Saturday, December 15

Happy Saturday to all. Let the jaw pain & ear aches begin. Logan woke up this morning w/ pain in his ear which is from the joint pain in jaw. This is a side effect of the Vincristine chemo medicine. We gave him some pain medicine and that seemed to work. Right now he is watching Mickey Mouse. Today we will continue the pain medicine all day as well as the constipation medicine since that is a side effect as well. The only catch is that the pain medicine constipates him. I asked Logan if he wanted me to type anything for him and he said to say "Thank you everyone for reading this." & he said to tell his friend Elise "I really like the thing you sent me (Advent calender)." He also got a Build-A-Bear from Grandma's friends the Coopers'. He is excited because it is a dressed like a Seattle Mariner. Today Logan said he is going to have a birthday party for his bear named Lucky.


Anonymous said...

Hi Logan,

I'm glad to hear that you're home now. I hope you are having a good day and have lots of fun at Lucky's birthday party! You are awesome...
Hope you feel better soon. :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Logan! I'm glad you received the bear my mom and I made you! :) We had so much fun making it special just for you - and each made a wish on the heart inside - for you to keep kickin' this cancer's butt! :)

Jennifer :)