Saturday, December 8

Wow what a great get a way! Logan was treated like a prince by the Westin & PF Chang's. The Westin put us in a suite on the 17th floor w/ a panoramic view of the Seattle skyline, Olympic mountains, city of! We got up to our room and started to get situated when the first knock on the door and a platter w/ cookies and milk for Logan (and a bottle of wine & cheese for the parents) arrived. We then went shopping and stopped at PF Chang's for dinner (Logan loves white rice). The manager Jenny greeted Logan and bought us dinner as well as made Logan a personal sundae and gave him a tour of the kitchen. Logan loved it! We then watched the snowflake festivities outside our hotel. We were pretty tired after that so we headed up to our room. When we got there room service again knocked on the door and surprised Logan w/ Spiderman sheets for his bed. Just has Logan started to calm down two more members of the amazing Westin staff knocked on the door about 8:30pm and they brought Logan a tray full of Jello as well as Starwars figures and Starwars comic books. He thought it was awesome. In the morning Logan ate a big breakfast of fresh blueberries and eggs and then as we checked out he received one more gift...a Starwars Light Saber! THANK YOU TO WESTIN IN BELLEVUE AS WELL AS PF CHANG'S, YOU MADE A LITTLE BOYS WEEKEND (AND HIS PARENTS)! View Pictures here!

Many of you follow Ben Townes blog as well via Logan's website. Ben had a scan yesterday to get ready for his surgery. The doctors found pockets of air between the lining and the wall of his intestines. There is not supposed to be air there. They admitted him for seven days to monitor it as well as fight it w/ antibiotics. During this time he cannot eat anything. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Ben & his family.


Cousin Aim said...

I love the pic of Logan jumping on the bed! It's exactly the same thing I would do!
Love you all!
Cousin Aim

Gayle Starbucks said...

Jason and Logan, You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers. All of us at Starbucks will be thinking about you while Logan is undergoing his transplant. I look forward to seeing you Jason everyday to your positive smile and finding out how things are going. I know I can read your updates online but it is nicer to see you and Logan when you come in. Stop by when your in town but know that we will miss your daily Grande in a Venti order everyday. Take care, Gayle from Starbucks