Wednesday, December 19

Good Wednesday morning to all. Happy birthday to my wife Kelly as well! I will take this public forum to say you are an amazing wife, mother, friend and all of the above!

Logan's ear aches were pretty bad last night. He awoke crying twice. His pain medicine worked well though and he fell back asleep. Today he is doing better. He is helping his mom wrap Christmas presents right now. We are watching him closely today because he is pretty pale today and due for a transfusion. As long as he does not get a fever we should be o.k. Tomorrow along w/ the transfusion Logan will also start a series of tests that will last two days. Hearing test, heart test, bone marrow test (this is the one where they put him under anesthesia and drill a needle into his hip bone), CAT scans for head, chest, & pelvis....I think that is all. Thank you for every ones continued thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kelly! Good luck with all the tests, hopefully they will be easily done and painless. Charlie had several bone aspirates done, and it didn't seem to bother him overly much, hopefully Logans will go smoothly and won't bother him at all! So good to hear that he is doing well, and so good that you guys had a nice break from it all. If we don't see you before, have a great Christmas and wonderful new year! -Courtney

Bree said...

I got to meet you today at the mall while you were Christmas shopping and you shared a little bit of your son's story and gave me the blog address. I think that you have a strong and amazing family. How old is Logan? I am praying for your family to get through this hard time.