Tuesday, October 6

Logan's 3 mth testing

Hello All ......

We are getting ready for Logan's 3 mth testing. We had a hearing test last week.... Logan's hearing did not change at all. This was great news. As for this week, he has a full day of kidney testing to check the quality of his kidneys tomorrow. Thursday we are at Children's Hospital at 8am with an EKG, Heart, Ct scan and MIBG injection. Friday.... again 8am, blood work, meeting with his doctors, bone marrow biopsy.... finishing the day with a 1:15pm MIBG scan. We usually get results in between 4p - 6p on Friday for all tests except bone marrow, these results come in next week. Logan is doing very well, enjoying school... getting ready to start swimming lessons.

We will post results as soon as we get them in...... Thank you for all your support!

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