Wednesday, December 31

We are up in Packwood, WA at our friends the Caufield's cabin. There is two feet of snow up here and it continues to snow. Today we went up to White Pass to do a little sledding but it was very windy and snowing very hard.
Tonight we will bring in a new year.....Kelly & I are devastated by the loss of Ben Towne yesterday. I know he is watching over us all now. He is constantly playing tennis, driving the real Lighting McQueen car, going for rides in Monster Trucks, and telling everyone how amazing his family is. We are very blessed to have shared some very personal time with Ben & his family.
This year has been a roller coaster year to say the least. We got the news that Logan was in remission. This was by far the highlight. Logan & family have somewhat returned to normal life...if there is such a thing with a child in remission & that has received all those nasty drugs. This year I lost my Grandmother. Three of my closest friends also lost their Grandmothers. Then as mentioned above we lost Ben. As most of you know I try to look at the glass 1/2 full....I think my Grandmother as well as my friends three amazing grandmothers were there to greet Ben.
Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Thursday, December 25

Logan & family are having an amazing Christmas. With all the snow I have not been working much so we have had a lot of time together. Let's just say my body is a little sore from all of the sledding we have been doing.
Logan said he got all the presents he wanted....good job Santa! He has been playing a new game he got for his Wii for the last 2 hours while his little brother Peyton keeps harassing him. This morning Mom & Dad were up first, we then woke up Peyton, who then went in and woke up Logan. Logan jumped out of bed smiling and hugged everyone and said Merry Christmas. He then went down to make sure that Santa came as well as ate all the cookies Logan put out....he did;)

Friday, December 19

First I want to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wife Kelly! We had a pretty good snow storm hit us yesterday afternoon. The sledding video above was taken before the storm. We received another 6-8 inches! We were sledding until about 9pm last night! I (dad) did not do to well on the sled....I hit a bump wrong (minus sled) and hurt my tail bone area pretty good;) This morning there is a bruise there the size of an apple but the color of a plum....ouch! As you can tell by the video Logan is feeling awesome. He is officially on winter break from school and does not return until early January.

Friday, December 12

Great news!!!! Logan scans were all clear! They think he just has a small virus that is not making him feel well. The limp in his leg may just be a pulled muscle. The nurse did a series of tests w/ his legs and he did great. Next week we will finish the testing with the MIBG scan as well as a bone marrow aspiration. They are not expecting anything from these. The big news was the CT scan today that showed NED (no evidence of disease). Thank you all for our thoughts & prayers.

Thursday, December 11

Today Logan has been showing signs that have concerned us....we spoke w/ Dr. Fong at Seattle Children's Hospital and he has ordered some emergency scans just to verify all is o.k. Tomorrow we go in for all his scans that were scheduled for mid January. It sounds like they will rush the scans stat so hopefully we will be able to update everyone w/ good news tomorrow evening. Please keep Logan in your thought and prayers.....the next 24 hours will be long & hard but knowing we have such a huge support group helps....Thank You!

Wednesday, December 10

The joys of living w/ a child in remission of Nueroblastoma......(insert sarcasm here). Today I walked in from work w/ my wife Kelly almost in tears because Logan was limping. He said he was having pain in his right thigh. Remember all this started w/ a limp. Logan's appetite has also been a little light and energy down. Although this is probably nothing....a little cold. It still is very stressful. It weighs very heavy on us. As I am typing this Logan came running across the living room with no limp??? I just asked him about his leg and he said it is better now. Of course over the next five years....better yet the rest of his life we will be looking at every pain, action, whatever through a microscope.

Sunday, December 7

Logan continues to do great. He posted another 100% on his spelling test at school this last Friday. He also received his very first report card. He received all Satisfactory ratings "S" as well as about 5 Outstanding ratings "O". As his teacher Mrs. Olson said "This early in the year she rarely gives out "O's". We are very proud of how Logan his been doing in school especially since he missed almost all of Kindergarten.

Today Logan & Mom are making a paper chain. They will tear off one link a day until Christmas.

Thank you everyone for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Monday, December 1

We had a nice relaxing four day weekend with family & friends. We spent Thanksgiving at the cousins house. Then we went to Packwood over the weekend and stayed with the Caufield's at their cabin. Logan & friend Alexa went in the hot tub about 5 times! On Saturday we cruised up the road to White Pass ski area and we all had a small snowball fight.....Logan blindsided dad in the face on one shot.