Sunday, August 16

We are now up on floor 7 in oncology.  These rooms are amazing.  Years ago when we stayed in the old rooms you would more than likely share with 2+ other patients/families.  In the new tower we get our own room complete with a 42" TV for Logan and a 30" TV for parent.  If it weren't for the IV poll you would confuse it for a room at the Hilton;).  The best part of being back on oncology floor is seeing some of our favorite nurses.  As I always said 6+ years ago they are like family.  

Logan is feeling much better.  He went through the entire night with no fever spikes and BP stayed consistent.  He/we are anxious to go home but I don't see that happening until at least tomorrow.  I am going to shower him in a bit then we will go on a walk to get some exercise and fresh air. 

 A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Jeff, Emma, & Polly Bennett and many of their friends and family who held a fundraising car wash yesterday in front of their house for Logan.  They raised nearly $2300.00!!!  Words cannot describe how thankful we are for the support.


Saturday, August 15

So another night in ICU.  Logan is actually showing progress but his blood pressure is right on the border line that tends to worry the oncology nurses.  It actually is better we stay in ICU another night because there seems to be less activity.  They nurses here are not concerned at all with his BP.

As I am updating he is eating noodles with butter.  This is after he asked me to go downstairs to Starbucks and get him a blueberry muffin or doughnut....I got him both.  He almost ate both:). 

So appetite is coming back, BP is becoming better stabilized (going up), and fever is going down.

Prey for a good night.

Logan is slowly getting better....I got up here to the hospital about 9 this morning to give Kelly a much needed break.  Logan is still in ICU but plan is to move him back up to oncology floor this afternoon if blood pressure continues to stay stable.
He is still fighting a fever.  At last check it was just over 99.  This is definitely better than the 103+ that it was the other day.

Logan is in good spirits.  Just tired.  Hopefully when we move back upstairs I can take him for a much needed walk.

I returned the Nissan this morning back to Korum Nissan.  Once again thank you...between Myself, Logan, and little brother Peyton we loved being able to experience such an awesome car.


Friday, August 14

Hospital stay...
Last night about 9:30 Logan spike a fever of about 103.  Protocol is anything over 101 we go to emergency room at Seattle Children's.  Mom and Logan arrived in ER about 10:30.  Throughout the night many doctors and nurses worked on stabilizing Logan which included fluids, blood transfusion, and other medications.  Logan and mom finally got a room on the oncology floor about 5 this morning.  Both are exhausted and tired.

Good news is Logan is feeling better.  I just checked in with Kelly and Logan ate a really good breakfast and has actually requested more bacon and a cinnamon roll.

Concerning news is fever still a little higher than it should be and blood pressure a little lower than it should be.

Plan currently is he will remain in patient until both are more than likely the weekend.

For him to get a fever, blood transfusions,  & admitted is common after the chemo he has received.  During our first run at beating cancer we always planned on hospital visits a couple days after chemo.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers...


Wednesday, August 12

Thank you Ms. Kavanaugh and Korum's Puyallup Nissan for letting us take Logan to appointments the next couple days in this 2016 370Z!!!  He loves his sports cars and when I came home with this car his grin was ear to ear!

Logan had a pretty good day today as he did not have to make the hour plus journey to Seattle.  He continues to struggle to eat but is trying really hard.  Aunt Traci brought him a Slurpee and pizza bites per his request and he actually did pretty good eating.  His leg continues to be a big issue as he cannot put any weight on it.  

One day at a time...tomorrow he just needs blood work locally to determine if his counts are down.  If counts are down he is susceptible to infection and high fevers.  This is common with chemo for count to drop.  


Tuesday, August 11

1.  Trip to Seattle to get hydrated. complete.
2.  Eat pasta for lunch (eat anything:)). complete.
3.  Have one of his best friends, Chloe, hang with him all day.  complete.

Today Logan was a little sick this morning but rebounded quickly once hydrated.  Currently Chloe and him are playing Xbox and just laughing.


Monday, August 10

Logan and Mom are home.  She doctors think Logan possibly pulled a muscle since he has not been using his leg that much due to surgery/tumor.  They will be be starting him on therapy to exercise the leg via stretching and swimming activity.  Mom also reported that he is feeling much better and even ordered a double bacon breakfast sandwich from Starbucks!

The concern under Logan's rib is just muscle/bone as he has lost so much weight.  If he continues to lose weight they will be placing the feeding tube next week. 
On that note as Logan and mom were leaving the hospital Logan's left leg/hip gave out on him and he cannot put any weight on it.  They are back in clinic meeting with the team of doctors.

Rough morning....

After a great day yesterday it all changed this morning....Logan felt awful.  He really struggled getting to the car to make the daily trip north to Seattle Children's Hospital.  After being sick we were able to get him some nausea medicine and thankfully he kept it down.  When I checked in with Kelly on their 1.5 hour commute he was sleeping.

Today they meet with Dr. Julie Park to discuss last weeks treatment as well as go over his daily check on blood work.   Yesterday Logan's blood work actually started looking better.  They have been monitoring things real close because they are concerned his kidney's and liver are working to hard and stressed.

Logan also has been concerned about his lower left rib area.  I tried to feel it yesterday and he was very protective of the area.  Not sure if it's cancer/tumor related.  Kelly is going to have Dr. Park examine today which I am sure will possibly lead to scans. 

Seeing Logan in so much pain this morning was heartbreaking.......helpless feeling.


Sunday, August 9

Yesterday our family experienced more love and support.  The car wash was an amazing success.  We were there most the day and Logan was even able to make an appearance after his treatment at the hospital.  Thank you for all the support from friends, family, strangers, & local businesses.  I heard over $3k was raised!  AMAZING!

We received lots of kind words/support and many hugs yesterday. 

Thank you!