Saturday, June 27

Well the Puyallup Relay for Life has come to an end. Early totals so far show over $180,000 raised! Logan is very tired....he played hard and probably walked 5+ miles. Thank you to all TEAM LOGAN participants!

Wednesday, June 10

Logan had to read a story today in front of his class and families....that video is to long but here is a short funny one we caught. He is doing great and as you can see is very healthy. We just scheduled his quarterly check-up for early July....

Monday, June 8

Logan is well ..... he has 6 days of school left and we are off to San Diego for vacation. A fun packed week full of Disneyland, SeaWorld, Legoland etc........ swimming! When we return Logan is the honoree at the Puyallup Relay for Life. I am sure Logan will have a fun time at this event. He had an amazing 1st grade year... but we are really looking forward to summer. Logan just lost his 2nd top tooth.... cute as ever. Week of July 6th we start Logan's 15 month scans. We will update with vacation pictures and dates of scans and results.

Thanks everyone!!! All is well.... :)