Tuesday, August 26

Just wanted to update everyone down here in Disney World. We are having a blast! Logan is having so much fun. He has been going on every ride, eating really well, and enjoying swimming. When we get back we will update the blog with all our pictures.

Thursday, August 21

As I type this Logan, his brother Josh, & Chloe are playing Rock Band on the Wii. Logan is on Guitar and rocking out. He ends every song w/ a high leg kick. Josh is on drums and Chloe is vocals. They actually sound really good. They all average about 80% of their notes hit. Logan continues to do great. He is getting so excited for Disney World. We leave at 6am Sunday morning.
Make-A-Wish called and asked if Logan would participate in the Washington Huskies home opener against BYU as a "little dawg". He gets a tour of the locker room, special treatment on the field, and the thing he is most excited about is he gets to run onto the field with the players!

Monday, August 18

Logan continues to do great. Tonight Chloe & him built a fort in the family room and are watching a movie in it and going to have a sleepover in it. Logan loves not having his Hickman line in. He feels a sense of freedom not having those tubes constantly hanging down all the time. He is starting to get really excited about going to Disney World. We leave early Sunday morning and are there seven days. Logan is also staring to get excited about starting first grade. He already has his school clothes and backpack ready to go.

Friday, August 15

Moving story about two kids in Australia battling Neuroblastoma...
Logan's minor surgery went perfect yesterday. What a brave boy! He was "put under" for only about 15 minutes & the procedure took less than 5 minutes. It was ironic that the Dr. that performed the procedure, Dr. Hawkins, was the same Dr. that was with us the day Logan was diagnosed. Everything has come full circle. Logan will be able to go swimming within 7 days! He is so excited because it is just in time for Disney World. Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers!

Wednesday, August 13

Logan is doing amazing. Everyday is spent playing in his new fort w/ Chloe, going on walks, & playing w/ little brother Peyton. Tomorrow morning Logan & I have to be at Seattle Children's Hospital at 6:15am for a minor out patient surgery. Logan is getting his Hickman line removed! He has had this line sine July 27, 2007. We have to flush & clean it everyday, do painful patch changes at least once a week, and w/ every shower have to put a special plastic patch over the area to keep it dry. Logan then has to remove that patch & it is like ripping off a big band aid. He is so excited to be able to go swimming and not worry about it.

Saturday, August 9

Wow! What an amazing day yesterday. Logan's wish was granted. Above are just some pictures. Scroll down & look right to see many more. Logan arrived home from the hospital around 10am to see his dream fort being constructed. Usually after his treatments Logan is very tired and relaxes on the couch. Not yesterday. He was so excited about his fort he played w/ friends for about two hours. He then asked to have a chair put by his fort so he could rest and watch it be constructed. Local news media covered Logan's wish both on T.V. and newspaper.

Thank you to all that helped, you have impacted our lives forever being apart of this special day. A company....a owner with an amazing heart....Chad Taylor & Coast Cabins THANK YOU! Chad you & your team are first class. Thank you so much for what you have done for my son. This morning when he woke-up and saw the finished product for the first time he was smiling ear to ear with excitement.

Tuesday, August 5

Thank God for family! As Kelly & I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary at home very sick w/ nasty colds, Logan's aunt Kristi has put her life on hold to help out. Thank you Kristi for staying with Logan as we are at home trying to recover. Logan has been doing great. Last night while I was laying on the hospital floor very sick he was watching cartoons...at 1am. This morning we went out for a long walk to get fresh air and Logan told me he would take care of me. Logan did spike a fever this afternoon but other than that has been playing Guitar Hero on the Wii w/ Kristi.
Volunteers needed....We are looking for a couple of strong arms this Friday morning to help unload Logan's fort and carry the pieces to the building site. Lunch is provided! E-mail me at jasonyewis@gmail.com. Thank You!

Monday, August 4

Well here we are back in the hospital for our last anti body treatment. I have a cold & Logan a runny nose so because of that they have put us in isolation. What this means is we get our own room but we cannot leave the room. Logan already has a little "cabin fever". As I type this Logan is sleeping. He has had a little tummy pain off and on most the day.

Things have been great. This last weekend we went to Packwood, WA and stayed at Chloe's grandparents cabin. Logan & Chloe went non-stop up there. They threw rocks in the river, watched the many elk, played horseshoes, roasted marsh mellows, & many other fun things.

Friday we are scheduled to go home. Awaiting Logan will be the start of his Make-A-Wish cabin! He is so excited. I am awaiting the video from Logan's T.V. debut. When I get that I will try to post on the blog.

Thoughts & prayers have been working for Ben Towne! Below is a small snip-it from what his mom Carin wrote on his blog:
Today we find ourselves where we need to be for the first time in almost a year. Ben’s scans came back clear and his bone marrow biopsy negative.

Thank you to all for your Thoughts & Prayers for both Logan & Ben.