Sunday, September 16

Midday update. Logan is feeling a lot better! Cousin Sydney & Aunt Traci are here visiting right now. Picture is Logan & Sydney playing the the Nintendo DS. They looked up for a minute to give us a smile. Also yesterday Logan asked cousin Andrew to make him a huge pirate hat...he came through. Traci brought in a hat that is 4' x 3'! Thank you Andrew! Logan ate a big lunch which is very encouraging. Grandma is coming up to stay the night w/ Logan tonight so dad can get some sleep.....THANK YOU MOM!


Dawn McArthur said...

Wow! We are thrilled to know that Logan's tumors have shrunk so significantly!! Woo HOOOO!!
Stay tough, Logan :)

Anonymous said...

Hey its Aimee and Joey just wishing the best of luck this week at the hospital, we know you'll get better soon!!
-Love you,
Aimee and Joey