Tuesday, December 11

We are at the Hospital...yeah how fun. Logan is doing great. He already has found a video game and is currently playing it. Pac-man car racing. It was really hard for us to come back this time since we had our two week break. Logan was loving life, going to school, playing w/ friends etc. Now back to getting sick, staying in isolation, and trips back and fourth to Seattle. I guess we can look at the bright side and know we are that much closer to finishing everything. Also another bright spot is all the amazing support we have received! Last night we went to a awesome performance at Rogers High School (dad's old school, go class of 91)! All proceeds were donated to Logan. It all came about through cousin Sydney talking about Logan to a gentlemen at the YMCA that was watching her in the daycare. That gentlemen, Jeremy, who is in a amazing band thought it would be great to do their annual fund raising concert for Logan. It turned out great. Logan went up on stage (and loved it) and thanked everyone on the microphone. He also told them about his brother Peyton. Thank You Jeremy & friends for everything. You touched the lives of many but most of all an amazing 5 year old boy!

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