Thursday, August 6

The chemo is definitely taking it's toll on Logan.  He is very weak and sick.  We are trying to stay ahead of the nausea with the medications but they are in pill form and it's makes him sick to take them.  

So far he has not had a fever.  If one creeps up over 101 degrees we need to take him to Children's ER.  Food is another issue.  Obviously not feeling well he has also lost his appetite.  Kelly met with a nutritionist and they said if he loses more weight they will look at placing the NG tube through his nose and into his stomach.  The tube would go to a backpack with a liquid formula.

Today, Logan's Papa & Nana head back to New York.  It has been a blessing having them here.  Coming home to great meals (weight gain;)), beds made, laundry done, porch stained......  Thank you Larry & Bonnie for coming out.  It meant the world to us.  When Logan feels better we will plan a trip out there...hopefully to see Griffey get inducted into the baseball HOF!

Thank you everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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