Monday, December 31

Wow what a year! 2007 is finally coming to an end. What will 2008 bring? Everyone that reads this can help bring more awareness to Neuroblastoma research. 10 years ago kids diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma like Logan only had a 10% chance to survive. With research/technology it is now 40% survival rate....still way to low.
What will 2008 bring? Well 5 weeks in January/February Logan will be getting his stem cell transplant. We then get a short break in which Make A Wish is sending Logan & family to Disneyland. Upon our return he will go through intense radiation treatment that can permanently damage his kidney and surrounding organs. We also have to make a decision early this year on whether we want to put Logan through a trial after radiation. This trail would mean he would go into the hospital once a week for 5 months and receive a experimental medicine that would put him in extreme pain (affects nerves). Studies are still going on and as we find out more we will convey it on our blog. My gut feeling so far is Logan is not a lab rat...if you can't tell me that it will definitely increase his survival rate than NO we are not interested. It we decide not to do trial Logan will take some medicine at home and be watched closely for any tumors/cancer cell returning.

In the mean time we will be enjoying each other one day at a time during this short break from the hospital. Logan is doing amazing. Last night Grandma, Grandpa David, Dad, and Logan had a bowling competition on the Wii....Logan kicked our butts! He bowled 8 strikes and scores a 170! He is awesome!

Everyone have a safe & Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 29

Happy Saturday to all. Logan is doing great! He is busy beating up on Mom & Dad on the Wii. Tennis is his favorite game. He also is real good at bowling. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, December 27

Another great day for Logan. Dad & Logan headed up around 6:30am for his Kidney tests. They put some medicine in him and then had to prick his finger 3 times at 11:45am, 12:45pm, & 1:45pm. We will get results back next week. Logan did awesome. Not much else to report which is a good thing. Not to jinx things but right now our next appointment is not scheduled until January 10th!!!

Wednesday, December 26

Happy Wednesday to all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. For our family it was amazing and one we will never forget. The amount of people that reached out to make sure Logan's Christmas was awesome was amazing. He even told us that it was the best Christmas ever. Santa came through w/ plenty of gifts but most importantly Logan got the one dream gift he asked for....a Wii Nintendo Game System. My arm is actually a little sore today from our intense bowling tournament yesterday.

Today Logan & Mom went up to the hospital for two tests and a platelet transfusion. The first test was a hearing test. Logan had one when all of this started back in early August. One of the side effects of the chemo medicine is hearing loss. Logan's test today showed he has had slight hearing loss and it is permanent. The good thing is that what was lost is only sound at very high decibels that does not hinder how he hears in a normal conversation. He also had the bone aspiration where they put him to sleep shortly and stick a long needle into both his hip bones through his back and draw out bone marrow to be tested for cancer cells. We will get those results back later in the week. Logan did great during both tests. He is a real trooper.

Tomorrow Logan & I will go up for an all day Kidney test to check function of both Kidney's. They will have him drink something then we can leave for two hours and then test & start all over all day. Hopefully the 1-4" of snow that is anticipated will not interfere with our day.

Tuesday, December 25

Merry Christmas To All From the Lewis Family!

Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas Eve to all. Today has been a great day for Logan. We went up to the hospital this morning to get Logan's counts checked. He is at 400 and climbing so they said he can stop his antibiotics as well as have family over tonight to open some presents.

We also met w/ Dr. Julie Park about the spot discovered during Logan's MIBG earlier this week and also about what to expect during stem cell.

First w/ the spot. Dr. Park is not concerned with it. She said 10 years ago they would not of even seen it because it is so small (5mm). They will however during the radiation therapy phase (spring 2008) zap that area w/ a double dose of radiation. The sight where the original tumor was they will also zap that entire area. The side effects is Logan could lose one of his kidneys as well as a small possibility of growth problems because they will be doing radiation close to the spine.

As for the stem cell we will meet w/ the team at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Center on January 10th, 2008. About a week later (Logan's 6th Birthday on 1/19) Logan will be admitted and given a very high dose chemotherapy...stronger than all he has received so far. This chemo will wipe out all cells and bone marrow. They will then transplant the cells from Logan's own body that they harvested after the second chemotherapy. It will then take about 2-4 weeks for his body to show signs of cells again. During this time he will be in isolation and be limited to only very healthy visitors. It is a very dangerous time because he will not have an immune system. This chemo can also do damage to other organs so they will watch that close as well. And yes she is required to tell us, even on Christmas Eve, that in a very small amount of cases this process can be fatal. They said to plan on being in the hospital for 4 to 5 weeks for the entire process.

With all that being said we (family & staff) are very pleased w/ the progress so far. We could not express enough how proud we are of Logan. He is the true Super Hero! Also thank you to all who have supported us these last five months. We could not have made it this far without your kind thoughts and prayers. As you can see from above we will still need your continued support, thoughts, & prayers!

Sunday, December 23

Guess who surprised Logan this morning at our house.....Santa & Mrs. Claus! As you can see in the picture(s) Logan was so excited (Thank you to the Casello's as well as Gary & Pam for setting this up. You have made an impact on Logan and our family that will last a lifetime).

Saturday, December 22

They are sending us home tonight....the catch we have to come back Monday morning for blood work. Even though Logan has zero white blood cells they will send us home w/ antibiotics since he has not had a fever. We will come back Monday and meet w/ the Neuroblastoma Doctor as well as have a clinic for Logan.
Good Saturday morning to all. Not much to report. Logan is doing well this morning. Last night he did not get to sleep until 11pm. He was wound-up. He built a fort on his bed w/ his blankets. His ANC counts are still at zero. The good news w/ counts is his hematocrit stayed at 22 from yesterday. They will transfuse blood when it goes below 20. This means his marrow is starting to produce/maintain cells.
Yesterday his MIBG test (one of four tests) showed a very small spot near where the tumor was. They are not sure if this is that tissue that was left behind during surgery. We are told treatment as usual and they will keep watch on that spot. They plan on hitting that area with radiation later in treatment as well.

Friday, December 21

Tests went well today. Logan did a great job. One test he has to lie still for over an hour. He watched the movie Star Wars and fell asleep. Enjoy the picture of the Gingerbread house Logan & I built.
Oh the sounds of the hospital.....every five minutes at least a door bell sound of a patient pushing the button to page the nurse, a child screaming in the middle of the night, your roommate throwing-up every couple hours, the speakers everywhere with someone saying "code blue giraffe entrance, code blue giraffe entrance" (someone stopped breathing). Then your own child....everything drowns out, all those horrific sounds, your child needs you because of tummy pain that is so severe it brings him to tears. You are the one who pushes the nurse button. The amazing nurse comes in and within minutes gets your child pain medicine to help.

Logan is doing pretty good this morning. They upped his pain medicine because of stomach pain. He slept through the night last night. Our room we are in is for four beds but they only have two in here so we get a little extra room. My bed is a roll-a-way bed which is a little bigger than what I usually get. It was nice except you roll to the's no dream bed like at the Westin:) Well I have to end this Logan is calling me over to join him in Lego Star Wars video game. Today we have some tests and then hopefully we will be done by 3pm so we can make gingerbread houses on the cancer floor with everyone else.

Thursday, December 20

Well we finally are in our room. We are on the cancer floor which is a great thing so we have our favorite nurses. Dad is a hero (for a minute) because I found the Game Cube System & Mario Golf. Logan has had a pretty long day. A lot of stomach pain and ear pain. Also while getting his transfusion his temperature spike to 102 degrees and his blood pressure dropped so he get a lot of immediate attention from the doctors. They watch his pretty close and got him stabilized. They cancelled his hearing test today but will still do the other tests tomorrow. I told Logan that the students at Kalles Jr. High tomorrow get to wear pajamas to school in his honor and he thought that was really cool. LEAD FOR LOGAN TYEES!
Well we almost made it....Logan went up to get his transfusion today and while he was there he spiked a fever. Since his counts are at zero they will be admitting him until he does not have a fever for 24 hours and counts are above 500. Pray that we will be out by Sunday! Last night he continued to have his jaw pain/ear aches. He is getting the blood transfusion right now and this usually will give him back some energy. He also has some tests tomorrow where they will be putting under w/ anesthesia. We will keep every one updated & thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, December 19

Good Wednesday morning to all. Happy birthday to my wife Kelly as well! I will take this public forum to say you are an amazing wife, mother, friend and all of the above!

Logan's ear aches were pretty bad last night. He awoke crying twice. His pain medicine worked well though and he fell back asleep. Today he is doing better. He is helping his mom wrap Christmas presents right now. We are watching him closely today because he is pretty pale today and due for a transfusion. As long as he does not get a fever we should be o.k. Tomorrow along w/ the transfusion Logan will also start a series of tests that will last two days. Hearing test, heart test, bone marrow test (this is the one where they put him under anesthesia and drill a needle into his hip bone), CAT scans for head, chest, & pelvis....I think that is all. Thank you for every ones continued thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, December 18

Logan had another good day today. He had to go to the dentist to get x-rays and he did excellent! We are watching him closely because his counts are on there way down and he is looking a little pale. He is scheduled for a blood transfusion on Thursday. Tomorrow is Kelly's birthday (Logan's mom) so he is going to spoil her all day.

Many of you also follow Ben Townes website that is linked to ours. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts tomorrow as he goes in for his surgery to have his tumor removed.
Logan had his appointment yesterday and everything went well. If he does not get a fever then we get a little two day break from the hospital. However yesterday we did get news that they may delay his stem cell transplant. The reason for this is they are having a higher than usual amount of kids w/ respiratory infections right now. They want to get this under control before they bring Logan in and wipe out his immune system (if he got any infection while getting stem cell transplant it could be deadly). They said they will probably let us know within the week what they want to do.

Monday, December 17

Good Monday morning to all. Logan woke up this morning w/ ear aches. We gave him his pain medicine and that seemed to work. Today he has a scheduled clinic appointment in Seattle to check blood & see if he needs any transfusions. Other than that we just hope for no fevers and that we can control the pain.

Sunday, December 16

We have already been to the hospital this morning. Logan had to get a scheduled shot at 9am. It is a shot of medicine that helps his white blood cells come back quicker. He slept through the night last night. This morning he had a little tummy ache but is doing great now. Tomorrow is a scheduled appointment to get his blood checked and get a transfusion if needed.

Saturday, December 15

Happy Saturday to all. Let the jaw pain & ear aches begin. Logan woke up this morning w/ pain in his ear which is from the joint pain in jaw. This is a side effect of the Vincristine chemo medicine. We gave him some pain medicine and that seemed to work. Right now he is watching Mickey Mouse. Today we will continue the pain medicine all day as well as the constipation medicine since that is a side effect as well. The only catch is that the pain medicine constipates him. I asked Logan if he wanted me to type anything for him and he said to say "Thank you everyone for reading this." & he said to tell his friend Elise "I really like the thing you sent me (Advent calender)." He also got a Build-A-Bear from Grandma's friends the Coopers'. He is excited because it is a dressed like a Seattle Mariner. Today Logan said he is going to have a birthday party for his bear named Lucky.

Friday, December 14

We are home! Logan is doing great. Grandma & Grandpa David brought Logan home about 1pm today. He was very hyper all day because he was so glad to be home. One of the side affects of this chemo drug (same one he got in round 4) is severe constipation as well as joint pain in the jaws. We are trying to stay ahead of the constipation by giving him laxatives and it seems to be working.....if you know what I mean. We have to go back Sunday morning for a quick shot and then Monday for blood draw to see if he needs a transfusion. Hopefully tomorrow will just be a day of laying around.

Thursday, December 13

Another great day for Logan. Last night w/ uncle Pat was good as well. Besides getting up every hour to go potty the night went well. Logan did not get sick at all. This morning he had a little tummy ache but then was off and going. Tonight Grandma is staying w/ him and if all goes well he should get to go home in the morning. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, December 12

Logan had a great rest of the day today. He was, and still is, full of energy! The biggest surprise is he ate a big dinner. He had tacos and then asked for more. His nurse put in a special order for another taco for him. He also walked around w/ colored surgical tape (red for Cougars, purple for Huskies, & Blue for Seahawks) and asked nurses who their favorite team was. He then would put that tape on their finger. His favorite team was the Seahawks.Uncle Pat is staying the night w/ Logan so let's all pray for a good night for the both of them.
Good Wednesday to all. A rough night last night. Logan was pretty sick to his tummy. We seem to have gotten the sickness under control this morning w/ nausea medicine. Last night just as he got comfortable and asleep the nurse would need to move him for a blood pressure check or temperature check. This would wake him up and he would think about his tummy and get sick. He is coloring right now as well as cutting things out. We have already taken one nap this morning and hopefully will take more.

Tuesday, December 11

We are at the Hospital...yeah how fun. Logan is doing great. He already has found a video game and is currently playing it. Pac-man car racing. It was really hard for us to come back this time since we had our two week break. Logan was loving life, going to school, playing w/ friends etc. Now back to getting sick, staying in isolation, and trips back and fourth to Seattle. I guess we can look at the bright side and know we are that much closer to finishing everything. Also another bright spot is all the amazing support we have received! Last night we went to a awesome performance at Rogers High School (dad's old school, go class of 91)! All proceeds were donated to Logan. It all came about through cousin Sydney talking about Logan to a gentlemen at the YMCA that was watching her in the daycare. That gentlemen, Jeremy, who is in a amazing band thought it would be great to do their annual fund raising concert for Logan. It turned out great. Logan went up on stage (and loved it) and thanked everyone on the microphone. He also told them about his brother Peyton. Thank You Jeremy & friends for everything. You touched the lives of many but most of all an amazing 5 year old boy!

Sunday, December 9

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Logan wants to see pictures of every ones Christmas tree! Please e-mail your pictures to post to THANK YOU!

Saturday, December 8

Wow what a great get a way! Logan was treated like a prince by the Westin & PF Chang's. The Westin put us in a suite on the 17th floor w/ a panoramic view of the Seattle skyline, Olympic mountains, city of! We got up to our room and started to get situated when the first knock on the door and a platter w/ cookies and milk for Logan (and a bottle of wine & cheese for the parents) arrived. We then went shopping and stopped at PF Chang's for dinner (Logan loves white rice). The manager Jenny greeted Logan and bought us dinner as well as made Logan a personal sundae and gave him a tour of the kitchen. Logan loved it! We then watched the snowflake festivities outside our hotel. We were pretty tired after that so we headed up to our room. When we got there room service again knocked on the door and surprised Logan w/ Spiderman sheets for his bed. Just has Logan started to calm down two more members of the amazing Westin staff knocked on the door about 8:30pm and they brought Logan a tray full of Jello as well as Starwars figures and Starwars comic books. He thought it was awesome. In the morning Logan ate a big breakfast of fresh blueberries and eggs and then as we checked out he received one more gift...a Starwars Light Saber! THANK YOU TO WESTIN IN BELLEVUE AS WELL AS PF CHANG'S, YOU MADE A LITTLE BOYS WEEKEND (AND HIS PARENTS)! View Pictures here!

Many of you follow Ben Townes blog as well via Logan's website. Ben had a scan yesterday to get ready for his surgery. The doctors found pockets of air between the lining and the wall of his intestines. There is not supposed to be air there. They admitted him for seven days to monitor it as well as fight it w/ antibiotics. During this time he cannot eat anything. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Ben & his family.

Friday, December 7

Happy Friday to all! Logan is doing amazing. Today is his last day of school for awhile since we start chemo next week, then his school goes on winter break, then stem cell transplant. This afternoon we are going to escape for a fun night in Bellevue. The great staff at the Westin in Bellevue has surprises for Logan lined up. There is also festivities up there where soldiers come out, a light show and then a bunch of bubbles that represent snow. Logan is so excited. If we are lucky maybe he will get his picture w/ Santa. We of course will get pictures to place on the blog. It has been so nice to have this little break from all the hospital stuff. We just got our schedule for the next month or so and we will be very busy w/ chemo, tests, & then stem cell. Thank you all for your continued support!

Wednesday, December 5

Thank you cousin Andrew & Ms. Peterson's art class at Aylen Jr. High in Puyallup! They made all the origami birds to display in Logan's hospital room while he is up getting his stem cell transplant.

Tuesday, December 4

Sorry we have not updated the blog lately. We have been enjoying being a normal family again. Tonight we went to Zoolights at the Point Defiance Zoo with Logan's friends Alexa & Elise and their families. Logan had a great time and was sleeping in the car 5 minutes after we left. He has been going to school every day and loving it. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, December 2

Day 7 of no hospitals / appt / or any illness. We are having a great time relaxing and having our family whole. Logan has been eating, we love to see that. We are still keeping him on his NG tube. He is still alittle guy and we need some more weight on him, but he is doing very well. It is nice to see him have interest in food again. Logan's papa in New York had a stroke last night, so Logan called him this morning in the hospital to give him some moral support, it was cute. "Hospitals aren't scary Papa". * Papa is doing well and is planning on being released this afternoon. Logan is back to school tomorrow for another whole week, what a blessing. No appts. next week either, we are not scheduled back until the 10th, yeah!
P.S, I LOVE YOU PAPA, be sure to put stickers on the backs of the doctors shirts. Love, Logan

Friday, November 30

Great day for everyone! We get to relax this weekend as a family too! Tomorrow we are going to a Santa Parade downtown and then a tree lighting to follow. Logan is so excited. Right now I am cooking Kelly dinner and we are going to relax and watch a movie after the kids go to bed (anything I cook her turns out great because we just compare it to the hospital food). Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 29

Another great day for Logan! Great news as well....Logan was granted his wish from Make A Wish Foundation to go to Disneyland. He is scheduled to go down at the end of March just after Easter. More information to come about the details of his wish. I wish everyone that has prayed for Logan could go.

Wednesday, November 28

Happy Day to all! Another great day for Logan. Every other Wednesday his kindergarten class gets to eat lunch at school. Logan brought his lunch and was so proud. I am not sure who was happier his mom getting to make him his first school lunch or Logan getting to take it.

The hospital called & said since Logan's recovery went so well they wanted to move up his next chemo a week (next Tuesday). Kelly and I asked does it matter next week or normal schedule December 11th. They said it does not change a thing. So we asked/told them that we would prefer a break and family time and not come back until December 11th. They were fine w/ it. Next weekend we might try to get away to the beach or something and just have some family time.

Tuesday, November 27

Another great day for Logan. School is going great. He learned the letter 'Z" this week. Today after school he rode the bus home w/ cousin Sydney and played over there for awhile. Incision is healing great. It is nice to be on a break. Thank you all for your continued support.

Monday, November 26

Spiderman is doing great (thank you Nana for the picture)!

Sunday, November 25

We are home! Dad is tired.....Seahawks won......have a great rest of the day!
We get to go home today! Logan is doing so well they are sending us home. The doctor also cleared him to go to school tomorrow. He said go ahead w/ normal activities and Logan knows his own pain tolerance. The doctor said there really is nothing he can do to hurt himself. He also said the incision is healing so well that we can start removing the band-aid strips whenever. Wow this kid is amazing! The power of thoughts & prayers is amazing. We will probably come back Friday for our normal visit so that means lots of school.
Many of you have been following Ben Townes blog/progress as well (his link is on Logan's website). He also has Nueroblastoma & is about three weeks behind Logan in scheduled treatment. Ben just finished chemo #5 and will probably have a rough couple of weeks so please send some prayers his way. He then goes into surgery later in December....a week after his mom is induced and he becomes a big brother! Sound familiar? So Ben's family will have a pretty eventful rest of the year so be thinking of them and wishing them well:) Thank You!

Saturday, November 24


Logan is having another great day. We are in the teen room (yes Logan gave them his fake id that said he is thirteen). We are awaiting someone to come up here and fix the X-box so we can race cars. The plan as of right now is for Logan to go home on Monday if he keeps doing so well. He can eat regular food now and they have him have on his feed through the NG tube. He is tolerating everything great. I asked if he wanted me to type anything and he said "I Love Krixti!"

Friday, November 23

Another great day for Logan! They cleared him to have clear fluids so he ate a Popsicle & jello!
As you can see by the picture Logan is doing very well. Last night went great. One of his regular doctors came in after this picture was taken and commented he could not believe Logan just had surgery. They just took out the other tube that went into his stomach because his stomach is responding well. This afternoon they will start him on fluids to see how he does and then possibly food tomorrow. He is doing amazing and Mom & Dad could not be prouder!

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Logan has had a lot of tummy pain. He would wake up every hour or so whimpering and putting his hand on his tummy. They have him on a continuous drip of Morphine and give him extra as needed. He is watching cartoons right now and every so often he will smile at something funny that happens on the T.V. The picture is of the incision. I showed Logan after I took it and he was concerned about the hole....after I told him it was his belly button he was o.k.

Wednesday, November 21

Surgery is over! It went very well and Logan was amazing throughout! The pictures are Logan & Peyton before surgery and then the both of them after surgery. We met with the Doctor after surgery and he was very pleased with how things went. They were able to remove all of the tumor. There was a little mass about the size of a pea that they wanted to remove but could not because of location. They risked damaging Logan's kidney if they removed it. The doctor said that he was not concerned w/ that little mass and thinks it may just be scar tissue. They will however keep an eye on it over the years. They did put a couple of metal pins in it that will be in Logan forever. They are just so they can locate it in a scan. The doctor was very encouraged with the response the chemo had on the tumor. Kelly & I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers today and everyday. You all were with Logan in that room and helped him get through it. THANK YOU!

Right now he is laying in be and watching cartoons. He has a very sore throat from the breathing tube they had in him. It should be better tomorrow. The tube you see coming out of his other nostril is so they can monitor his intestines and stomach. They want to make sure they continue working because of the shock they sustained by moving them.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We are very thankful to have people like you in our lives.

Tuesday, November 20

On a night when most are getting excited about a nice break from work/school we are stressed, worried, sick, nervous about what tomorrow brings. Logan goes into surgery about 10am Wednesday to have the tumor removed. I know he will be in one of the best hospitals in the nation and under the best care but it all is still very scary. Logan seems to be doing pretty well w/ it all. We have been talking about it with him the last couple days. We let him know he will go to sleep with Mommy & Daddy holding his hand and when he wakes up we will still be there holding his hand. I told him he will not feel anything and that his tummy may be a little sore afterwards when he laughs or passes gas. He thought that was pretty funny and told me not to make him laugh. Tonight when he was taking a shower he said that is was going to be the last shower with the bad seed in his tummy.
On a night when we will not sleep much we were touched by more angels. Our wonderful neighbors Mario & Wendy shared Logan's story with Wendy's Mom & Step Dad Gary & Pam. They own a cabinet business in Puyallup called Master Millwork, Inc. Gary & Pam wanted to do something to help so they talked w/ the staff. The staff voted unanimously that instead of having a office Christmas party this year they would donate the funds to Logan. The staff and Master Millwork donated $3390.00! Thank You!

Monday, November 19

Logan had a great day today! He went back to school this morning. He was a little shy since it has been two weeks. Once he got talking with his friends he told his mom it was o.k. to go.

Mom, Aunt Kristi, & Logan went up to do some blood work today at the hospital so they will have blood ready for surgery if he needs it. All of Logan's counts looked great.

Be sure to check the picture link to the right. As I get pictures from Logan's friends at Kalles Jr. High I will post for everyone to meet these amazing young adults.

Sunday, November 18

Sorry we missed yesterday. Aunt Kristi came up to visit from Oregon and she is staying with us (or as Logan calls her Aunt Krixti). He is so excited she is here. He was in my bed yesterday morning at 7am when is Krixti going to be here and kept asking about every five minutes until she arrived at 3pm.

Friday was an amazing day as you can see by the comments. Our neighbor Mario Casello is the principal at a local Junior High in Puyallup (Kalles Jr. High). There is about 900+ students there. He and his family (Wendy, Chloe, & Kennedy) have been amazing! Mario organized an event at his school for Logan....Hat Day (kids cannot wear hats to school usually). Anyone that wanted to wear a hat paid $1.00. Mario said kids were coming up and giving much more. One kid brought his bank and gave $36.00 another gave a $100.00!

Then that afternoon Mario had an assembly at the school just before the kids were going to go home. He explained to the student body who Logan was and what Neuroblastoma was. He told them how his daughter Chloe dedicated her 5th birthday to Logan. Faculty came up to me and said they have never heard the gym so quiet. A lot of the kids were moved by Logan's story. Mario then had Logan & Chloe come out hand in hand so the students could meet them. It was awesome. Mr. Casello then shaved his head in front of everyone so he could be bald like Logan. He let Logan start the shaving and Logan thought that was awesome. After the assembly the school bell rang and kids headed home. A lot of them came down and shook Logan's hand, high fived him, took pictures with him with their cell phones. One kid reached into his pocket and pulled out $8.00 wrinkled dollars and gave it to me. It was really amazing.

That night at the school like they do all Friday's Mr. Casello and staff/volunteers open the Gym to students to play sports, watch movies, play games etc. Each student pays $5.00 to attend. All proceeds that night went to Logan! Logan and I attended for about an hour and Logan had a blast as you can see by the picture of him and Chloe playing twister together. Mr. Casello said that was the biggest turnout they have ever had! Kids also were shaving their heads for Logan. The Kalles Girls basketball team made Logan a big card and donated some money to him.


Friday, November 16

Local story about a local kid that beat nueroblastoma. Dr. Park referenced in the article is who we have been working w/ this past week. Article
Logan is home! Thank you uncle Pat for staying w/ him last night and bringing him home. His ANC counts are at 1200. He needs to go back on Monday for more blood work to make sure things are ready for surgery.

Thursday, November 15

We are scheduled to get to go home Friday morning at 10am (if Logan's counts are above 200). He will get a platelet transfusion in the morning and then head home. Uncle Pat will be staying w/ Logan tonight and then Mom will come up in the morning to take him home.

Earlier Logan & I were over riding bikes on the Oncology side and we saw one of his regular doctors. She stopped us and let us know how excited she was of the response the chemo has had on the tumor. She said she has never seen one respond that well! I also heard from another that discussing Logan at the last meeting was the highlight because of his progress. Logan then proceeded to ride around the floor as a police officer and give nurses tickets for walking to fast. He made them pay him w/ a hug.

New pictures added. Just click on photos to the right. Thank you Hope for the pictures!
It's Thursday morning and counts are coming up....slowly. His ANC is at 100 and needs to be at 200 before they can send us home. Normal is 5000. Usually once it starts to go up is goes fast. I am going to see if they can check again this afternoon/evening. His body can fight infection above 500. The only thing that is down is his platelets which is common. We might get a transfusion today for those. Logan is in good spirits this morning. Guess what he is doing....yep playing Mario Golf. Today we are going to go over to the oncology side and ride bikes so he can get exercise.

Wednesday, November 14

Good news to report. Kelly and I met w/ the surgeon about 7:30pm tonight. To quote him he said "I am in awe at the progress that has been made to kill/shrink the tumor." He is anticipating the surgery to go smooth and also thinks he can go in through the same incision that was done for the biopsy (about a 4" incision on his belly). He thinks Logan's recovery should go smooth and last about a week. He said when they do move the intestines around it does irritate the stomach a bit. He also let us know they will be watching his kidney that is near the tumor because the artery that feeds it is close to the tumor and w/ a kids arteries being so sensitive they watch for it collapsing. The good news w/ that when first diagnosed he said the huge tumor was soft and very bloody and would of been near impossible to remove without complications. Now it is small and rubbery and should peel off pretty easy.
I shared the good news w/ Logan that they will be able to pull the bad seed out of the same hole they already made and that he will not feel a thing. I also said told him since he used his superpowers to shrink the seed so small it made the doctor very happy. Logan was very proud!

Hopefully now he will go to sleep. I think the blood they transfused into him today had sugar in it;)
It's Wednesday night and we are still here.....whoooo hoooo! Logan's counts are still at zero. This is the longest they have been at zero. The doctors are not worried. He got another blood transfusion today and it gave him his color back. Grandma stayed w/ him last night so when I came up later today after the transfusion it looked like Logan had been tanning because he was so white before. Logan, Grandma, & Grandpa David partied late into the night. Logan was up playing Mario Golf until 10:30! He now beats his mom at it all the time (and gives dad a good challenge).
Kelly & I had a parent/teacher conference w/ Logan's kindergarten teacher this morning and it went very well. She said Logan is very well behaved in class. She thinks he will be an artist (like his uncle Joe). The teacher said whenever they do projects w/ crayons Logan is very meticulous about making sure things are perfect. He also uses scissors great. She also informed us that when Logan is not there his cousin Sydney always makes sure that she puts down his chair. The kids in the class ask everyday about Logan. The only thing we need to be working on at home and in the hospital is the alphabet.

Tuesday, November 13

Update.....counts are still to low to go home so we will be here another night.
Good Tuesday morning. Logan is doing great! We are going on three days of no nausea and over 24 hours w/ out a fever. We are awaiting his counts to see if they will let us go home. He has been joking around and feeling good. They just weighed him this morning and he is back up to 43lbs (he dropped to 40).
Last night we went on a walk to see our friends over in oncology. One of the nurses and I started talking about Logan's surgery next week and he got upset and asked us not to talk about it. Early next week I will start prepping him for it and tell him how they are going to remove the "bad seed" from his tummy and how he will not feel anything. He is so brave!

Monday, November 12

Happy Monday if there is such a thing. Logan's tummy is feeling better. No sickness for 2 days. He still has a fever and counts are zero. He is getting another transfusion right now as well as taking a nap. They are giving him platelets which is good because he had a bloody nose this morning that would not clot itself. It now has.
It is so hard watching my boy be sick. Everywhere I turn I see these amazing pictures of him growing up....smiling, laughing and all the while he had that evil tumor inside tearing apart his body. I am so proud to be his dad. He is the true meaning of a super hero. The nurses are always saying how tough he is and I guess they would know because they deal with many kids. Yesterday when we got here the nurses heard my voice and all ran out from everywhere to see Logan. It is so nice because he truly brings a smile to their faces. He walks into an area where they are and no matter what they all drop what they are doing and he lights up the room! As you can tell I am having a difficult moment. I want this to go away and just be a normal family again. I am his dad and I am supposed to protect him. As I type this yes I am crying. I am crying because I am happy to have Logan, I am happy to have such an amazing support group, I am sad that Logan has to go through this, I am angry as well. Everyone that reads this today/tonight please when you are finished go give your kid(s) a hug and tell them how much you love them. I tell my best friend everyday!

Sunday, November 11

We are back in the hospital. Logan had a fever. We are o.k. w/ it because he needed a transfusion. He woke up this morning without much color. We are not in our normal part of the hospital (if there is a normal part). We are usually over in oncology but they are full. We are on the same floor but in surgery recovery floor. The good thing is the room we have is great....the bad is the nurses are not used to cancer patients. They had trouble getting him ready for his blood transfusion and they are also not used to working w/ Hickman lines like Logan has. They are nice and are trying. If they have questions they have been calling over to the other unit. I stopped by the other unit and our favorite nurses were over there and they requested a special visit from Logan. We will go over in the morning. We are hoping his counts come up by Tuesday and no more fevers. Have a great night...we are in suite G3002 in our five star hotel.

Friday, November 9

Tumor as of 11/9/2007 (circled w/ arrow pointing at it). It is a little smaller than a golf ball.

Sorry for the delay in updating. Not much to report for yesterday because Logan had a perfect day.
As for today, Friday, we were at the hospital all day doing tests. GREAT NEWS about the tumor.....when it was first found back in July it was bigger than a softball, on September 12th it had decreased by more than half (measured 3.2cm x 3.1cm) and today it is about the size of a golf ball (measured 2.6cm x 1.9cm) and pretty much dead! It shows as a white spot on the CAT scan because it is pretty much just dead calcium now. As the Dr. said today the surgeons are going to be very happy because their job will be a lot easier now. Smaller incision also means quicker recovery time for Logan.
We also found out what to expect through the rest of this year. Surgery is November 21st and they think recovery will last about a week. We then have a 6th chemo (same drug as #4) around the second week in December. After 3 weeks of recovery from that we go in for the stem cell transplant just after Christmas (we hope) and Logan gets hit w/ another very strong chemo to kill cells and at the same time transplant good cells. They said we will be in the hospital in isolation for about 4 weeks. Early next year then they will be doing spot radiation on the tumor location as well as any other parts of his body that show existing spots.
Keep up all your thoughts and prayers because they are working!

Wednesday, November 7

Logan is home! We got home last night. He is still feeling pretty yucky and probably will for about another week. We are keeping him medicated. He had another great night of sleep last night. Today he has gotten sick twice but vs. last time where it was every 1/2 hour this is good. We will be going back to the hospital for scheduled appointments on Friday. He will be getting a CAT Scan to check tumor and spots before surgery. They will also be doing a test on his heart to make sure everything is o.k. there. We then meet w/ Doctor's in afternoon to go over results. What a long day for Logan who will not be feeling that well.

Tuesday, November 6


Good Tuesday morning. Logan had another great night. He fell asleep at 5:30pm and woke up at 5:30 am. He was sick to his tummy a little this morning but since has had a good day. He is taking a nap right now. We started also giving him his food again through the NG Tube and so far he is keeping it down. They started real slow and we will increase slowly. If he continues to not be sick we will be going home this afternoon. Early in the chemo treatment I wanted to be home as soon as possible, now I am actually o.k. either way. If they want to keep us in the hospital that is o.k. because he gets such amazing care.

Two Seahawks and a SeaGal were on the floor visiting today. Logan was pumped and got their autographs. He told him his favorite player was Lofa Tatupa like his big brother Josh. I told the SeaGal she was my favorite cheerleader;) The players names that visited were Courtney Taylor & C.J. Wallace. Enjoy the picture!

Monday, November 5

Logan had a pretty god day considering the circumstances. So far this round is going a lot better than the last. He does not feel great but is active at least. Him, mom, and Grandma Nancy even made it down to the playroom. It is 6pm and he just fell asleep. He let me give him his shot that gets after chemo and he did really good.
Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday November 21st....gobble gobble up that tumor!
Logan is feeling pretty yucky this morning. He is getting sick about every 30 minutes. They will be keeping him another night to make sure he does not get dehydrated. Yes, we would like to be home but it is also nice to have help instantly at a push of the button. Grandma stayed with him last night and he had a really good night (sorry uncle Pat). He fell asleep at 6pm and woke up at 6am (he did awake at night just to go potty but no sickness. Chemo is done but this is the drug that lingers in his body. Today he is scheduled to get a shot at 3pm and that is it. The shot is to help his white blood cells come back quicker. Thank you so much for every ones thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, November 4

Logan took these pictures of me modeling the T-shirt. If you want one (we have 60) they are just $20.00. Just send payment through pay pal and e-mail me Qty., size, and where to send it. Sizes are adult XL, L, & M and Youth L & M.

Happy Sunday to all. Do not be scared by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Logan had a rough night last night. Was sick about five times. One time missed the bucket so we had to do a bed change in the middle of the night. He is feeling a little better this morning. We have switched beds per his request so I am in the hospital bed and he is in the state-of-the art fold out bed....yeah right. Well I need to wrap this up because we are going to go shower. Logan is one amazing kid...last night he drew a get well picture for his 18 y/o roommate because he was not feeling so hot and then hand delivered it.

Saturday, November 3

The end of another day! Logan had a pretty good rest of the day. Grandma came up to see him and we all had another paper airplane contest. I think the team of Logan & Daddy won. He gets sick to his tummy if he gets up a little to quickly. They have him on a medicine schedule now no matter how he feels. This will hopefully help w/ monitoring the nausea. Today we also had to do the weekly change of his patch that covers the hole where his Hickman Line goes into him. It is a very sterile change. Usually Logan puts up a little fight because we have to rip very sticky tape off of his skin. Today he did awesome and did not make one peep. Kelly and I are so proud to have such an amazing kid. By the way just 11 days until normalcy.....
Logan (and uncle Pat) had a rough night last night. The chemo is starting to work it's course. Logan got sick 5 times last night. Pat did not get a wink of sleep because our 18 y/o roommate started his first round of chemo last night and had an allergic reaction. Doctor's were in the room with the lights on from 3am to 6am. During the night as well Logan had to go potty and while he was going he said he was going to be sick. Pat went and grabbed the tub and unfortunately Logan lost it out all ends. They have been giving him laxatives, he also sneezed and fluids flew out his nose etc. Thank you uncle Pat for giving us a break.
Kelly is w/ Logan right now and she called a short while ago and said Logan is smiling and joking around. He also does not look as swollen from the fluids.
We figure if the drug hits him like the last time it should be about 14 days until some normalcy. 11 1/2 days to go.....
Team Logan Shirts are here! Remember if you want one for $20.00 to pay through pay pal as well as send me an e-mail of size and where to send it. I will get a picture to post of what they look like. They turned out great.

Friday, November 2

Day 2 of chemo....Logan got a sick this morning but since has had a good day. His face is very swollen (puffy) because they have been giving him so much liquids. He actually has gained 2lbs since yesterday...all fluids. We were up every 2 hours last night , at least, to pee. This is required so they know his kidneys are functioning o.k. If he does not go pee they wake me up to have him go. Last night was not a problem. Logan, like most males, holds it until the last minute and then screams "Potty dad, Potty!" I jump up out of bed (half asleep) and run over, lift him out of bed, grab the container, pull down his pajama's and hope to get the container there before the fountain goes crazy. Yes 8 out of 10 times I make it. The other 2....yep I get it, the floor gets it, & the container gets some.
Logan and I have been making paper airplanes and having contests in the hall to see who can throw them the farthest. So far Logan has the record. The nurses actually set-up red lines to throw from.

Thursday, November 1

As I am typing this the nurses are starting chemo #5. The nasty Cisplatin. Innocent Logan is just sitting there watching cartoons not knowing that the next couple weeks are going to be miserable. As a parent it makes me sick to my stomach but I just need to keep reminding myself it's another step closer to killing the cancer. We got to the hospital this morning about 8:30 but Logan did not go pee enough for them to start the chemo. That is why it was started so late. It looks like since it was started so late we may be here now until Monday. The picture was taken just minutes ago....enjoy:)

Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (a.k.a Logan Lewis) is ready to go trick-or-treating. We will get pictures to post on the blog. Logan had an appointment yesterday at Seattle Children's and it went well. He is almost 43 pounds! This is the most he has ever weighed. We go in tomorrow to start chemo #5. We hope to be out Sunday. This is the same one he got on round #3 that made him very sick. As a parent I am just dreading having to bring him back. Our next 8 weeks will be crazy. Around Thanksgiving he will have a very serious surgery to try to remove the tumor. Once he recovers from that they will start the stem cell transplant and chemo #6. He will be in isolation (his own room) during the stem cell transplant and they estimate we will be in the hospital for 4 weeks....yes that is pretty much all of December including Christmas. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, October 30


Monday, October 29

Logan & Peyton's First Bath Together!
What a great weekend! We are really dreading having to go back into the hospital on Thursday because we know what it brings. Last night we went to Uncle Pat & Aunt Traci's house and carved pumpkins (I will try to get pictures to post). Logan had a blast. Logan has his energy, he is gaining weight.....he looks amazing.


Saturday, October 27

No news is good news.....Logan has been enjoying life as a normal 5 y/o. Kelly even made the comment this week that everything feels normal again. Last night Logan, Dad, Mario, & Chloe (neighbors) went to the local High School football game. Logan and Chloe had a blast and were great the whole game. The good team also won (Rogers, my old school, beat Puyallup, Mario's old school). Later today Logan's older brother Josh is coming over and Logan cannot stop talking about it. He is so excited.

Thursday, October 25

Wow what a night at the BLT! The owner Gary was amazing. Thank you to all those that showed up (and even those that did not show up but sent donations). $6000.00 was raised! Gary also put a car he owns up for auction w/ the proceeds going to Logan's medical care (I will try to get the picture). It is a 1979 refurbished El Camino w/ a brand new engine that has 4,000 miles. Sounds like it is in mint condition. Gary does not care for it much because of the color....maroon like the Washington State Cougars. He is a die hard Husky Fan. From what I heard is someone opened up the bidding last night at $4000.00. WOW!

Logan had another great day yesterday. He got some superman pajama's (w/ a cape) from my dad's friend Valerie. He wore them and flew around the house at a high rate of speed all night. He loves to dress up! He went to cousin Sydney's house and played while we were at the BLT. Thank you to Aunt Traci's parents Terry & Fran for watching the boys.

Tuesday, October 23

This picture is of Logan, Peyton, & Dad riding the John Deere Tractor together. Logan drove it up to the mail box and Peyton and I were along for the wild ride. Logan had a great day today. He rode the school bus home w/ cousin Sydney and played at her house for awhile. Currently he is building a train set w/ his neighbor friend Chloe. They are in the other room just laughing and having fun.

See everyone tomorrow at the Bonney Lake Tavern! Time is from 6-8pm. Address is 18212 State Route 410 Bonney Lake, WA 98391. Phone number is 253-863-9904. If you have never been there it is right at the top of the hill on the left.

Monday, October 22

Logan had an awesome day today. Kindergarten was great (it was like he never missed a day). His counts are up so he did not need a transfusion today. He (we) do not need to be back to the hospital until Tuesday the 30th! Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, October 21

Finally we get a good night to sleep and Dad gets really sick. I was up all last night very sick to my stomach. I think it was food poisoning. Logan told me this morning that he did not even here me all night. We also talked how much it hurts your nose and throat when you get sick. The good news is I am feeling better and Logan had a great day. He just finished doing his homework and went to bed. He gets to go to school all week this week. We went over to our friend's the Fahnlander's for a get together this afternoon. Logan loved seeing his friends and played real hard for about two hours.

Saturday, October 20

Logan (and family) had a good day today. Logan & Mom went up to hospital to get a platelet transfusion but he did not need one. He was just above the limits to transfuse. It was a 4 hour chunk of Logan's & Kelly's day that could of been spent doing something else;) The rest of the day was just spent relaxing. We went out to dinner tonight w/ friends of ours, the Caufield's. Logan loves playing w/ their daughter Alexa. Tomorrow is another day of relaxing, in the afternoon we are going to an Oktoberfest party at our friends the Fahnlander's.

Friday, October 19

Happy Friday! It has been a great Friday for Logan. He is feeling great. He even ate waffle's this morning! This is the first thing he has eaten in over a week. Logan also now has his own address to mail things to him. It is at the top of the website. Be sure to put my name (Jason Lewis) as well as Logan's. He has to go into the hospital Saturday morning for a quick platelet transfusion and then hopefully not back for awhile. The plan is he will be in school all week next week. Have a great weekend! Keep sending Logan pictures he loves them!

Thursday, October 18

Logan did it! His counts are up, he pooped again, and no fevers! We are going home this afternoon after he gets a blood transfusion. Enjoy the picture. This was when the laxatives were at work and dad was a little afraid to let him off the pot:)
Good Thursday morning to everyone. Logan made it thought the night. He woke up again about 5am w/ stomach cramps. They gave him pain medicine and he fell right back asleep until 8am. The good news is he did not have a fever all night. With that being said if is counts come up today we could be going home soon. Keep your fingers crossed. Logan and I are going to go on a treasure hunt this morning. It's a game I created to get him up and walking around. We have to collect things like paperclips, tape, stickers etc. It's fun because the nurses help him. The weather is starting to get nasty outside. We have a big window and will be able to watch the windstorm that is supposed to come this afternoon.
It is just past midnight (very early Thursday morning). Logan has been having a lot of stomach cramps. The good news is he did finally poop. The bad news is we have hit him w/ so many laxatives it is making him cramp pretty bad. He falls asleep and about every 15 minutes wakes up screaming w/ a cramp. The nurse just gave him some pain medicine so hopefully that helps. The poor little guy is so tired. I will report later this morning...hopefully much later.

Wednesday, October 17

Good Wednesday evening to everyone. Logan had a good day today. No being sick to tummy! The only thing that is keeping us here is his counts are still at zero. He has had a mild low grade fever off & on. Last but certainly not least he needs to POOP! It has been about a week. They are giving him medicine to loosen him up but so far the chemo medicine is winning. The picture to the right was just taken after he took a 30 minute shower. It took me just minutes to clean him but he enjoyed just standing in the hot water and just relaxing. Don't forget about the spaghetti feed a week from today at the Bonney Lake Tavern.

Tuesday, October 16

Tuesday night update.....I am home and Kelly has been up at the hospital w/ Logan since 1pm. She had enough milk in reserves for me to come home w/ Peyton and get some rest. Logan's Uncle Pat is going to relieve Kelly at 7pm for the night (Thank you Pat). Logan had an o.k. day. We found out from the doctors today that one of the side affects of the last chemo (Vincristine) is constipation. We were a little frustrated to find out this late in the game. If we would of known earlier we would have hit him w/ some laxatives earlier. His ear are still bugging him a little. They anticipate once his white blood cells come back up (hopefully tomorrow) we should see them take care of the ear ache.
Logan went on a walk earlier w/ Mom. When he saw one of the nurses he know he smiled and told her "I am trying to walk the poop out." Everyone got a laugh. Pray for Logan to heel so he can go to Kindergarten.

Good Tuesday morning to all. Logan had a pretty good night last night. He did get sick about 7:00pm. He stood up to go potty and got real dizzy. He slept really well last night! This was the first good nights rest he (we) have had in awhile. This morning when he woke up at 6am his tummy was hurting again and both his ears hurt. The nurse gave him some pain medicine and will have the doctors look at him at rounds. We think his tummy hurts because he is constipated. It has been four days since....yeah. We are giving him medicine to try to help the cause. The attached picture was just taking this morning. Enjoy!

Monday, October 15

We are back in the hospital. Logan was up all night w/ a tummy ache. When Kelly & him came up for his transfusion his white blood cell counts were at zero and he had a fever. He is getting some blood right now....this is good because this morning he looked like a ghost. We will be here at least 48 hours until his counts come up and he does not have a fever. He is also having issues w/ his left ear. They said this is common w/ an NG tube. I did not get any sleep last night so hopefully here in the hospital things will get better so he and I can catch up on our sleep. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.
My friend Dylan who set-up this website (Thank You Dylan) has also made it easier for you to e-mail your photo's to Logan. Just look down below his picture on the right and you will see where you can view photo's as well as e-mail them to me.

Sunday, October 14

Good Sunday morning. Logan does not have much energy today. He kept us up most the night w/ an upset tummy. The good thing is there was no fever. The nights are hard for him. Kelly and I think he gets a little anxiety at night probably from being poked and prodded all night when he is in the hospital. He is also pretty pale today. Tomorrow they are planning on a transfusion so that should bring back some color as well as energy.

Jeff Logan's answer to "Who let the Dawgs out?" is "Nobody". I guess that is appropriate after they got beat last night. Somebody forgot to let them out! I hope things are going well w/ Ben. The Seahawks game will be a good distraction for you and him:) Go Seahawks!

Remember everyone to send Logan your pictures to!

Friday, October 12

Logan's weekly clinic appointment went good. He gained weight and is at 41lbs! They want him to get to 43lbs. He was having ear aches today but they went away later in the day. The doctor said it is nothing to do w/ and chemo it might be a cold coming on. He got a little sick to his tummy on the way home in the car but has been feeling well since. The great thing is we have a weekend at home and no appointments until Monday.
We stopped and saw Ben Towne who is going through Chemo #3 (Cisplatin). This is the one that made Logan very sick. Ben (and parents) were doing good. Logan brought Ben a gift of some small airplanes to make him smile.
Congratulation's to Logan's Uncle Joe & Aunt Amber who had a beautiful baby boy (during the ultra sound they were told it was a girl so they were very surprised). At press time there is still no name and he still has a pink room. Baby weighed 9lbs 12oz and 23 1/2 inches long!!!

Good Friday morning. Logan was still sleeping when I left for work this morning. The reason for my early entry is:

  1. Jeff (Ben's dad) asked Logan in Comment's "who let the Dawgs out?" well Jeff when I get home I will ask Logan. So I am prepared.....Who?
  2. Also flu season is fast approaching and you have probably noticed that flu shots are being advertised. Anyone who has consistent contact w/ Logan PLEASE get a flu shot. Thank You!

Thursday, October 11

Logan had a great day today! No upset tummy all day.
He is standing right here as I type this holding his light saber. He is pretending it is a bat and he is Ichiro and Big Richie. I asked him if he wanted to say anything and he responded "I like Mariner's and I like this bat right here (pointing at a small S.F. Giants bat his Grandma bought him)." He also just said to say "That he went to a S.F. Giants game"

Now he has a joke "Who let the cows out?"................"Nobody!"

Hope Logan's Joke makes everyone smile!

Wednesday, October 10

This is a video I thought everyone would enjoy. It was filmed just before Logan turned 4 in December 2005. His love for baseball!

Just tucked Logan into bed. He is watching a movie about a kid liking the Yankees (poor kid). He had a little bit of a rough afternoon. He got sick three times. Tomorrow he has no appointments so Mom, Logan, & Peyton can just lay around all day! Remember to send me pictures for Logan to!
Hello everyone! Logan is doing very well today. He slept through the night last night. I called home to check how his day was going today and he was doing a puppet show for his little brother Peyton. Today he has to go up to the hospital this afternoon for a quick shot (helps get his white blood cells back quicker).
Another cool example of someone reaching out....a local tavern in Bonney Lake (Bonney Lake Tavern) who has never met Logan is having a Spaghetti Feed to benefit him. For all you locals that read this it is October 24th from 6pm-8pm (no kids because it is a tavern). Address is 18212 State Route 410. Anyone who wants to call the owner and say THANK YOU the number is 253-863-9904. Cost is $10.00 per person.

Tuesday, October 9

Send Logan your pictures! Send them to me at and I will post them for everyone to see. All photos can be viewed by clicking Photos below Logan's picture on front page of blog. With photos please send description of who, where, when etc. Thank You!
Good Tuesday morning. Logan had a pretty good night last night. No throwing-up which is great. His tummy was upset a couple times but we battled it w/ medicine. As with the night before we were up approximately every 45 minutes going potty. The reason is because they are hydrating w/ normal fluids, he is still getting his liquid food, and one of the chemo medicines he is getting is a 24/7 liquid medicine. It looks like we should be discharged about noon once the doctors make their rounds and he finishes w/ the liquid chemo. Have a great day!

Monday, October 8

Logan had a good day today. Last night was the same as the night before. He was sick twice. Grandma stayed up here w/ him and she did not get much sleep because Logan was going potty about every 45 minutes. Thank you mom (and David) for adjusting your life's to help us. You mean the world to Kelly & I. Also the impact you have made on Logan is incredible. THANK YOU!
Logan played most the day and did some art work in the playroom. The plan is for us to go home tomorrow at around 11am if Logan is feeling o.k. Currently he is sleeping.

As for those awaiting for me to post Logan's P.O. Box we are on a waiting list and should have one in the next week or so. Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, October 7

Good Sunday to all. Logan had an upset tummy last night twice. The good thing he is feeling great this morning and joking around. He wants to go down to the playroom and play air hockey.
Everyday I get asked how am I doing...I am fine but there is not an hour that goes by that I don't go through a lot of emotions. I look at Logan all the time and still cannot believe he has cancer. I won't lie either...I also think the worst. He is such a strong kid though and I know the right thing to tell people is he will beat this. I really truly do believe Logan will beat this. He is so strong and at age 5 seems to have the right attitude about everything. When I talk w/ Logan about teaching Peyton to play baseball, ride a bike, play football etc. he always smiles and cannot wait. I know I can speak for my amazing wife as well. I fortunately have work as a little of a distraction where as Kelly she is home & hospital most the time. Thank god for our amazing support group. My family has been awesome. I try to take positives out of the negatives and I have never been closer to my family. Kelly's family has also been amazing. They live in upstate New York and really struggle every minute not being here. They used all of there vacation this year to be here when we first started treatment. They also plan on coming out in early January (when they get two more weeks vacation) and being here to celebrate Logan's 6th birthday. I am so lucky to have in-laws like them. Thank you to everyone we know & do not know for your amazing thoughts and prayers!

Saturday, October 6

We finally just got into a room. They are over booked and over crowded. We sat in a play room since 7:30 this morning. They did however start Logan's chemo in there. They do not anticipate Logan getting sick from this chemo but also did state that every kid is different. He is in good spirits watching scooby doo right now. As you probably guessed we do have a roommate. It is an older teenage boy. The other bad thing is we do not have a window either so it feels like we are in a dungeon. Logan and I will be out taking a lot of walks!

Friday, October 5

Happy Friday! Logan had a great day! The Puyallup Fire Department surprised Logan at his school today and he was grinning ear to ear non-stop.

Thank you Grandma for the great pictures! Thank you Dr. Cecil Snodgrass for arranging the surprise for Logan.

Logan had a great appointment today. He gained 3lbs and the nutritionist was very pleased. He/we will be admitted tomorrow and is scheduled to released Tuesday.

Thursday, October 4

Another good day! Logan went to school this morning. He was a little skeptical though when he entered his classroom because he had a substitute teacher. After some convincing from mom though he was alright. Right now his older brother Josh is over and they are having a blast. Logan really looks up to him. Tomorrow is the big day w/ the firetruck. Hopefully we will get lots of good pictures to put on the blog. Logan also has an appointment in the afternoon to check his weight and counts to make sure he is o.k. to start chemo #4 on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 3

Logan had another great day! He did not have school today so Logan, Mom, & Peyton went to the pumpkin patch. As you can see from the pictures Logan had his boots on in the mud. He picked out lots of great pumpkins. He also got his Halloween costume today. He is going to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

My Dr. in Puyallup Dr. Cecil Snodgrass works closely w/ the Puyallup Fire Department. He has set up a surprise visit at Logan's school this Friday. The ladder truck is going to come there and surprise him and his class and Logan is going to be the guest firemen. Kelly will be there to get lots of pictures. Thank You Doc!

Tuesday, October 2

Logan got to ride the school bus today! He went home w/ cousin Sydney after school. Aunt Traci was there to greet the two of them when they got off and she said Logan had a grin ear to ear. This was is first school bus ride ever! He spent the afternoon playing w/ Sydney. When Traci asked him if he wanted lunch Logan pointed to his backpack of food/formula and said "No thank you, I have been eating all morning." I thought that was hilarious!

Thank you everyone for your continuous thoughts, cards, & donations. If I were to list all correspondence I would crash your computer. It is amazing. When Logan beats cancer I hope that everyone comes to his Graduation from High School! THANK YOU!

Monday, October 1

Good day today (even for a Monday). Logan had a great day at school. He also has his appetite back. After school he asked for McDonald's. He ate a whole hamburger happy meal. He is still also getting the food via the NG tube as well. Our next appointment is not until Friday. They want to check his blood counts before admitting us for Chemo #4 on Saturday. Smile everyone because Logan is!

Sunday, September 30

Today Uncle Pat & Family participated in a run/walk to benefit Children's Hospital in Seattle. Pat did the run and the family did the cheering in the pouring rain. They all made Team Logan shirts. They are awesome. The requests are coming in Pat for people that want a shirt.

Logan had a great day today. We just laid around and relaxed all day. Grandma & Grandpa stopped by to watch the Seahawks win. Chloe and her family stopped by to drop off the money raised yesterday at her party. Thank you to all who donated....$800.00 was raised!

Saturday, September 29

Today is a day that will make a grown man cry....Blood transfusion went great this morning. After that we went to Logan's friends Chloe's 5th birthday party. She is our neighbor and one of Logan's best friends. She asked her parents if she could give all of her presents to Logan. Her parents asked her how about instead we ask family's to donate to Logan. She thought that was perfect. At age 5, especially at your birthday it is all about you. Chloe made her special day about Logan. She is one amazing little girl. THANK YOU CHLOE, MARIO (DAD), WENDY (MOM), & BABY KENNEDY (LITTLE SISTER). Thank you all who attended and wished Logan well. Logan played very hard at the party and had a blast! HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY CHLOE!

Friday, September 28

Logan (and Mom) had a great day at school. All the kids are partnered up w/ a fourth grader (buddy system). Today Logan met his 4th grade buddy and it went great. Another fourth grader asked Logan what the tube was for in his nose. Logan told him it was so he can eat. The response of that fourth grader "That is cool!" Logan thought that was neat. Logan, Peyton, Kelly, & Grandma are up at Seattle Children's getting a platelet transfusion right now and then Logan and I will go back up in the morning for a red blood cell transfusion. They anticipate that will be it for the week. They might admit Logan next Saturday to start round four of chemo. If this is the case Logan will get to go to school all week.
More great news.....Logan's bone marrow results came back today. Initially the cancer was in approximately 85% of the marrow. The new test showed it is in less than 5%!

Thursday, September 27

Logan had a great day today! He just finished doing his kindergarten homework because he is going to school in the morning. He is also very excited because his mom is volunteering in his class tomorrow. His teacher is also going to talk w/ the kids about his NG Tube (feeding tube) and explain what it is for. The really cool thing is she is a diabetic and also has a tube that she needs to give herself medicine through. She is going to explain to the kids that Logan and her are just a like. She is an amazing teacher! Kelly is also feeling a little better today she got a nice (way over due) break to get a haircut as well as a massage. She looks amazing as usual. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, September 26

I just got home from work and was greeted by the picture you see here. Logan is feeling much better. He also ate a little dinner tonight which is great. Energy level is coming back. Still has sickness about twice a day but definitely better! Logan is sitting by me and wants to say "My big brother Josh is really cool and likes doing his alphabet".

Tuesday, September 25

This will be short because we are all very tired. Logan had a great day today! He was walking around and playing games. Cousin Sydney stopped by and played w/ him as well. He is keeping down the food that we are giving him through NG tube as well. We should hopefully start to see weight gain soon. Well I am off to bed w/ the rest of the family. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Also we have had people ask for our address to send Logan cards/gifts. I am sure everyone understands we do not feel comfortable putting it on the internet. We are going to get a P.O. Box hopefully this week and I will post that. Thank You.

Monday, September 24

Logan had a good morning today. Mom & him went to hospital to get blood work done (uncle Pat watched Peyton). Logan's counts are all up. While at the hospital though he did get sick. They gave him some medicine that made him very tired. He fell asleep at 12:30pm and woke up at 6pm. While driving home w/ Logan Kelly did have a scare. She looked back and just saw the whites of Logan's eyes. She screamed his name and shook his leg but he would not wake up. She pulled off the freeway and shook him. He then woke up. He was in a very deep sleep. He then was very angry she woke him up. Tonight he is watching cartoons. He has been drinking apple juice and ate some chips. He is very, very weak. As I finishing typing this though he is playing in the bathtub w/ some toys! God we love him so much!

Sunday, September 23

We are home! Logan is feeling a little better. Still a little tired and worn down. He is really getting used to and doing very well w/ the NG Tube. When we got home he wanted oatmeal and Tatar tots and of course he got them. So far he has kept it all down. He has been playing pinball on the computer since he got home. Tomorrow Logan goes back up for a check-up to check blood counts and make sure he is gaining weight.
Today we also met a family going through exactly what we are dealing with. Their son Benjamin is two years old and was diagnosed w/ neuroblastoma just three weeks after Logan. They live in Seattle. It is really nice to talk w/ someone that is experiencing the roller coaster of emotions that we are. The dad's name is Jeff and mom's Carin. Please visit their website above and add them to your prayers & thoughts.

Saturday, September 22

Logan did amazing having the NG Tube put in. He is feeling a little better but still far from himself. Once we get him some nutrition he should start perking up. His mood most the day has been quiet. He played his game for awhile which is a good sign he is feeling better. The only time he really pepped up was when Peyton came to see him. Logan actually sang him a song. He has not had any nausea medicine all day and the only issue we have had w/ getting sick was he gagged on the tube. It sounds like if we have a good night we will get to go home in the morning. The chemo medicine that has made him so sick is called Cisplatin. It is nasty! He will have to unfortunately have it again in his fifth treatment of phase one as well as a chemo treatment in phase two.
Sorry I was unable to update everyone last night, the hospital is having issues w/ online connection. By the way we are back in the hospital. Logan was very dehydrated from being sick so much. Within about three hours they pumped two bags of fluid through him and he only went potty once. We had a good night last night. He fell asleep about 7:30 and woke up this morning at 6:30am. He was up a couple times to go potty. He also woke up a little disorientated. This morning he is still feeling a little yucky but getting better. He has not eaten anything as of yet but did ask for grapes. The nurses are trying to get some. He also saw a pancake commercial and said they looked good. We do not know how long we will be here as of yet. They were unable to put the feeding tube in yesterday because he was so dehydrated. Hopefully today so he gets some nutrition. Yesterday I bought him a big Lego airplane (401 pieces) so we have been working on that all morning. He will help for a little while then take a rest. Well I will update everyone as soon as I can pending Internet connection. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Friday, September 21

Good Friday morning to everyone. Logan is still feeling pretty yucky this morning. The good thing is he got about 6 hours of sleep off & on last night. This morning he said he was feeling better but followed that by getting sick 2 times. Today he will have the feeding tube put in. I am very happy for this because he really needs the nutrition. He has not had anything to eat in four plus days. He is drinking a lot of water though. Before I left for work this morning we talked about the feeding tube and he asked if they will be able to fill the food backpack w/ a milkshake. I told him "you bet!" I will hopefully update everyone tonight on his day.

Some sad news to pass along. On Sunday I put a link to a Seattle Times article about an 11 year old girl here at Seattle Children's Hospital that has been fighting Neuroblastoma for 4 years. If you got a chance to read it hopefully you were as touched as I was. I asked if Logan and I could go see her that Sunday morning but the doctor recommended Logan not see her because of her condition. She passed away this morning. The amazing news is yesterday was her dad's birthday and she sang him happy birthday and told him she loved him.

Thursday, September 20

Sorry we did update the blog yesterday. Logan is feeling miserable. He has been throwing up about every hour. Last night he did not sleep one minute so he is very tired (as are we). Kelly called the doctors this morning and they said this is typical for this chemo. They said as long as he is drinking water in which our amazing kid is drinking a lot. He has a spider man thermos w/ water and is always taking sips. He has not eaten anything since Sunday. We were told this is also typical.
I have to really say on a public forum say how amazing my wife Kelly is. Not only dealing w/ the newborn but also w/ what is going on w/ Logan. I am trying to work as much as possible because we do still need an income. My mother and her husband David have also been amazing in helping out. They have put their cross country trip on hold to help out w/ Logan. They are living out of their R.V. Aunt Traci has also been a blessing. During difficult times there are always positive things to take from them. My family as well as Kelly's family are amazing. They have put there lives on hold to help us. Also our network of We could not have better people around us. If I were to mention all of the positive comments, responses, cards, etc. I would need to write a book. All we can say is a continued thank you and we love you all!

Enjoy the above picture of Logan's CAT scan (thank you uncle Pat for scanning these). The top one is the first CAT scan when we found out of the cancer on 7-26-07. The tumor is circled. You are looking down at Logan. The spine is on the bottom and belly on the top. The Kidneys (two circles) are on both sides of the spine. You can see how much the tumor is pushing on his left kidney. The lower picture is the CAT scan the did last Wednesday on 9-12-07. The tumor shrank by more than half!