Sunday, September 9

Logan had a good day today. Mom & him went to the park to ride his bike. He then played w/ his neighbor Chloe for a couple hours. We then all went down to the Puyallup Fair. Logan went on the giant slide, canoe ride and played some games. He wanted to go on the roller coaster but did not qualify in the height category. He ate like he should at the fair. He had a hot dog, french fries, Grandpa David bought an elephant ear and Logan ate most of it. He polished it all off with some cotton candy. He came home and showered and went right to bed to get ready for school tomorrow. Have a great Monday everyone.


Auntie Kim said...

Logan: I'm so glad you had fun at the Puyallap Fair! I know you're Daddy loves that fair. I went to the NY State fair so we were eating elephant ears at the same time!! I love you lots.

Casello Family said...

We have missed you this week. We are glad things went so well for you. We are looking forward to playing with you again soon. The fair sure looked like fun. Chloe wishes she had been with you to ride that roller coaster. It is her favorite ride! Chloe also wanted to tell you that she is five now, the same as you!!! Hope to see you real soon! The Casellos