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers as Logan continues in great health!

Thursday, July 23

Look at the Big Brother Logan!

Tuesday, July 14

Tonight was a tough conversation. During the All Star baseball game they honored community hero's before the game....of course cancer came up a lot. Logan then asked about cancer & dying.... I was honest. I told him all those great people are out there trying to find a cure so nobody ever dies from cancer. Then....he asked about his friend from Seattle Children's....Ben Towne. This whole time Kelly and I have not said anything about Ben's passing. Well tonight was the night as well as answering the questions of why & what. Logan's eyes watered...I cried. We talked & talked. I could type a lot about our conversation but that is something I will hold close to my heart.
Currently Logan is attending vacation bible school for the week here in Puyallup...first time. He is really enjoying it. As we finished our conversation Logan said tomorrow he is going to talk about Ben with God when they say a prayer and tell God to say hi to Ben.
Tonight I am a very proud father. My son is understanding this terrible disease he has beat as well as understanding life......
Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Friday, July 10

Logan's scans remain clear!

Tuesday, July 7

Please keep Logan in your prayers as we get ready for his quarterly check-up to make sure the word is still CANCER FREE or REMISSION! We have the appts. this Thursday & Friday and of course will update as soon as we get scan results. THANK YOU!

Friday, July 3

Logan & Chloe cleaning out the fort!

Saturday, June 27

Well the Puyallup Relay for Life has come to an end. Early totals so far show over $180,000 raised! Logan is very tired....he played hard and probably walked 5+ miles. Thank you to all TEAM LOGAN participants!

Wednesday, June 10

Logan had to read a story today in front of his class and families....that video is to long but here is a short funny one we caught. He is doing great and as you can see is very healthy. We just scheduled his quarterly check-up for early July....

Monday, June 8

Logan is well ..... he has 6 days of school left and we are off to San Diego for vacation. A fun packed week full of Disneyland, SeaWorld, Legoland etc........ swimming! When we return Logan is the honoree at the Puyallup Relay for Life. I am sure Logan will have a fun time at this event. He had an amazing 1st grade year... but we are really looking forward to summer. Logan just lost his 2nd top tooth.... cute as ever. Week of July 6th we start Logan's 15 month scans. We will update with vacation pictures and dates of scans and results.

Thanks everyone!!! All is well.... :)

Wednesday, May 13

Two updates in one day! Just after the first update Logan lost a tooth! Enjoy!

No news is good news on our front! Logan is doing awesome! He is an amazing first grader, an amazing brother, and most importantly an amazing son.

Logan had the pleasure to help raise money for cancer research when he was the guest auctioneer at a Relay For Life event in Puyallup. Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, April 24

Logan had his hearing test on Weds. Results: Logan's hearing has not changed in the last year. We are relieved as it was a possibility that we could have seen a decline from his last test. The chemo Logan was treated with has signs of causing hearing loss up to 1 year after chemo. With the hearing test he took last year we found out that Logan lost his (highest pitch). No hearing devices needed for that, the women only said that Logan will have some difficulty in crowds. So it is best that Logan sits at the front of the class in school to make sure he can hear. Great news!!!!!

Thanks for following Logan's progress!

Saturday, April 11

Logan doing some riding on his new quad!

Wednesday, April 8

Logan's scans came back clear.... still in REMISSION. Logan has now been cancer free for 1 year!! We are VERY thankful....

Thank you all for your support...... we know you wait as we do when Logan gets his scans.

Tuesday, April 7

Today starts Logan's 3 month testing..... we will be at the hospital Tues and Weds this week. Most results back Weds afternoon, we will have to wait until Fri for bone marrow. We will keep you informed as results come back....... remission.....remission....remission....!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1

Logan & I went to the Baseball Hall Of Fame today in Cooperstown.....It was awesome. Logan had to do a scavenger hunt so he got very involved and asked a lot of questions. He asked "how come there is a lot of Yankee stuff here dad?" I had to be honest...."Logan, they buy all this just like they do their championships." :) He followed it up with "We really hate the Yankees!" ......that's my boy;)

Sunday, March 29

Logan & family have been in upstate New York enjoying time with Nana, Papa, Uncle Joe, Aunt Amber and cousins. Yesterday is was 70 degrees! We have been having a great time. We did family pictures yesterday as well....what an experience. Trying to get all 4 kids to look at camera at same time was a task. We ended up getting a great picture though. Logan continues to do great. We have all testing upon our return so nerves are of course slowly increasing. Thank you for your thoughts & prayers.

Monday, March 16

Logan continues to do great! We will be going to New York to visit Nana & Papa next week and be back there for 7 days. Upon our return Logan has all his scans & tests the first week of April. It will be his 1 year check up as well as celebrating 1 YEAR IN REMISSION! Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, March 5

Check out Logan's new glasses! He had eye appointment last week and we found that his eyes were working 6 to 8 times harder than they should be.....the doctor stated this has nothing to do with the cancer & drugs received. Today dad & mom had their eye appointments. Mom eyes are perfect and well dad needs 2 pair of glasses. One for reading the other for driving, golfing etc. The doctor said they will improve my golf game;)
Logan & family continue to do great!

Wednesday, February 18

Everything is good! Logan is working on his reading right is great to hear how good he is getting. Last night at dinner cancer was the discussion...... He was wondering when his "seed" would come back. Of course Kelly & I were caught of guard. Logan stated that he hears me (dad) tell people there is a chance it could still return. I expressed to Logan that he does not have cancer and yes there is a chance it could return...but there is also a chance it will never return. We reiterated how amazing, brave, & how proud we are of him. We also got into the topic of dying from cancer. Very hard to discuss. We shared with him that he is an inspiration for millions of people....the more people that hear about him & how brave he is the more people will be aware of childhood cancer. We told him we go to events to help raise money so some day nobody will die from cancer. All the money goes to help find medicines that kill the seeds and make sure they never come back. I am sure this is one of many conversations we will have with Logan. Thank you all for your continued support & prayers.

Tuesday, February 10

It's been awhile.....things have been very normal. I was just down in San Diego this past weekend with my mom & her husband David watching a PGA golf tournament. Why do I write this on Logan's blog? Next time I will bring Logan. He would love it. You get to be real close w/ players so Logan will love to get autographs. He loves playing golf so I think he will amazed by how far the pros can hit the ball (almost as far as his dad).

As you tell by the picture above Logan is a little lighter today. His dentist, Dr. Edlund, removed 2 teeth today to give his new teeth more room. Logan is pumped for the tooth fairy to come tonight. The whole procedure took only about 20 minutes and Logan was very brave.
Logan continues to do great in first grade. As I type this mom & him are practicing his spelling words. His class has been studying whales so everyday when he gets home he tells about what whale the discussed that day.
That's it for now...don't forget to click on the red link on the right and join our team and walk with us in June to raise money to fight cancer!

Tuesday, January 27

Wanted to give everyone an news is good news. Logan has been doing great. We spent this last Saturday evening at the Seattle Mariner's Fanfest. It was awesome. Logan & played catch in right field for about 30 minutes. We were also able to hit balls in center field. We took some pictures...once I get some time I will download them for everyone.
Our only obstacle of late is Logan is experiencing a little anxiety. He has been asking more questions about cancer. Lately he will get random tummy aches. At first it would scare us but as soon as he is distracted by cartoons he is fine. We checked with the doctors and this is very common with childhood cancer survivors. We are working with him on just thinking of other thoughts, counting to 100, things that would distract him.

Monday, January 19

No school today so Logan has a full day planned out to celebrate his birthday. He started his day going to Peyton's toddler gym class at the YMCA and is currently at cousin Sydney's house... I am sure playing Power Rangers. Tonight we have a family birthday party for Logan and Grandpa Ron ( grandpa's birthday was Sat ). 7 years of pure joy ..... Happy Birthday Logan!!! We love you.

Saturday, January 10

Today we were blessed to be apart of an amazing tribute/memorial for Ben Towne. Thousands gathered to remember what an amazing boy Ben was. Nurse Shauna, Aunt Kristen, Uncle Brian spoke and reminded/shared with everyone in attendance the impact Ben made on their lives as well as many others. They did amazing. Then Ben's Mom, Carin, spoke.....WOW. The courage and strength she displayed was awesome. She let everyone in attendance into her heart.....Thank you Carin. Thank you for the last 18+ months for letting us in, for letting us get to know your amazing son. The hardest part for Kelly & I was getting to see Jeff & Carin afterwards....we have not spoken with them since Ben's cancer has been very hard on Kelly & I. When it was our turn to offer our condolences we all just looked at each other......a lot of emotion spilt out. We have been through this journey together until Ben's cancer came back....over the last 2 months Kelly & wanted to reach out but knew to keep our distance. Today was a little closure. Jeff, Carin, & family we have met under the worst of terms....but me looking at the glass half full we are so glad we are blessed to meet a family as amazing as yours. Thank you and know that everyday you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love the Lewis Family.
Today is the memorial service in Ben's honor. Please keep the Townes in your thoughts & prayers.

Benjamin Ward Towne
July 17, 2005 - December 30, 2008

Friday, January 9

The above picture was taken today as Logan was getting his MIBG scans. We are finally finishing scans that we started about 3 weeks ago. They were postponed due to weather & holidays. Click here if you want to read more about what an MIBG scan is. Today Logan also received the bone marrow aspiration as well. Results for the MIBG were expected! We should get bone marrow results next week but are not expecting anything. Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Sunday, January 4


We had a great time in Packwood! While we were there it snowed over 18 inches...that is on top of the 2 feet that were already there! The snow was great for making things so we all made a snow fort that had tunnels and a roof! Logan continues to do great. He is excited to get back to school tomorrow and see all of his friends. Just as Christmas gifts are over we start thinking about gifts for Logan's birthday. He will be 7 on January 19th! He has been counting down the days.