Wednesday, August 13

Logan is doing amazing. Everyday is spent playing in his new fort w/ Chloe, going on walks, & playing w/ little brother Peyton. Tomorrow morning Logan & I have to be at Seattle Children's Hospital at 6:15am for a minor out patient surgery. Logan is getting his Hickman line removed! He has had this line sine July 27, 2007. We have to flush & clean it everyday, do painful patch changes at least once a week, and w/ every shower have to put a special plastic patch over the area to keep it dry. Logan then has to remove that patch & it is like ripping off a big band aid. He is so excited to be able to go swimming and not worry about it.


Anonymous said...

Yay, no more Hickman line! Very exciting. Hope everything went well today. :)


olivia gonzales said...

How exciting! I remember when my son antonio got his hickman line out! what a freeing experience! how you can swim and enjoy rest the summer with no trouble! congrats!