Friday, December 21

Oh the sounds of the hospital.....every five minutes at least a door bell sound of a patient pushing the button to page the nurse, a child screaming in the middle of the night, your roommate throwing-up every couple hours, the speakers everywhere with someone saying "code blue giraffe entrance, code blue giraffe entrance" (someone stopped breathing). Then your own child....everything drowns out, all those horrific sounds, your child needs you because of tummy pain that is so severe it brings him to tears. You are the one who pushes the nurse button. The amazing nurse comes in and within minutes gets your child pain medicine to help.

Logan is doing pretty good this morning. They upped his pain medicine because of stomach pain. He slept through the night last night. Our room we are in is for four beds but they only have two in here so we get a little extra room. My bed is a roll-a-way bed which is a little bigger than what I usually get. It was nice except you roll to the's no dream bed like at the Westin:) Well I have to end this Logan is calling me over to join him in Lego Star Wars video game. Today we have some tests and then hopefully we will be done by 3pm so we can make gingerbread houses on the cancer floor with everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Logan! I hope that tummy pain goes away real quick. What is causing the stomach pain? Is it the incision sight? Or is it nauseau from the chemo? Hang in there guys, you are still in our thoughts and prayers every day!! Courtney Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Thinking of ya Logan! Karin