Saturday, October 17

Hello all! Things in the household are getting back to normal if there is such a thing. Logan's tests are all clear (including bone marrow in which we just found out late this week). Logan is gearing up for Halloween. This by far is his favorite holiday. He is going to be a boxer (see above). His costume arrived Thursday in the mail and he has not taken it off since....seriously.

Save this date! March 6th 2010 Kelly & I are going to host a St. Baldrick's event to help raise money to fight childhood cancer. It will be at the Ram in Puyallup's South Hill. Our goal is $10,000! Send out invites to all, tell everyone. We will have professional barbers there shaving heads (nor required). Time of the event will follow soon. Also if you know someone "famous" (besides these amazing kids that fight everyday) please contact them and invite them. I am going to contact local radio to "push" event. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

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