Thursday, December 20

Well we almost made it....Logan went up to get his transfusion today and while he was there he spiked a fever. Since his counts are at zero they will be admitting him until he does not have a fever for 24 hours and counts are above 500. Pray that we will be out by Sunday! Last night he continued to have his jaw pain/ear aches. He is getting the blood transfusion right now and this usually will give him back some energy. He also has some tests tomorrow where they will be putting under w/ anesthesia. We will keep every one updated & thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

We are with you Logan. Feel better soon. We miss you. Love Nana and Papa

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear that Logan has a fever. I hope he feels better soon. I'll be thinking about you guys...

Anonymous said...

ARRRRRGH! So sorry to hear you are back in.

Sending our love from the 4th floor,
the townes

Sonia said...

logan! We are having another donation for you tomorrow!
we are wearing PJ's this time at Kalles!

Hope you feel better sooon!