Wednesday, December 10

The joys of living w/ a child in remission of Nueroblastoma......(insert sarcasm here). Today I walked in from work w/ my wife Kelly almost in tears because Logan was limping. He said he was having pain in his right thigh. Remember all this started w/ a limp. Logan's appetite has also been a little light and energy down. Although this is probably nothing....a little cold. It still is very stressful. It weighs very heavy on us. As I am typing this Logan came running across the living room with no limp??? I just asked him about his leg and he said it is better now. Of course over the next five years....better yet the rest of his life we will be looking at every pain, action, whatever through a microscope.

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. Since Emma got osteosarcoma I always have to school myself not to think the worst. I'm even that way about my son who has always been healthy.
I'll be hoping that this limp is gone for good.