Thursday, September 27

Logan had a great day today! He just finished doing his kindergarten homework because he is going to school in the morning. He is also very excited because his mom is volunteering in his class tomorrow. His teacher is also going to talk w/ the kids about his NG Tube (feeding tube) and explain what it is for. The really cool thing is she is a diabetic and also has a tube that she needs to give herself medicine through. She is going to explain to the kids that Logan and her are just a like. She is an amazing teacher! Kelly is also feeling a little better today she got a nice (way over due) break to get a haircut as well as a massage. She looks amazing as usual. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.


Auntie Kim said...

Logan: That is so cool that your mom is going to school with you today!!! How exciting. Your pictures look great! Have a wonderful day! I love you.

Dawn McArthur said...

I saw precious Logan and Kelly going into school together this morning. You are right, Kelly looked gorgeous and Logan looked excited. I hope they have a super day today!!

Kristi said...

Hey Logan! I love your pictures that you keep putting on here! You're sooo handsome! Hope you had fun at school today with mom! Love you!