Tuesday, August 5

Thank God for family! As Kelly & I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary at home very sick w/ nasty colds, Logan's aunt Kristi has put her life on hold to help out. Thank you Kristi for staying with Logan as we are at home trying to recover. Logan has been doing great. Last night while I was laying on the hospital floor very sick he was watching cartoons...at 1am. This morning we went out for a long walk to get fresh air and Logan told me he would take care of me. Logan did spike a fever this afternoon but other than that has been playing Guitar Hero on the Wii w/ Kristi.


Anonymous said...

So sorry that you guys caught a cold! I hope that you're feeling better and Logan recovers quickly from the treatment. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you guys....

Lots of love,

The Breeder said...

If you are on Ben's schedule then maybe home tomorrow?!?!

Hope you guys are ok. Happy belated anniversary. :)