Tuesday, September 18

Wow what a long day. Kelly, Peyton, myself, and a very tired (currently sleeping) Logan are all here in the hospital room. We are being discharged tonight at 11:30pm. They did give us the option to stay another night but we really want Logan to wake up in his own bed. Also our neighbor the last 2 nights has woken up w/ extreme tummy aches and screaming very loud. Last night he screamed steadily from 11am to 1am then again at 4am. I felt sorry for him as well as Logan.
Logan is still feeling misrable. Very weak and not eating anything. The doctors said this is all expected though. They want to hold off on the feeding tube until at least Friday because Logan did so well gaining back his weight between chemos. Keep praying for him. It is amazing his support chain. We thank everyone.


Dylan Hulbert said...

Let us know what we can do to help out.

Anonymous said...

Please know that there are people across America praying for your family. The word has spread far and wide and you have more supporters than you realize. We are all thinking of you daily.
From Nebraska

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Jason Can you please send the chain to me ui have a lot of friends who would donate a dollar.

Anonymous said...

Logan, you are amazing. Let us know what you need.

Anonymous said...

The Sept 19th blogger from Nebraska is correct! People across America are praying for you each and every day. God be with you always.

PS: Logan, that is an awesome Pirate Hat!!

From Illinois and Missouri