Tuesday, August 4

Day 1
Mom and Logan headed up to Seattle Children's at 6:15 this morning to start the first round of experimental treatment.  Unfortunately there was a miscommunication on the start time.  They will not have the chemo ready until 11 this morning.  Kelly had some choice words that I cannot repeat since this is a family friendly blog.

It's surreal that we are back up in the hospital starting treatment.  As I type this they are preparing a poison to put in my son's body.  Logan continues to amaze me with his mental strength.  I was talking to him yesterday about starting chemo again.  He asked why don't they just do the same treatment when I was 5?  I explained to him that his body has built up a wall against that treatment and most likely would not respond.  He shrugged his shoulder and went back to doing something on his phone.


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