Sunday, September 30

Today Uncle Pat & Family participated in a run/walk to benefit Children's Hospital in Seattle. Pat did the run and the family did the cheering in the pouring rain. They all made Team Logan shirts. They are awesome. The requests are coming in Pat for people that want a shirt.

Logan had a great day today. We just laid around and relaxed all day. Grandma & Grandpa stopped by to watch the Seahawks win. Chloe and her family stopped by to drop off the money raised yesterday at her party. Thank you to all who donated....$800.00 was raised!

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Kristi said...

Hi Logan! Sounds like you're having a good time with family and friends! That was very nice of Chloe to offer her presents to you! I miss you and hope to see you in a few weeks (I'm working on finding a plane ticket). Please tell uncle Pat that I definitely would like a "Team Logan" shirt. Thanks buddy! I love you! (Mom, Dad and Peyton, too!)