Saturday, September 22

Logan did amazing having the NG Tube put in. He is feeling a little better but still far from himself. Once we get him some nutrition he should start perking up. His mood most the day has been quiet. He played his game for awhile which is a good sign he is feeling better. The only time he really pepped up was when Peyton came to see him. Logan actually sang him a song. He has not had any nausea medicine all day and the only issue we have had w/ getting sick was he gagged on the tube. It sounds like if we have a good night we will get to go home in the morning. The chemo medicine that has made him so sick is called Cisplatin. It is nasty! He will have to unfortunately have it again in his fifth treatment of phase one as well as a chemo treatment in phase two.


Anonymous said...

Logan truly is a warrior!! Logan is in my thoughts everyday. My hero! One of my son's was awarded the Bronze Star in in the war. If there was an award for the fight Logan is dealing with surely he would have it. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of his life.

Anonymous said...

hiii waht is your address at the hospital? does he like to get mail? my kids wanted to make some cards? dana, brent, madi, kira, mike , jake, rockstar