Monday, September 17

Good Monday night. Logan's tummy aches are back. They are trying a different medicine. That is really not the reason I wanted to write though. Logan's roommate is a little boy named Anthony. He is age 3. He is been battling a tumor in his belly as well (different kind of cancer). He has a lot of stomach pain. He has had many rounds of chemo and the tumor has come back w/ others. They are going to start a new round of chemo tomorrow.
What I wanted to tell everyone though is how amazing Logan is. During all his treatment, sickness this time he found time to make Anthony a crown w/ stickers. Anthony was so excited. Logan also made him a special train ticket to anywhere. Later in the day Anthony had to get his patch by his Hickman line changed (very painful because it involves taking off a very sticky band aid). Logan knows how much it hurts because we have to change his at least once a week. While Anthony was getting his patch changed Logan brought him over one of his new toys to comfort him. It worked. Thought that would bring a smile to every one's face on the special kid we are all thinking and praying for all the time.

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Dylan Hulbert said...

Hey Logan! Tanya and I are thinking about you.