Sunday, September 30

Today Uncle Pat & Family participated in a run/walk to benefit Children's Hospital in Seattle. Pat did the run and the family did the cheering in the pouring rain. They all made Team Logan shirts. They are awesome. The requests are coming in Pat for people that want a shirt.

Logan had a great day today. We just laid around and relaxed all day. Grandma & Grandpa stopped by to watch the Seahawks win. Chloe and her family stopped by to drop off the money raised yesterday at her party. Thank you to all who donated....$800.00 was raised!

Saturday, September 29

Today is a day that will make a grown man cry....Blood transfusion went great this morning. After that we went to Logan's friends Chloe's 5th birthday party. She is our neighbor and one of Logan's best friends. She asked her parents if she could give all of her presents to Logan. Her parents asked her how about instead we ask family's to donate to Logan. She thought that was perfect. At age 5, especially at your birthday it is all about you. Chloe made her special day about Logan. She is one amazing little girl. THANK YOU CHLOE, MARIO (DAD), WENDY (MOM), & BABY KENNEDY (LITTLE SISTER). Thank you all who attended and wished Logan well. Logan played very hard at the party and had a blast! HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY CHLOE!

Friday, September 28

Logan (and Mom) had a great day at school. All the kids are partnered up w/ a fourth grader (buddy system). Today Logan met his 4th grade buddy and it went great. Another fourth grader asked Logan what the tube was for in his nose. Logan told him it was so he can eat. The response of that fourth grader "That is cool!" Logan thought that was neat. Logan, Peyton, Kelly, & Grandma are up at Seattle Children's getting a platelet transfusion right now and then Logan and I will go back up in the morning for a red blood cell transfusion. They anticipate that will be it for the week. They might admit Logan next Saturday to start round four of chemo. If this is the case Logan will get to go to school all week.
More great news.....Logan's bone marrow results came back today. Initially the cancer was in approximately 85% of the marrow. The new test showed it is in less than 5%!

Thursday, September 27

Logan had a great day today! He just finished doing his kindergarten homework because he is going to school in the morning. He is also very excited because his mom is volunteering in his class tomorrow. His teacher is also going to talk w/ the kids about his NG Tube (feeding tube) and explain what it is for. The really cool thing is she is a diabetic and also has a tube that she needs to give herself medicine through. She is going to explain to the kids that Logan and her are just a like. She is an amazing teacher! Kelly is also feeling a little better today she got a nice (way over due) break to get a haircut as well as a massage. She looks amazing as usual. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, September 26

I just got home from work and was greeted by the picture you see here. Logan is feeling much better. He also ate a little dinner tonight which is great. Energy level is coming back. Still has sickness about twice a day but definitely better! Logan is sitting by me and wants to say "My big brother Josh is really cool and likes doing his alphabet".

Tuesday, September 25

This will be short because we are all very tired. Logan had a great day today! He was walking around and playing games. Cousin Sydney stopped by and played w/ him as well. He is keeping down the food that we are giving him through NG tube as well. We should hopefully start to see weight gain soon. Well I am off to bed w/ the rest of the family. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Also we have had people ask for our address to send Logan cards/gifts. I am sure everyone understands we do not feel comfortable putting it on the internet. We are going to get a P.O. Box hopefully this week and I will post that. Thank You.

Monday, September 24

Logan had a good morning today. Mom & him went to hospital to get blood work done (uncle Pat watched Peyton). Logan's counts are all up. While at the hospital though he did get sick. They gave him some medicine that made him very tired. He fell asleep at 12:30pm and woke up at 6pm. While driving home w/ Logan Kelly did have a scare. She looked back and just saw the whites of Logan's eyes. She screamed his name and shook his leg but he would not wake up. She pulled off the freeway and shook him. He then woke up. He was in a very deep sleep. He then was very angry she woke him up. Tonight he is watching cartoons. He has been drinking apple juice and ate some chips. He is very, very weak. As I finishing typing this though he is playing in the bathtub w/ some toys! God we love him so much!

Sunday, September 23

We are home! Logan is feeling a little better. Still a little tired and worn down. He is really getting used to and doing very well w/ the NG Tube. When we got home he wanted oatmeal and Tatar tots and of course he got them. So far he has kept it all down. He has been playing pinball on the computer since he got home. Tomorrow Logan goes back up for a check-up to check blood counts and make sure he is gaining weight.
Today we also met a family going through exactly what we are dealing with. Their son Benjamin is two years old and was diagnosed w/ neuroblastoma just three weeks after Logan. They live in Seattle. It is really nice to talk w/ someone that is experiencing the roller coaster of emotions that we are. The dad's name is Jeff and mom's Carin. Please visit their website above and add them to your prayers & thoughts.

Saturday, September 22

Logan did amazing having the NG Tube put in. He is feeling a little better but still far from himself. Once we get him some nutrition he should start perking up. His mood most the day has been quiet. He played his game for awhile which is a good sign he is feeling better. The only time he really pepped up was when Peyton came to see him. Logan actually sang him a song. He has not had any nausea medicine all day and the only issue we have had w/ getting sick was he gagged on the tube. It sounds like if we have a good night we will get to go home in the morning. The chemo medicine that has made him so sick is called Cisplatin. It is nasty! He will have to unfortunately have it again in his fifth treatment of phase one as well as a chemo treatment in phase two.
Sorry I was unable to update everyone last night, the hospital is having issues w/ online connection. By the way we are back in the hospital. Logan was very dehydrated from being sick so much. Within about three hours they pumped two bags of fluid through him and he only went potty once. We had a good night last night. He fell asleep about 7:30 and woke up this morning at 6:30am. He was up a couple times to go potty. He also woke up a little disorientated. This morning he is still feeling a little yucky but getting better. He has not eaten anything as of yet but did ask for grapes. The nurses are trying to get some. He also saw a pancake commercial and said they looked good. We do not know how long we will be here as of yet. They were unable to put the feeding tube in yesterday because he was so dehydrated. Hopefully today so he gets some nutrition. Yesterday I bought him a big Lego airplane (401 pieces) so we have been working on that all morning. He will help for a little while then take a rest. Well I will update everyone as soon as I can pending Internet connection. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Friday, September 21

Good Friday morning to everyone. Logan is still feeling pretty yucky this morning. The good thing is he got about 6 hours of sleep off & on last night. This morning he said he was feeling better but followed that by getting sick 2 times. Today he will have the feeding tube put in. I am very happy for this because he really needs the nutrition. He has not had anything to eat in four plus days. He is drinking a lot of water though. Before I left for work this morning we talked about the feeding tube and he asked if they will be able to fill the food backpack w/ a milkshake. I told him "you bet!" I will hopefully update everyone tonight on his day.

Some sad news to pass along. On Sunday I put a link to a Seattle Times article about an 11 year old girl here at Seattle Children's Hospital that has been fighting Neuroblastoma for 4 years. If you got a chance to read it hopefully you were as touched as I was. I asked if Logan and I could go see her that Sunday morning but the doctor recommended Logan not see her because of her condition. She passed away this morning. The amazing news is yesterday was her dad's birthday and she sang him happy birthday and told him she loved him.

Thursday, September 20

Sorry we did update the blog yesterday. Logan is feeling miserable. He has been throwing up about every hour. Last night he did not sleep one minute so he is very tired (as are we). Kelly called the doctors this morning and they said this is typical for this chemo. They said as long as he is drinking water in which our amazing kid is drinking a lot. He has a spider man thermos w/ water and is always taking sips. He has not eaten anything since Sunday. We were told this is also typical.
I have to really say on a public forum say how amazing my wife Kelly is. Not only dealing w/ the newborn but also w/ what is going on w/ Logan. I am trying to work as much as possible because we do still need an income. My mother and her husband David have also been amazing in helping out. They have put their cross country trip on hold to help out w/ Logan. They are living out of their R.V. Aunt Traci has also been a blessing. During difficult times there are always positive things to take from them. My family as well as Kelly's family are amazing. They have put there lives on hold to help us. Also our network of We could not have better people around us. If I were to mention all of the positive comments, responses, cards, etc. I would need to write a book. All we can say is a continued thank you and we love you all!

Enjoy the above picture of Logan's CAT scan (thank you uncle Pat for scanning these). The top one is the first CAT scan when we found out of the cancer on 7-26-07. The tumor is circled. You are looking down at Logan. The spine is on the bottom and belly on the top. The Kidneys (two circles) are on both sides of the spine. You can see how much the tumor is pushing on his left kidney. The lower picture is the CAT scan the did last Wednesday on 9-12-07. The tumor shrank by more than half!

Tuesday, September 18

Wow what a long day. Kelly, Peyton, myself, and a very tired (currently sleeping) Logan are all here in the hospital room. We are being discharged tonight at 11:30pm. They did give us the option to stay another night but we really want Logan to wake up in his own bed. Also our neighbor the last 2 nights has woken up w/ extreme tummy aches and screaming very loud. Last night he screamed steadily from 11am to 1am then again at 4am. I felt sorry for him as well as Logan.
Logan is still feeling misrable. Very weak and not eating anything. The doctors said this is all expected though. They want to hold off on the feeding tube until at least Friday because Logan did so well gaining back his weight between chemos. Keep praying for him. It is amazing his support chain. We thank everyone.
Good Tuesday morning to all. This chemo is harsh! Logan's tummy feels very yucky. He is throwing up about every hour or so. They have been getting him medicine which helps a little. Last night went o.k. The only times he was sick was when he woke up to go potty. I think standing up makes him dizzy which in turn causes the nausea (this is something I passed down to him, I get motion sickness on the merry-go-round). Today they are going to give us a patch to put behind his ear that helps w/ motion sickness. He still has no appetite. Today he will be weighed and we are assuming they will be giving him a feeding tube. This is inserted through his nose and goes into his tummy. It will be a long day at a time!

Monday, September 17

Good Monday night. Logan's tummy aches are back. They are trying a different medicine. That is really not the reason I wanted to write though. Logan's roommate is a little boy named Anthony. He is age 3. He is been battling a tumor in his belly as well (different kind of cancer). He has a lot of stomach pain. He has had many rounds of chemo and the tumor has come back w/ others. They are going to start a new round of chemo tomorrow.
What I wanted to tell everyone though is how amazing Logan is. During all his treatment, sickness this time he found time to make Anthony a crown w/ stickers. Anthony was so excited. Logan also made him a special train ticket to anywhere. Later in the day Anthony had to get his patch by his Hickman line changed (very painful because it involves taking off a very sticky band aid). Logan knows how much it hurts because we have to change his at least once a week. While Anthony was getting his patch changed Logan brought him over one of his new toys to comfort him. It worked. Thought that would bring a smile to every one's face on the special kid we are all thinking and praying for all the time.
Welcome to Monday. Logan had a bad night last night. Was very sick to his tummy throughout the night. Thank you Mom for being so patient w/ him and letting me get some rest. Today they have switched his nausea medicine to try and be proactive instead of reactive. It has seemed to be working. He has had a pretty good day. Has not eaten anything though. Currently he is sleeping. One of the anti-nausea medicines make him tired. He looks very peaceful over on his bed. We are scheduled to go home late tomorrow. We have to wait until 12 hours after last chemo is done. That means will will not get released until about 11:30pm. The nice thing is that he can sleep in the car and then wake up in his own bed! We already have all of the anti-nausea medicines at home so we will stay on it. The current chemo he is on is the strongest. The doctors said it will linger in him for about five days. After his counts go back up he will be in for a three day chemo (not as harsh on tummy). Then chemo five will be unfortunately like this one. He then will have surgery to try and remove tumor & then come back for another chemo again.
I do have some good news....My internet manager Rod Cory at work & his wife Kelly sent out Logan's story to all their friends, family, etc. in their home e-mail mailbox. They asked everyone to send $1.00 to them as well as forward the e-mail to as many people as they can. To make an amazing story short they have recieved $425 so far as well as many amazing positive messages from all over. Rod & Kelly are also going to get Logan a map and what we are going to do is place a pin in the map from everywhere he gets a letter. THANK YOU!

Sunday, September 16

Midday update. Logan is feeling a lot better! Cousin Sydney & Aunt Traci are here visiting right now. Picture is Logan & Sydney playing the the Nintendo DS. They looked up for a minute to give us a smile. Also yesterday Logan asked cousin Andrew to make him a huge pirate hat...he came through. Traci brought in a hat that is 4' x 3'! Thank you Andrew! Logan ate a big lunch which is very encouraging. Grandma is coming up to stay the night w/ Logan tonight so dad can get some sleep.....THANK YOU MOM!
Good Sunday morning to all. Rough night last night. Logan's tummy was pretty upset. We were up three different times throwing up. This morning he is feeling better but does not have an appetite. He is watching T.V. right now as well as playing his Nintendo DS. He just took his medicine for his next chemo. He has to take two little pills. The nurse was very impressed how he did. She said most kids his age they need to crush them up and put them w/ chocolate to hide them. Logan shot them right down w/ sprite.
We also did acquire a roommate last night at 11:30 pm. We were kept up until about 12:30am while they got situated. The little boy then woke up at 4am w/ stomach pain and was very unhappy about it. That in turn woke Logan up.
This mornings front page article in the Seattle Times is about an 11 y/o girl that has been battling Nueroblastoma for four years. Our nurse this morning has worked w/ her a lot and said she is an amazing little girl.

Saturday, September 15

We made it to the hospital. We had a roommate for about 2 hours but they have left. Hopefully we will get to have the room to ourselves. Logan had a Nintendo Game cube outside his room and the nurses brought that in. He has not acknowledged our presence since. They have started his second round of chemo. This one they expect he will have a little more nausea. We will keep everyone posted. Enjoy the picture of Mom & Logan that was taken this morning.

Friday, September 14

GREAT NEWS! Today we got the results back from the CAT scan and MIBG (bone scan). Logan's tumor in his belly has shrunk over 1/2 the size and the cancer spots in the bones has decreased significantly. Every one's thoughts and prayers are working. I also have to give credit to one amazing 5 year old. Logan has endured more trauma/pain than some do in a lifetime and he is amazing. Since Logan was born every night before I go to bed I go into his room and make sure he is tucked in and I whisper every night "goodnight best friend" I can tell you I am very lucky to have an amazing wife, a new amazing son, a wonderful son in Josh and the best older brother for Logan, and my best friend Logan. We are also very fortunate to have a great network of friends, family, and total strangers that keep us in their thoughts.....THANK YOU!
Logan will be admitted tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 8am to start 3rd round of chemo. Hopefully if all goes right we will be out Tuesday. The doctors are also trying to get us the CAT scan pictures electronically to put on the blog so everyone can see the tumor from when it was first discovered (big grey softball) to now...Kelly & I could not see it at all.

Good Friday morning to everyone. Logan did excellent yesterday. Mom and Dad are so proud of him. It was a long day and we did not get home until 7:30 last night. Logan could not eat all day since he would be under anesthesia. So we stopped and he got a well deserved milkshake and chicken nuggets at McDonald's.
Yesterday he had the bone scan as well as bone marrow test. Dad went with him into the room where they put him to sleep. He was talking to the doctor asking about the medicine (it looked like milk). The doctor told him it was sleepy cow milk. Logan thought that was funny. They injected it into his Hickman line and within 10 seconds he yawned and was out cold. They kept him under for about three hours. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa David, & Peyton played cards in the cafeteria....boys vs. girls. It ended in a tie for those competitive ones out there. When Logan was done they brought him back to the room. He continued to sleep for about another 1/2 hour. The nurse then took the tubes etc. off and that started to wake him up. The first smile we got was when we put Peyton by him and Logan snuggled up to him and gave him a kiss. He continued to slowly wake up over the next hour. It was like he was drunk...he would try to talk to Kelly about wanting juice but we could not understand. The good thing is he did not get scared and was VERY brave. By the time we got home he was running around and he helped give Peyton a bath. Logan usually goes to bed about 8:30pm but due to the late nap he was in Mom & Dad's bedroom waking us up at 10:30pm.
Today, hopefully we will get results of CAT scan & bone scan. Enjoy the picture. This was when Logan was just waking up.

Wednesday, September 12

Good Wednesday to all. Today Logan had his CAT scan at Children's Hospital. We will hopefully find out results on Friday during our clinic with the doctors. He did excellent. The nurses are all so impressed how he listens and how still he lays. We had to wait in the waiting area for an hour for some medicine they gave him to go through his body so we played a video game. It was amazing how fast Logan picked it up. Two or three games in he was beating Kelly & I every time. After the CAT scan they injected Logan w/ some radioactive medicine for his MIBG test (bone scan) tomorrow. The down side is they recommended he not hold Peyton and try to stay about two feet from him. It has been so hard for Logan because he always wants to kiss and hug him. He is an amazing big brother. He even changed his first diaper yesterday with mom.

Tuesday, September 11

Sorry I missed a day. That's a good thing...not much happening. Logan has has two great days at school. Today after school mom, Peyton, & Logan had to go up to Seattle Children's Hospital for a heart test. Normal procedure & early signs are is everything looks fine. Tomorrow is a CAT scan on chest, pelvis, & abdomen. We will probably not see/hear results on that until Friday's clinic w/ the doctors. Logan is also gaining weight which they love. Since the initial surgery to get biopsy of tumor he has gained 4 pounds. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and comments. Kelly, Logan, & I go back and read them and it really brings smiles to our family.

Sunday, September 9

Logan had a good day today. Mom & him went to the park to ride his bike. He then played w/ his neighbor Chloe for a couple hours. We then all went down to the Puyallup Fair. Logan went on the giant slide, canoe ride and played some games. He wanted to go on the roller coaster but did not qualify in the height category. He ate like he should at the fair. He had a hot dog, french fries, Grandpa David bought an elephant ear and Logan ate most of it. He polished it all off with some cotton candy. He came home and showered and went right to bed to get ready for school tomorrow. Have a great Monday everyone.

BBQ went great! As you can see from the picture at right the kids had a blast. Logan & Dad are very tired so we decided not to go to home opener of Seahawks today. Instead Logan's big brother Josh and his step-dad are going to go. Logan said he wanted to stay home and play w/ his neighbor Chloe. Logan's aunt Elaine (my dad's sister) came up from Vancouver, WA to see the kids. It was great to see her. Everyone have a great and relaxing Sunday. Pictured from Left to Right: Alexa Caufield (friend), Andrew Lewis (cousin), Chloe Casello (friend), Logan Lewis, in back posing w/ thumbs-up Sydney Lewis (cousin).

Saturday, September 8

Today is a good day. We are relaxing around the house. We are having a BBQ later this evening w/ friends and Family. Logan is so excited! We will try to get some pictures and post one on the blog tomorrow. Thank you to all for your continued support, love, & prayers.

Friday, September 7

Today was a great day! Mom & Peyton got lots of rest. Dad, Logan, & Grandpa Ron went golfing. Logan said he won.....that is to be debated. He said he shot a 12. I told him the lowest score wins and he changed his score to a 0. Anyway he came away w/ the $ winning $2.25.

We knew next weeks break was to good to be true. Things have changed. We now have appointments Tuesday - Friday and Logan w/ be admitted Saturday morning to start his third round of chemo. He will still get to go to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. Tuesday he has a heart test. Wednesday CAT scan on pelvis, abdomen, and chest. Thursday bone scan (MIBG) and a bone marrow test (w/ big needle). They will sedate Logan for bone scan and bone marrow tests. Friday will be normal meeting w/ doctor and check of blood counts to get ready to start chemo on Saturday.
Happy Friday to everyone! Yesterday's stem cell harvesting went great. They needed atlest 10 million stem cells and got 86 million. His body has 364 million. As of right now it looks like we might get a little break from the hospital.....cross your fingers. Our next appoinment is scheduled for Thursday the 13th. That means Logan will get to go to school Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Next week he will be having a CAT scan & Bone scan to check tumor size and effectivness of chemo. This weekend Logan will be busy. We are having a BBQ at our house on Saturday w/ friends & family. Sunday Dad & Logan are going to the opening game of the Seahawks. Dad got Logan a Matt Hasselback jersy that he has not taken off yet.

Thursday, September 6

Good Thursday morning to all! The rest of Wednesday went well. Logan ended up getting a blood transfusion as well as a platelet transfusion. A tired Mom, Peyton, & Grandma got home around 7pm.
Aunt Traci, Kelly, Peyton, & Logan just left up to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Center in Seattle so Logan can go through the process to harvest his stem cells.
I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support! Logan's school, Fruitland Elementary, had a bake sale Tuesday night for Logan and a PTA member that is battling cancer. They raised $1100.00! Wow that is amazing! THANK YOU!

Wednesday, September 5

Just to update everyone Logan's ankle is o.k. He just has a scrape. When Kelly and Grandma went to pick him up he was in the classroom doing a following directions activity. He had to trace an apple tree. Mom said Logan's was the best;)

First day of school! Enjoy the picture. This was taken this morning just before we left. He is wearing his backpack as well. Mom, Dad, Peyton, & Aunt Traci were there to wish him well (as well as cousin Sydney who is in his class). He was so excited!

As I am typing this Kelly just called me and Logan was out at recess and fell and twisted his ankle and broke his shoe. His ankle is bruised. Kelly is on the way to get him right now and they are going to head up to Seattle for his transfusion. I am sure Logan will be o.k.

Tuesday, September 4

Good News! Logan's ANC count is at 1400 so he will get to go to open house at school tonight as well as the first day of Kindergarten! Kelly and I will get pictures and post them on the blog. He will need to leave a 1/2 hour early from school tomorrow to get to hospital by noon because he needs a platelet transfusion and possibly a blood transfusion to get him ready for stem cell harvesting that will probably take place on Thursday. As stated one day at a time and today we are so excited he gets to go to school.
We are home! Logan, Kelly, & Peyton are up at Children's right now to just get some blood work done to see where his ANC counts are. Hopefully if they are up we will go to his open house at school tonight as well as first day of kindergarten tomorrow. Logan's aunt Traci has helped organize a bake sale at the open house to benefit the fight against cancer. It is for a teacher who is going through the battle as well as little Logan. THANK YOU TRACI! Thank you to everyone who has helped out, prayed, checked blog whatever. It means the world to my family. Kelly and I are trying to take things one day at a time. We know we have a tough road ahead. Everyday I ask why me, why us? It is hard! Everyone's positive comments & support are great. Thank You!

Monday, September 3

Happy Labor Day to all! Logan has not had a fever for 24 hours so we hope to get to go home this afternoon. We have to wait until 24 hours after the transfusion finished which would put us about 4pm. He is acting great today. He is sitting next to me joking around and having fun. His ANC count (white cells) started to come up. They are at 250. To fight infection they need to be above 500. Doctor's think they will be over 1000 tomorrow. That means he might be able to start kindergarten on Wednesday. The only thing that could prevent that is if he needs to do his stem cell harvesting which would take all day. Of course we will keep everyone updated. Lets hope he gets to go to the first day of school!

Sunday, September 2

Today was a good day. Logan's temperature has been pretty close to normal most the day. He is back to joking around. The blood transfusion also brought some pink back to his lips. Mom & Peyton came up for most the day and mom chased Logan around w/ his IV pole while he rode a bike around the floor. Grandma and Grandpa David also stopped by and enjoyed some 5 star dining w/ us at the hospital cafeteria. Logan also tattooed us all w/ spider man tattoos. If Logan continues to fight off the fever we should be able to go home tomorrow.
Good Sunday morning to all. Last night was a long night. Logan said he felt fine but his temperature was up to almost 104 degrees. They kept a close watch on him. He tends to be a little hotter when he sleeps. He usually sweats a lot. Then when were in somewhat of a good sleep we ended up getting a roommate around 4am. The nurses turned on the lights to get them situated. They were also having trouble finding a machine that worked properly so they kept coming in and out. Currently Logan is feeling great. No fever, good appetite. He is watching a movie. He will be getting a blood transfusion here shortly. That should "pink" him up as well as give him a little more energy. Today is hopefully just a low key day and we hope to see his white blood cell counts start to come up. I will keep everyone updated. Thank you all for checking in and caring so much. It means a lot to our family.

Saturday, September 1

Well today did not go so well. Logan woke up w/ a fever. It started at about 99.3 and continued to rise. We kept in touch w/ the hospital and at 101.3 they had us come up to the ER. Since his white blood cell counts are still at zero he has no way to fight infection. Therefore he was admitted so they can monitor him as well as give him antibiotics over the next 48 hours. He seems to be feeling better now. He ate a little bit and is drinking well. He also got a little bloody nose that went away pretty quick. What concerned the doctors was that his platelet count is low so his body has trouble clotting (stopping the bleeding). They will be doing a platelet transfusion tonight and blood transfusion in the morning. If everything goes well we should get to go home Monday. They are anticipating his white blood cell counts to start rising. Hopefully he will be able to go to the first day of kindergarten.